Kinetic Luna – Explaining – All-Electric Moped

Kinetic Luna is a Former two-wheeler manufacturer Kinetic Motors is all set to resurrect its iconic Kinetic Luna moped in the form of an all-electric. The brand was once famous for its Kinetic Honda range of scooters and its ICE version of the 50cc Luna.

The Luna is going to appear in the scene once again. The popular moped first seemed on the roads in 1972, after which it shot to fame. It was a minimal-effort two-wheeler that aided bicycle riders to move up to a greater mode of transport. It had a smooth and stylish chrome body with a regular and a pedal kick start.

Two Different Kinetic Mopeds

Two Different Kinetic Mopeds


The moped that initially belonged to Kinetic, later on, was sold amongst the other major stakes to Mahindra & Mahindra to stop Kinetic Motors from being shut down completely due to major losses. When everyone thought the sulked had faced complete death from the two-wheeler scenario, M&M decided to bring back the Luna with a bang.

The new Luna is expected to come back as two different models named the Luna and the Luna TFR. According to the speculations, M&M may renovate the moped totally by fitting in a 75cc engine instead of the former 50cc one.

Though the manufacturer hasn’t made any thoughtful comments on this news, it is definite that Mahindra & Mahindra would get the solid sales boost that it needs in its two-wheeler section with the re-launch of this popular moped. Moreover, the Luna is rather that the company can look upon as one of its export products, especially to markets such as Africa.

Kinetic Engineering Limited began its fantastic journey by giving us the legendary Kinetic Luna moped. The two-wheeler was versatile and was showcased in its tagline, “Chol Meri Luna”. The Kinetic Luna was a ground-breaking success, which provided affordable transportation in India.

Complete Details of Luna TFR Plus Moped

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Kinetic Luna

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Upgraded Battery of Kinetic Luna

The carbon fiber X2 houses a 20% larger battery, upgraded rear suspension linkage, a new frame design, and Luna’s V2 Ludicrous controller option for extreme power.

The upgraded battery now comes in at 48V and 17.5Ah, or around 820 capacity. The battery is removable but mounted inside the downtube for a sleek, hidden look. From a glance, it’s not clear that the bike includes electric assist at all.

Despite the stealthy entrance, the X2 packs in some serious help. That mid-drive motor down by the wheels is a Bafana, one of the most powerful and torquiest electric bike mid-drive motors on the market.

Luna has modified the motor even further, opting for its custom controller options known as the Ludicrous co. That higher power option unchecks a full 2,500 watts of power from the unassuming motor.

Parts of Kinetic Luna

The only negative complaint about the BBSHD is the unpleasant and heavy steel chainring.

Luna is excited to offer its new practice aluminum chainring adapter and sprocket set that looks twice as good and weighs half as much as the stock ring. In addition, this sprocket uses the latest sprocket tooth technology to better hold on your chain and offers an ideal gearing for the BBSHD by its 42 teeth.

These chainring appearances are as good as any other chainrings on the market at a summary price.

It uses extra-thick teeth to grab your chain and for long-lasting strength.

The chainring is in two pieces, so you will eventually be able to put other-sized sprockets, such as the 5-bolt race face chainrings.


In the pre-liberalization era, the Luna became a household name: it’s first moped. Launched in 1972, the Luna- the 50 CC moped from Pune-based Kinetic Group-was a cross between a bicycle and a motorbike.

Kinetic Luna is a 50-cc moped that Kinetic Engineering introduced in India in 1972. The Kinetic Luna continues to be shaped and marketed in India. It is sold in the USA as Kinetic TFR. A 35-cc version, the Luna Wings, was also made. The original Luna of 1972 was a licensed copy of Piaggio Ciao moped.