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Test Driving Write for Us

Test Driving write for us:  Test Driving will be conducted for us by an Inspector from the RTO. It involves the candidate driving through the RTO’s designated driving track. In addition, you have tests on general driving skills, following the rules, and your knowledge of the practices.

According to the ministry, you will no longer need to wait for the test at the RTO to obtain a driving license. Instead, any reputable driving training institution will allow you to register for a charge. The applicants will receive a certificate from the school if they complete the required training and also pass the test there. The applicant’s driver’s license will be issued based on this certificate.

A D Test is not Required

You will no longer be required to take any driving test by going to the RTO, per the changes made to the requirements for obtaining a driving license. The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Roads has announced these guidelines, which are now in effect. It is a great relief as you will no longer be on the RTO’s waiting list for a Driving license.


Procedure for Driving Licence Test

  • You can get the application form CMV 4 either from the inquiry counter, or you can choose to download it by going online. However, you must submit three passport-size photographs to get them from the counter.
  • You will need to produce the following Documents to be Eligible for a Driving Licence:
  • Valid learner’s license.
  • All the required documents of the vehicle you propose to appear for the driving test. This includes Registration Certificate, Insurance Certificate, Tax Card, ‘Pollution under Control Certificate’ and if it is a transport vehicle, Fitness Certificate, and also other related documents.
  • If you appear for the test with a transport vehicle, you will need the certificate in form CMV 5, which your Driving Training School will issue.
  • PUC Certificate
  • Filled Application form
  • Recent passport-size photographs
  • For the Driving Licence test, you need to go to the RTO office and also pay a fee of Rs. 40 for a DL book. You will also need to pay Rs. 50 for the Driving Test. You must apply along with the documents to the RTO. Fee for DL Test in January – 2017 – Rs. 300
  • Next, the driving test is conducted. Once you pass the test and have paid the fee, your details are taken, and the DL will be given to you quickly.

Tips to Help You Pass Your Driver’s Test

An official driving test is certainly one of the most nervous examinations of our life. But passing the driving test is like a passport to freedom and also open roads. So, if you haven’t given your driving test and missed out on the joy of Driving. Well, we bring you a handy set of instructions that will assist you in passing the most important test of your life.

Practicing is the key to passing your official road test, so you should get wheel practice as much as possible. Moreover, learning rules and regulation is necessary, but hands-on experience is also very much imperative, so make sure you get good hands-on experience with the vehicle while training. Appropriate hands-on experience will help you understand your car, assisting you in driving correctly, especially when other people go on the road.

Tips to Help You Pass Your Driver's Test

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