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Shock Gore. Com Tank is in the soldiers buried in the snow by advancing tanks. Soldiers of exploding tanks are on fire, screaming. Soldiers are freezing to death, ignored by their comrades, and begging for help. In a shocking scene, one soldier is directly hit by a tank shell. As the smoke clears, we see him screaming in shock and horror as he has been ripped in two. His torso sits upright while his pelvis and legs lie behind him.  A while until he passes out while holding his shredded left arm to his comrades.

Shock & Gore is a UK festival that aims to bring together all those people – whether audience members or filmmakers – who love horror, science fiction, and fantastic films at the oldest working cinema in the UK.

While screenings make up the brunt of the festival, we also program several different events, as we believe a celebration should be more than just a collection of screenings. To that end, we’ve had stand-up comedy, Q&As, live choirs, and all-night events.

Shock & Gore is a meeting place for UK filmmakers and fans of genre cinema, where everyone can mingle and celebrate their love of cinema. We commit to celebrating the work of established genre filmmakers and those looking to get their first break and some national exposure. As such, the festival’s focal point is the official Shock & Gore competition, where entries from across the globe will be viewed and awarded for Best Feature Film and Best Short Film.


Hard-on of Darkness: Shock Gore.Com Tank websites as the Dark Tourism of Digital Space

Shock Gore was founded in 2006 and grew out of a culture of early internet “shock sites” like Orisha,, and Best Gore: websites that hosted violent and pornographic content with the express aim of disgusting. Despite this, the site often changed its policies concerning controversial footage. In 2014 it attracted significant attention for hosting a video of the beheading of US journalist James Foley by the terror group ISIS. But soon after, the site’s owners announced it would host no future beheading videos created by ISIS.

“We’ve shown the world the true horror of this form of execution more we cannot find any compelling reason even to be thought of as promoting the actions of this group,” said a blog post. “We know they do not find support here on LL and that condemnation is virtually universal, but there is no reason to show more.”


Features & Benefits of Shock Gore.Com Tank

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The Enduring Appeal of its Shock Tank Content

The site’s content likely stopped it from reaching the prominence of other video hosts, but it still attracted sizable numbers of viewers. A 2019 report from The New York Times noted that web tracking firm Alexa ranked it as the 695th most popular website globally, putting it roughly on a par with mainstream sites like The Onion and Jezebel.

The same report cites an academic study by Sue Tait that attempts to explain the enduring popularity of such violent and gory content. Based on her observations of the Orisha forums, Tait categorized four different “spectator positions.” There is the “amoral gaze,” where the content is stimulating and pleasurable; the “vulnerable gaze,” where the imagery is experienced as harmful; the “entitled gaze,” where viewers justify their actions and the “responsive gaze,” where looking is, like a career in the military.

The range of justifications Tait and other academics identified suggest that demand for such extreme content will always exist, even if individual sites like Live Leak come and go. In his farewell blog post, the site’s founder Hayden Hewitt emphasized the importance of the site’s community. “To the members, the uploaders, the casual visitors, the trolls, and the occasionally demented people who have been with us. You have been our constant companions, and although we probably didn’t get to communicate too often, you’re appreciated more than you realize,” he writes. “On a personal level, you have fascinated and amused me with your content. Lastly, to those no longer with us. I still remember you.”

shock tank

Shock Gore.Com Tank

Please use the sharing tools found via the share button at the top or side of articles. Copying articles to share with others is a breach. Email to buy additional rights. Subscribers may transfer up to 10 or 20 articles per month using the gift article service. Twelve miles outside Baghdad, an obscure insurgent group called the Islamic Army of Iraq shot a helicopter from the sky. On board were 11 security guards and aircrew working for the US government, protecting diplomatic staff from the growing Iraqi insurgency.

A report of the incident that same day on BBC News Online kill. The information included a short video of the ugly remains of the burning helicopter, and as they watch notice something odd: the footage came from the insurgents themselves. If you listened carefully, you could about hear a low burble of Iraqi voices and one man, presumably the one holding the camera, panting excitedly as he filmed the carnage.

The News Organisation

As if it had come from any other news organization. It was hardly surprising that the insurgents had beaten the world’s most prominent news organizations to the crash scene since they shot down the helicopter. Surprisingly, they had brought their own cameraman to record it. But there was something else about the BBC report that intrigued me. A note informs the viewer that the internet

For the BBC to find it so quickly, it must be within a few hours of the shooting and widely distributed. From the safety of my office in a tiny attic room at the top of my London flat and found something called Technorati, a so-called “shock site” that specializes in videos of burned, stabbed, shot, flattened, and otherwise mutilated corpses. There, fewer than 24 hours after that helicopter was brought down, discover an expertly produce. A five-minute version of the incident. Then the charred wreckage appears, along with gruesome close-ups of the burned and dismembered bodies of the security contractors. And then something infinitely more horrible happens.


More Information about

They see a slightly wounded survivor of the crash lying in the long grass. In almost perfect English, the wounded man believes the insurgents are friendly. He looks up and groans to the camera that his arm broke and needs help. As he gets to his feet, the cameraman appears to direct him to stand at a particular spot, as if he’s a guest in a wedding video. And then, he executes a volley of rifle shots from other shooters. The clip finishes with his executioners continuing to fire bullets into his dead body, chanting Allahu Akbar, God is great. I might have forgotten about Ogrishly were it not for several chance conversations about the site shortly afterward.

A correspondent stationed in Baghdad during the kidnappings of Ken Bigley and Margaret Hassan. Eventually, both captives kill and Bigley’s beheading was filming. Ogrishly was one of the first sites in the world to post that footage in its entirety. A month later, at a friend’s wedding in Cyprus. A battle-hardened within five minutes of meeting me that to the horrible material on Ogrishly and that he was watching far too much of it for his good. By this time want to discover who was behind Ogrishly and why it seemed to have become such an underground success. This was to prove rather more complex than I had expected.

shock tank

The Efforts of Shock Tank

One German provider succeeded in doing so after a youth protection group complained about its content. Many organizations prevent employees from accessing Ogrishly and similar sites. One consequence of Ogress’s infamy is that those who run the place are maddeningly difficult to track down. My efforts eventually led to a mobile telephone number in New York. Answered by a Russian-sounding man who said he was the site’s press officer.  It was just a few days after the London suicide bombings and he was keen to extend his sympathies. Ogrishly had already published its exclusive footage of the day’s events. Shot from inside the tube trains and emailed by one of its freelance contributors. Again, mainstream news organizations used and credited the site. What I wanted from Vastly was to secure an interview with the man who heads Ogrishly.


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