Start a Car – This is How a Battery Bridge is Made

Start a Car is the battery is discharged below a certain threshold, the starter motor has no power to start the combustion engine. Despite this, it may have enough energy to activate the radio or climate control and turn on the instrument cluster. A solution, until the battery can replace is to use a portable charger or connect with the barrage of another vehicle, that is a bridge.

Have suitable starter clamps. It is not advisable to skimp on the cheapest ones. Because they must withstand well the temperature reached by the wiring during the starting process. They are sold in stores specializing in automotive or e-commerce platforms for just over 20 euros. You have to take them in the trunk if an unforeseen event arises. This tool can be somewhat cumbersome because of the size of its cables.

start a car

A Special Starter a Car to Check the Voltage of the Batteries

Have another car or a unique starter for batteries of this type and check the voltage compatibility (usually 12 volts). You must start the vehicle with a load and leave it idling with the lights on Otherwise. The electronic control unit could damage whose replacement is expensive.

Respect the polarity of the cables and connect in the following order the four clamps: first the red line to the positive of the car with charge. Next the other end of the red cable to the positive of the vehicle without charge. The black cable to the negative of the car with load and the remaining end, to the point of mass in the unloaded vehicle. That is a metal element, such as a screw that does not paint from the engine span or a terminal.

Accelerate the car for a few seconds with load up to 2,000 or 2,500 rpm, but the vehicle’s contact without limitation, wait a few seconds and try to start it. It can insist on the start-up for no more than 8 or 10 seconds. If it does not start, you have to wait a minute, let the cables cool, and insist on a few more attempts. If the effect is not as expected and everything remains the same, do not insist and call the insurance.


The Useful Life of a 12-Volt Battery for a Car Depends on Many Factors

It is advisable to wear rubber gloves and avoid contact with materials that transmit electricity. The car’s transmission without load must be neutral if it is manual and in P (parking) if it is automatic. If a bridge was we must ensure that the two vehicles are not touching each other since it could cause a short circuit.

Manufacturer, the climate to which it exposes, and the given intensity of use. They are usually between 3 and 6 years old. Its maintenance during the winter is essential. Some brands consider it an element of wear, and their legal guarantees do not cover its replacement, as would happen with tires or brake pads.

Use the Tweezers to Start the car Battery

To fix it, if you have been foresighted and have starter pliers, it only takes someone with another vehicle to help you make a battery jumper to start the engine. But it is an operation that may cause some fright so you have to be careful. Also, keep in mind that starting a modern car is not the same as creating an old one. In new vehicles, electronics is essential and can cause a bigger problem. And in all cases, you have to consider that the two batteries have to be of the same voltage.

start a car

Booster starters and maintenance

If you have a booster starter, everything will be more accessible because they do not need an auxiliary car. They are safer systems, especially if your starter has polarity reversal protection. In this case, you will only have to connect the cables and turn on the starter and that’s it you can start the engine.

Regardless the easiest way to prevent surprises is to carry out regular maintenance. To have a mechanic check the condition and replace it when it shows signs of exhaustion, which generally occurs over 3-4 years. If you must change it, better than a specialist doing it.


The clamps must be of good quality, with thick cables, and must be in perfect condition. The ordinary (and necessary) thing is that they have two colors. Red for the positive pole and black for the negative, so you don’t make a grave mistake. Cars should not touch each other. The only connection between the two vehicles was made with the clamps.

With both hoods open, make sure which negative and positive terminals are. Then, with the engines stopped. First place the clamp of the positive pole in the car battery discharged at one end. The car’s positive terminal charged at the other. Then start by connecting the negative pole clamp to the negative terminal of the charged car first, and join its other end to the negative terminal of the discharged car battery.

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