Mahindra Bolero Camper – Introducing

Mahindra has been quite a famous car producer, especially in the Indian market. It has made its reputation by producing some of the best and most healthy vehicles for carriage. However, recently it completed its mark in the truck business by pending up with the Mahindra Bolero camper. This best vehicle serves both commercials as well as personal drives. Along with that, this 5-seater load truck is judiciously priced.

It comes in two variants:

A 2-wheel drive model, while the other is a 4-wheel drive model. This is a camper truck version of the Mahindra Bolero in 2008. In 2020, Mahindra has reentered the same car but better on several things and has come out with a 5-seater camper truck. Though there is no boot, the cargo box is quite spacious and can fit almost anything you throw at it.

With enormous sizes of 1481 x 1532 x 750 mm (L x W x H), it is quite an adaptable vehicle to have. Even though it does not come with foldable rear seats, with so much cargo space, you will not certainly need to do that. You also get smaller but suitable storage spaces inside the cabin, which can fit small objects like your phones or magazines.

Some of the Most Amazing Features of Mahindra Bolero Camper

Mahindra has some of the most excellent features catering to both personal and commercial needs. It has luxurious, and premium comfort features like a powerful air-conditioning system, power windows, central locking, and leather seats. They also offer the option of customizing the truck per the client’s needs.

The external of the Mahindra Bolero camper has somewhat been restored to fit the car’s dimensions. While the front is relatively similar to the Bolero, the new wider grille and fenders make it look a lot more muscular. The headlights and breaks of the body are identical to the earlier models. However, the rear side of the vehicle has got some significant changes. First, the back seat capacity has been reduced to fit a cargo box. But, since this is a camper truck, the cargo box makes more sense than adding more seating capacity.

The Design of the Mahindra Bolero Camper

Most marketable vehicle manufacturers do not pay much heed to the looks of a car. Mahindra does it differently. Besides adding the compulsory power, Mahindra has always had a very staple design language for the double cabin pick-up segment, and this car is no different. Taking the best portions of the normal SUV Bolero, the front of this car has not been altered much. It still has a heavy bumper, vast and clear headlights, and robust fenders, all loved by the customers.mahindra bolero camper

Comfortable is Mahindra Bolero’s Camper

The comfort of this car sets this separately in the industry. Since the Mahindra bolero camper car is whole for mostly marketable resolves, it has a powerful engine. However, that is not where Mahindra stops. The Mahindra Bolero camper comes with comfortable and large skin seats, making long drives more comfortable and convenient.

The Interior

The attention to detail sets the Mahindra Bolero camper apart from its competition. Mahindra has no stone unturned to make this truck as relaxed as possible. Along with big, cushiony skin seats, this car gets every luxury you can. It gets clear air-conditioning vents along with software schemes. Once inside the car, it barely feels like a truck and more like a comfortable and best vehicle.

The Mileage and the Performance

The Mahindra Bolero camper car’s engine is quite efficient, producing a best-in-class mileage of 17 KM/L. With the well-built machine in the car, there is no doubt that the Mahindra Bolero campers are among the more efficient yet powerful camper trucks in the market. Moreover, given the stiffer suspension and effective transmission system, you can pull a payload of 1000kgs and get higher mileage and smooth ride quality.

Mahindra has been in the business; safety has become one of their priorities for all their car models, huge ones like the Mahindra Bolero camper. Today, customers are willing to pay any extra costs compulsory to ensure they get all the latest safety features. This pick-up truck mostly comes with an engine immobilizer that prevents any theft; it also has seat belts with an emergency locking retractor for both the driver and the co-passenger.


Selecting the best model of the Mahindra Bolero camper car can be tricky. It mainly is contingent on your purpose of buying the vehicle. If you are buying it for expert use, you are more concerned about the cargo box, in which case, there is no difference. However, if you use it for individual use, selecting the Mahindra Bolero Vacationer Gold ZX is your best bet. You will get all features, including the air training and leather seats, for the best experience.

While the ex-showroom price for the top model of the car is 9.42 Lakhs, the improper perfect comes in about 8.93 Lakhs. All the alternatives come with diesel trains, and only the Mahindra Bolero camper car VX model is a 4-wheel drive version.

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