Delage D12 – The History

Delage D12 Found in 1905. Before original luxury cars such as the D6 and D8. Production ended in 1954, with the brand remaining sleeping until its rebirth by CEO Laurent Taipei last year.

As mentioned above, the D12 is a cross hypercar that offers a driving experience on a par with Formula 1 racers and will attempt to break the record for the fastest-ever lap in a road-legal production car at the Nürburgring. Delage will make two versions of the hybrid hypercar – a top-spec D12 GT and a lighter, more track-focused D12 Club.

If you are interested, the record is currently held by the Lamborghini Avanzado SVJ, which lapped the ’Ring in 6min 44.97sec in July 2018.

The Engine will the Delage D12 Use

Under the cover, the D12 will feature a naturally pronounced 7.6-litre V12 train of unknown origin, mated to a low-output electric motor for a combined 1,100hp (in range-topping GT trim) delivered to the wheels through 8-speed manual transmission. Captivatingly, the D12 Club will produce a lower output of 1,010hp.

A version of the D12 will Delage Use for the record

However, it is the lighter and more track-focused Club car that Delage thinks has the best accidental of successful the Nürburgring. Despite generating 90hp more petite than the GT, the D12 Club is much faster on track, according to Delage. It claims to be able to race from 0-100kph in 2.8sec and reach a top speed of 375kph.

Weight of D12 Delage

The D12’s body, wheels, and seats are made of carbon fibre, giving a dry weight of 1,400kg in GT appearance, with the Club having a smaller electric motor, weighing 1,309kg. Although Delage has yet to check a date for the first international deliveries, the D12 intend to produce next year. However, just 30 examples were made, with prices starting at $2.3 million.

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

A carbon-fibre monocoque and carbon-fibre wheels—intended to funnel cool air into the brakes—are among the extreme lightweight measures carried out mercilessly through every automobile aspect. Bodywork flows about the narrow fuselage, creating a taut hourglass between the delay of the front wheels and the broad swell of the tail.

Windows stole around the low-slung cockpit like a fighter-jet canopy, and a transparent panel showcases the inboard suspension components. The look has worn yet powerful, like the lovechild between a tracking tool and a high-dollar unusual. If this 2.3 billion Hypercar trusts BST Carbon Fiber wheels, you can.

Delage D12 Hypercar Fastest Road Permissible Car in the World

The Delage D12 Hypercar powers mainly by a 7.6-litre naturally-aspirate V12 engine. The inside combustion mill gets help from an electric motor. Combined, the total system output of the regular D12 GT is 1,115 horsepower, sent to the wheels via an eight-speed single-clutch gearbox. The D12 GT weighs in at only 3,086 pounds. There’s also a brighter ‘Club’ type with a smaller electronic motor, tipping the scales at 2,888 lb. and making 1,024 hp.

delage d12

The D12 Features the Same Building and Technical Choices as a Formula 1 car

Four Drive Settings feature  City (100% electric), Road (hybrid), Track (combination with maximum power), and ‘My Mix. The car arrange to establish the new world record on the Nürburgring in the road-legal group sometime in 2021.

Awards of Delage D12

In December 2020, the Delage D12 Hypercar award was the Best Design Award. According to the Jury, we were making it, composes of a panel of automotive and design specialists, “the most beautiful car in the world in 2020-2021”.

Delage honours by this distinction from the Automobiles Awards, which, for their 3rd edition, brought together such prestigious brands as Porsche, Aston Martin, Mercedes, BMW. Audi, Lexus, and also many more. Delage has to their credit many world records, including a Grand Prix world’s championship and more awards at the principal Concours D’elegance than any other french car brand.

Founded in 1905 by Louis Delage, the business started making with a single-cylinder de Dion-engined runabout and, within a few years, was offering multi-cylinder designs. Then Delage offered more and more high-end cars until becoming one of the most prestigious brands in french car past.


The publicity value of racing recognizes right from the start by Louis Delage. A single-cylinder Delage winning the coupe des voiturettes as early as 1908. Then came the victories at Le Mans and the Indianapolis 500-mile race that achieve before ww1. Follows by the Grand Prix champion of the world title in 1927.

Following the take-over by Delahaye in 1935. The Delage cars are built to Delahaye designs but retain their superior short-stroke engines and hydraulic brakes. The finest remaining Delage is still sold to collectors worldwide, and also fans are still numerous enough. 66 years after the last produces Delage car, to organize in clubs in many countries.

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