Are you a Tamil movie fan? Do you show more interest in Tamil Movies? Obviously Yes. Most South people prefer to watch Tamil movies. There is a high demand for Tamil movies these days. I am also a fan of Tamil movies, just delighted with how the makers make them. Kutty movies is a pirated website which allows users to watch and download Tamil and bollywood movies for free online. This article will discuss Kutty, the process of downloading the movies from Kutty Movies, proxy links, alternative links, and its unique features. Let us get started!

What is KuttyMovies?

What is KuttyMovies_

Tamilrockers Kuttymovies is one of the central sources or collections of Tamil movies online, where users can search and download the movie of their own choice. Most people would like to get relaxed, considering the movie websites like Kutty as sources. You can watch movies, series, and shows, including drama, action, thriller, suspense, comedy, etc.

The name Kutty Movie looks like bit funny, right? Kutty refers to small. This website has begun its journey by loading low compressed content onto the website. It can be open easyliy on laptops, mobile, desktop, etc. With this, the site has become famous, and the domain names become a continuance to tamilrockers Kuttymovies.

The user interest with positive user satisfaction has brought immense popularity to the website. Despite knowing piracy is not entertaining, people still watch movies online. Even if it is illegal, the users use VPNs to ensure security and download the movies.

Is It Safe And Legal To Use KuttyMovies or tamilgun?

No matter how the Government reacts, the people are nowhere considering the piracy policies. The Government has been blocking the websites, but they are still making their way by creating new websites, proxy links and are available to the users, increasing the chances of improving piracy. It is not safe to use these websites. Using these websites only to download using a VPN service is recommended. Uploading content to the website is illegal and will lead to unhealthy circumstances.

How To Download New Movies From KuttyMovies or tamil yogi?

Apart from Tamil movies, Kutty also allows the users to download dubbed movies, English Movies, Hindi dubbed movies, etc. Below is the step-by-step process to download the movies for free from the Kutty website.

Search for the current website online and navigate to the website.

Once the website opens up, you will see the home page with multiple categories.

You can either search based on the category or explore it directly online.

Once the movie page opens, you will see downloadable links to click on, and the movie will be downloaded into the device.

Categories Of Movies Available In Kuttymovies:

If you like watching movies, this is the best site for you. It has developed multiple features and categories that will quickly help you find the movie you are searching for. There are many different categories available on the website, and you can find very old Tamil movies from here too; you can search movies just by typing the year, and you can find all the Tamil movies released in that specific year. Below is the list of a few categories available on the website.

  1. Tamil Upcoming Movies
  2. Tamil Actor Movies
  3. Tamil 2021 Movies
  4. Tamil 2020 Movies
  5. Tamil 2019 Movies
  6. Tamil 2018 Movies
  7. Tamil 2017 Movies
  8. Tamil Yearly Collections

Movie Quality Available In Kuttymovies:

Like the other competitor websites online, Kutty also provides users to download movies with different qualities based on their choice. As Kutty is a good collection of movies, people prefer high-quality movies keeping the other sources like mobile data, internet speeds, etc. Like other movie download websites, Kutty also supports different movie formats. Below listed are the different formats available in tamilrockers Kuttymovies or tamilgun.








Proxy Links Of Kuttymovies:

As we are unsure when these torrent sites will get banned, most people focus on the latest links in which only the domain will be changed. Kuttymovies also has proxy links that the users can see when the original website doesn’t load or is blocked or banned. These proxy links will help you navigate to the website that looks like to the original site, with the same user interface. Below is the list of proxy links available for Kuttymovies or tamilgun.

  • Kuttymovies age
  • Kutty movies biz
  • Kuttymovies ag
  • Kuttymovies ch
  • Kutty-movies ro
  • Kuttymv-net
  • Kuttymovies in

Alternative Links:

Commonly, we humans search for alternatives if we do not find anything. It is the same with the websites as well. As the Government does not support piracy, there is a high chance that the websites might get blocked. In such cases, alternatives are the best which could deliver user satisfaction. Two types of alternatives are available on the internet; the first is similar websites like kuttymovies or tamil Yoga.

These websites will have all the movies from the kuttymovies, and they have the same video quality too. But, the only problem is that they have spammy and hacking links in their websites as ads; if you click any of them, you will be in serious relations. On the other hand, we also have some legal alternatives, like Hotstar, amazon prime video and Netflix. We strongly recommend that our users use a legitimate platform to enjoy the latest movies by paying subscription fees. Below are the illegal alternatives that can be used if Kuttymovies or tamil yogi are unavailable.
















Recent Movies To Download From KuttyMovies:

No movie can be missed or unavailable when you search on the Kuttymovies website. Many Tamil movies were made available to users during pandemic times. Below is the list of the movies that have been recently published in 2023.

  • Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania
  • Kabza
  • Creed 3
  • 65
  • Scream VI

I know you guys might be excited to watch the old or new movies. Although the Government makes tough decisions to stop piracy, these websites still entertain users with the movie content.


I hope the above information is helpful to you. The information is for knowledge purposes only. We do not encourage piracy and urge you to be careful while working on pirated websites like Kuttymovies. We want to show you how the website works and the illegal consequences that might lead you to problems. Our team recommend you to watch movies online as it is the mode of relaxation for most of us. You must ensure that you are safe and use VPN when handling websites like Kuttymovies. Stay safe and enjoy!


Bizautomotive is an international online journal covering different fields, and we don’t promote or encourage any illegal activities. We published this article for educational purposes and don’t promote any piracy activity. We strongly suggest you avoid any piracy content posting websites like Rarbg or Tamil rockers or any such website. These websites can steal your data and empty your online bank accounts too. Stay safe and enjoy movies or web series in Theatres and OTT platforms.