Every year, countless car shows and motor events occur worldwide.

Some of the most popular events include:

  • Isle of Man TT
  • London Motor Show
  • Goodwood Revival

Whether you want to see fast-paced racing action or look at some vintage cars, there’s an auto show for everyone.

Of course, lots of car fanatics like to attend auto shows. As great as this is, it naturally means that security measures need to be in place — especially if it’s a racing event.

To shed some light on this, let’s take a look at how modern auto show security works.

Crowd Control Barricades Are Used to Protect Attendees

Most auto shows now use crowd control barricades. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Create a strong safety barrier in case any cars crash
  • Control the flow of traffic
  • Stop crowd crushes and injuries

If you were to host a classic car show where lots of vintage (and expensive) vehicles are put on show, then you’d definitely need crowd control barricades in place. By doing this, you’d be able to prevent individuals from getting too close to the cars while also directing people where they need to go so that congestion doesn’t happen. This would be particularly important if you were hosting an auto show with thousands of people in attendance, as it’s very easy for big crowds to get out of control.

When it comes to barricade material, most auto shows tend to go with plastic barricades in the same color, such as orange or purple. Plastic crowd control barricades are better because they’re lighter, more durable, and easier for people to see.

Security Guards Prevent Criminal Behaviour

Security guards are regularly used at auto shows to prevent dangerous or criminal behavior.

For example, if someone from the crowd at a classic car show attempted to steal one of the cars, security guards would be on hand to put a stop to it. Similarly, at racing events like the British Grand Prix, security teams stop spectators from getting too close to the tracks or disrupting any drivers and their teammates.

QR Code Pass Systems for More Secure Event Access

Back in the not so distant past, the only way you could gain entry to an auto show was by buying a ticket and then giving it to one of the ticket stewards at the event’s entrance. However, this is no longer as common.

Now, many auto shows have started using QR code pass systems. This works simply: to enter an auto show, you scan a QR code on your smartphone against a machine. When the machine accepts the QR code, gates will temporarily open, and you’ll be able to pass through. If you use an incorrect QR code, then you won’t be able to gain entry.

Over the coming decade, it’s highly likely that all of the major Grand Prix events, such as the French Grand Prix, will only sell digital tickets that come with fast and easy QR codes. Not only is this better for the environment, but it’s also better for overall security, as it’s near impossible to use fake QR codes.


Auto show security is a lot better than it used to be. Now, spectators are much better protected at the auto shows they attend. On top of this, it’s much harder for people to engage in illegal behaviours, such as sneaking alcohol into events.