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Zugo Bike is one of the best things about being a journalist and podcast host is access. We get access to new cars before a lot of people do. We get access to racetracks, and auto shows before most of the public do, but the best part is access to the people making the e-mobility revolution possible. One of those people is my new friend, Juls Bindi, founder of the electric bike brand ZuGo Bike.

The Rhino e-bike was born out in the desert sands of Burning Man. If you’re unfamiliar with Burning Man, it’s a very expressive sort of music festival that features wild outfits, art installations, and — most relevant to us — wild rides. It looks sort of like this …

One-Off ZuGo Art Bikes

July is a “burner” and not only met her husband at the Burning man but had the vision to start ZuGo Bike. “We wanted a way to get around Burning Man,” she told me in LA (I’m paraphrasing a bit). “We needed something tough enough for the extreme conditions out there, but also comfortable … one more thing: you had to be able to  pedal it.”

What Juls is saying here is something that sometimes goes unsaid with high-powered e-bike models, and that’s the fact that you can’t pedal them. Bikes like the 50 mph Xion and even the super-adorable Segway C80 technically have pedals, sure, and they can kind of motivate the bike forward. Still, they’re either awkwardly placed or geared and exist mostly to skirt motorcycle laws rather than function as proper cycling gear. July wanted her e-bike to be rideable, fully practical transportation regardless of the battery’s state of charge.

General Maintenance: Keeping your Zugo Bikes

General Maintenance: Keeping your Zugo Bikes

As with any bike, e-bikes require regular maintenance to stay safe and fun to ride. Here is a list of general maintenance activities you should do to extend the life of your Rhino:

Look over the Bike Before Each Ride

As part of your Pre-Ride Safety Checklist, check the bike for any wear and tear, malfunctioning components, and wheel alignment issues.

Keep your Bike Clean

Dirt, salt, and dust can damage your bike over time. Keeping your bike clean will ensure your Rhino is safe to ride and will last longer. After an off-road adventure or every couple of weeks, wipe down your bike with a damp rag and non-corrosive cleaning products. Pay special attention to your frame, disc brakes, battery compartment, and suspension forks. Also, see the section below on cleaning your chain.

Get a yearly tune-up

Take your bike to a local bike shop for a general tune-up every year. They’re usually inexpensive and essential for prolonging your Rhino’s life. Replace the tires when worn. Maintain your tires at 25psi for every ride and replace them when the tread wears out or there are noticeable defects (e.g., cracking).

Keep the chain clean and lubricated of Zugo Bike

Like any vehicle, keeping the moving parts clean and adequately lubricated is important. First, clean your chain with a bike-specific degreaser according to the products. Once the chain is clean and dry, apply a chain-specific lubricant to each chain roller according to the product’s instructions. Complete 1-2 complete cycles and also wipe off any excess lubricant. Replace your chain whenever it is rusty or damaged.

Replace Brake Pads Every 400-750 Miles to Zugo Bike

E-bike brake pads often wear down faster than normal bikes because of the bike’s speed. So check the brake pads regularly and replace them when they’re worn. Send us an email if you need some! Here’s a handy video on how to replace your brake pads too.

Use the Touch-up Paint

We include touch-up paint with your bike as it’s important to paint over any chips or nicks on the frame. This will help prevent any rust or corrosion in the area. If you have any other maintenance questions, just contact our Customer Happiness Team, and also they’ll be happy to assist you.

Zuko Rhino Bike – Fat Tire Electric Bikes That Scoot

Zuko Rhino Bike – Fat Tire Electric Bikes That Scoot

Zugo Bikes is an American producer of electric bikes based out of Austin, Texas. This company, founded in 2019, has taken the eBike/moped market by producing a stylish and adventurous bike that anyone can enjoy. These entrepreneurs, founded by Hunter Bailey and Juls Bindi, aim to bring Zugo Bikes to the front of the eBike revolution. The founders have even made appearances on Shark Tank.

Zuko Bikes has a heavy focus on making the world a better place. Reducing emissions via alternative transportation can do just that. Zuko Bikes has partnered with Onetreeplanted.org, meaning for every bike purchased, ten trees are planted. The overall mission and also focus of ZuGo Bikes have ZEV Society rooting for them to be a lasting electric bicycle brand. Keep reading to learn about the Rhino Fat Tire.

Zugo Bike Rhino

This electric fat bike has a cool design with fat tires to trek across nearly any terrain. Seriously, this thing can trek; the range is up to 90 miles with the long-range battery! The rain and the dustproof bike will ensure you can get dirty and keep riding. It is so cool even Adam Sandler rides one. Out of the box, the Rhino will go 20mph. You can unlock a feature by entering a pin code coupled with pedal assist, and it will cruise at 28 mph.

Its lightweight body is only 65lbs, making it easy to manoeuvre and also practical to take with you on vacation. Zuko Bikes stands behind its products with a 1-year warranty. The parts that make up the Rhino are well-known name brands like Samsung and Shimano. Overall quality, although ZEV Society has not tested it, should be solid and long-lasting. The Rhino comes in 3 colour choices of black, white, and also a unique purple. Keep reading for more specs from ZuGo Bikes website.

zugo bike

Feature & Specs of Zugo Bike Rhino:

  • 750W Geared Hub Motor

Electric Zugo Bike System:

  • Up to 21Ah (1008 watt-hours) Samsung Cells Lithium Removable Battery
    • IP67 Water & Dustproof Electronics & Connectors


The electric bike market size was roughly $16 billion in 2017, growing quickly it is anticipated to be between $24 and also $38 billion by 2025. This puts the overall market on a compounded annual growth rate of 5 to 9%. Projections show that more than 120 million electric bicycles globally producing in the next three years alone.

As the technology improves, interest rises, and cool products keep coming out, we anticipate that nearly every household will have an eBike. Big names like Harley Davidson are joining in on the fun with Serial 1. Some folks even think that electric bicycles could one day overtake cars. This market is heating up, and we are excited to be here to see it unfold!

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