What is UAN?

For the purpose of managing his PF money, each employee of the (EPFO) Employees Provident Fund Organization is granted a UAN (Universal Account Number), a 12-digit number provided by the Ministry of Labour and Employ under the Government of India.

If you are a salaried worker and must make a required contribution, you become a member of the EPF. Every recipient of the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) Scheme has received a Universal Account Number (UAN), as was already mentioned. With the use of this 12-digit UAN, an employee is able to link all of his PF accounts from several companies and access them through the UAN Login Portal.

A member of EPF can discover his KYC information, service history, UAN card, etc. on this portal. The EPF member e-Sewa site has made it simpler to transfer and withdraw provident fund funds.

Qualities of UAN

1. Your UAN does not change if you move employment

It is challenging to manage many PF accounts under various employers, hence the UAN was implemented to retain integrated information about all Provident Funds. You just need to inform your new employer of your UAN number when changing jobs. It is therefore necessary to link your new PF account to your UAN if your account is an older one.

2. Your employer receives and keeps your UAN number

Employers typically notify the UAN as soon as they credit money to provident fund accounts. If not, you can access the EPFO UAN Member Portal and find out your UAN for yourself. If your PAN, AADHAAR, and mobile numbers are connected to UAN, it is doable.

3. UAN makes it simple to update personal information

When a person changes jobs or relocates to a new city, the contact and address information may need to be changed or updated. The procedure is simplified with UAN because all the information is in one location and only needs to be amended.

4. UAN facilitates easy money withdrawal.

When all PF accounts, including those from prior employment, are registered under a single UAN, the employee finds it very convenient to withdraw money. In order to reduce time and keep track of payments and withdrawals, it provides a streamlined mechanism.

Benefits of UAN

Here are some of the main benefits of UAN to the staff:

  1. Less Employer Engagement in PF Withdrawals: With UAN, there is less employer engagement in PF withdrawals because the PF from the previous organization will be transferred to the fresh PF account after the KYC verification is complete.
  2. Fund Transfer Not Necessary: The employee only needs to provide his UAN information and KYC to the new employer; after the verification process is complete, the old PF will be transferred to the new PF account.
  3. Easily Managed by SMS alerts: After registering on the UAN portal, employees receive SMS notifications whenever their employer makes a contribution.

Understand your UAN Status

An employee with an EPF account can follow the instructions below to find out their UAN status:

  • For further information, go to the UAN portal at https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  • Select “Know your UAN” from the menu.
  • Enter your mobile number, solve the captcha, and then select “Request OTP.”
  • Your registered cellphone number receives an OTP. To validate the OTP, enter the captcha code and the OTP.
  • Your Member ID, PAN, or Aadhaar can be entered. If you select the member ID option, you will also need to fill out other information, including your workplace and the state in which you currently reside. Your pay stub contains both your member ID and pin.
  • Other information including your name, date of birth, and the captcha code must also be entered.
  • Your UAN is shown to you when you click the “Show My UAN” button.

Login for UAN Member e-SEWA Portal

You can check your UAN Card, Profile, and Service History once you’ve logged in. The procedure to access the EPFO member portal or EPFO/UAN member e-Sewa portal is described below in step-by-step detail:

  • Member e-Sewa page for UAN
  • the captcha code, your password, and your UAN
  • To sign in to the EPFO UAN member portal, click “Sign in.”

E-Sewa Portal Services – Uan Login

You can access a variety of services pertaining to your EPF account using the EPF UAN Login Portal. The only thing you can do is

A. View

You can examine data pertaining to your EPF Account on the portal. The EPF member portal offers access to four different sorts of data:

  1. Profile: The Portal has a complete copy of your EPF profile. The ‘View’ tab has a checkbox where you can do that.

You may admit your profile page by clicking “Profile,” which contains details like-

  • Date of Birth Gender UAN Name
  • Name of father/husband
  • Phone Number Email Address
  • Whether you are a global employee
  • Qualification
  • Whether the spouse is differently abled
  • Only the mobile number and email address from the aforementioned information are editable by you.
  1. Service Record: No matter how many companies they switch to over their lifetime, each person is only given one UAN. So that the person’s complete EPF contribution may be managed consistently and in a more transparent way, the same UAN is to be provided into the system by various companies.

Despite the fact that the UAN stays the same, each organization you work with must set up a new PF account using the same UAN. The following details for any businesses you have previously worked with, including the one you are now working with, are displayed in the website’s “Service Details” section:

  • Member ID Member Name of the Member Establishment
  • Date of EPF Membership
  • Date of EPF Expiration
  • Date of Enrollment in the Employee Pension System
  • Date of EPS (Employee Pension Scheme) Termination
  • Date of FPS (Family Pension Scheme) Enrollment
  • FPS (Family Pension Scheme) Termination Date
  1. UAN Card: The UAN login Portal also allows users to see and download UAN Cards. The ‘View’ menu also offers access to this feature. When making an offline withdrawal or transfer, you can also download this card and bring it with you to the PF office.
  2. EPF Passbook: A passbook option is also made available under the ‘View’ menu. However, the member portal does not offer this capability. Visit the website www.epfindia.gov.in and take the steps outlined below to view your UAN member portal passbook.
  3. Choose ‘For Employees’ from the Services menu.
  4. ‘Member Passbook’ can be accessed by clicking.
  5. You must now enter your UAN and password (which are the same as those for the e-Sewa Portal).
  6. To access the passbook, click on the Member ID of your active PF account.

B. Organize

You can control and change some of the details on your own in addition to simply reading the information as it is provided above.

  1. Registration of an email address and mobile number: Your contact information can be managed on the member website. An authorization pin will be issued to the new number in order to change the contact number. Your mobile number will be updated once you enter the pin in the designated space. On the UAN Member Login Portal, updating a new email ID requires similar procedures.
  2. KYC

Additionally, an EPF member may update other KYC information, including:

Bank Account PAN Aadhaar Passport KYC details are updated against the member’s UAN after being initially confirmed with the relevant authorities.

C. Internet Services

Additional online services available include:

  1. Claim (using Forms 31, 19, and 10C): The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has released new composite claim forms with effect from February 2017 to make it easier to withdraw all or part of your PF. The three forms in this claim section are Forms 31, 19, and 10C. An employee should be aware that Aadhaar and UAN must be linked in order to use the Composite Claim Form to request a complete or partial withdrawal.
  2. Transfer: You may also ask for a transfer of your PF funds from an old account to a new one. Make sure the following before submitting a PF transfer application on the Portal:
  • Your revised KYC information is accurate on the website.
  • Your IFS Code and previous/current bank account information are seeded into the UAN database.
  • Employees should be mindful that only one transfer request can be made on the prior PF account because KYC Details are seeded against the UAN.
  1. Track EPF Claim Status in Step: On the UAN Login Portal, one can also monitor the progress of an EPF claim. The status of any claims you have requested may be seen in the “Track Claim Status” section. No acknowledgment number or PF account number is required to be entered.

Registration with UAN

Every employee who contributes to the EPF (Employee Provident Fund) receives a 12-digit universal account number, or UAN. The employer is required to generate the UAN for the employee when they start a new job.

The minimum number of employees required for an organization to generate UAN is 20.

Before a new UAN is generated, if an employee has already been given a UAN number by their previous employer, they must exchange the details of that UAN with the new employer.

How Do I Create a UAN?

There are two ways to learn how to find out your UAN number: through your employer or online at the UAN portal.

1.      Via The Employer

Under the EPFO, employers typically assign employees a Universal Account Number. The UAN number sometimes remains mentioned by employers in the salary slips.

2.      Utilizing The Uan Portal And A Pf Number Or Member Id

If a person is unable to receive a Universal Account Number from their company, they may do it online via the UAN portal. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Visit the UAN Portal at unified portal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface in the first step.

Step 2: Select the ‘Know your UAN Status’ tab. Clicking will bring up the next page.

Step 3: From the menu, choose the state and the appropriate EPFO office. Next, enter the PF number/member ID and other necessary information, including the captcha code, name, date of birth, and cellphone number. You can find your PF number/member ID on your pay stub. Enter the ‘Get Authorization Pin’ tab next.

Step 4: You will receive a PIN on your mobile device. After entering the PIN, press the “Validate OTP and get UAN” button.

Fifth and final step: Your registered mobile number will receive a message containing your Universal Account Number.

How Can I Download My UAN Card?

Make sure you have an active UAN and EPF number with a working password before attempting to access the EPFO portal.

Next, you can start-

  • Go to https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ to access the EPFO website.
  • To log in as an EPFO member, go to the Member e-Sewa page and enter your UAN number.
  • Enter the displayed Captcha Code along with your password.
  • To visit the EPF account page after logging in as a UAN member, use the ‘Sign in’ option.
  • Then choose “UAN Card” from the list of options under “View”.
  • After that, a page displaying the card connected to your account will appear.
  • You can now proceed by selecting “Download” from the menu options in the top right corner of your screen.

Required Documents for UAN Activation

When activating UAN, the aforementioned documents must be submitted.

PAN card, bank account information, IFSC, and Aadhaar card

other identification or address documentation, as necessary.