Bike Rig – Introducing

Bike Rig is a design of a bicycle (bike) rig conducted. This bike rig is designed for aerodynamics measurement testing bicycles, cyclists, and cycling-related items in a wind tunnel. This paper discusses the design of a new version of the bike rig that has been used in the MIT Wright Brothers Wind Tunnel. This paper can also serve as instructions for building a new bike rig.

Best Bike Rigs of the Badlands 2020

The Badlands 2020, a self-supported gravel event by Transiberica Ultracycling, follows some of Europe’s most remote and challenging terrains. With help from the members, we’ve put together a list of over 40 riders tackling the event this year.

Travelling through some of the most remote terrains in Europe, the Transiberica Badlands is a 700km self-supported ride through Southern Spain. The route follows mostly gravel/dirt roads and takes in several iconic places, including Hoya de Guadix, Gorafe Desert, Tabernas Return, Cabo de Gata Natural Park, and Veleta Pass. Provisos have six days to complete the route and can ride either solo or in pairs.

Until a few weeks ago, the race planners at Transiberica Cycling reported 161 riders confirmed to join the event. However, the numbers have changed due to COVID-19 travel restrictions; as of the start of the race this morning, there were just over 70 riders. The grande advance took off this morning from Granada, Spain. Be sure to follow their progress live here. With help from the participants, I put together a list of over 40 rigs and riders beginning the event this year. As with our other race rig roundups, we’ve included their designation, age, hometown, bike details, bike packing bags, and favourite gear.

What is Bike Rig? – Introducing, Types, Performance, And More

Preview &  Bike Rigs

Badlands is a race we have been to come for a long time. For those who don’t know, the opening line is in Granada, and the race crosses the only European desert. Here are some pics of those places. Please give it an eye by hand that further explanations would be useless.

For those who didn’t know even this, Deserts is in another edition. In the 2020 version, the first one, Lachlan Morton, won in 43 hours and some. All the other members made it to the finish line in at least 60 hours.

Types of Bikes

Generally speaking, you can take almost any bike packing. However, bike packing usually involves gravel, dirt roads, and singletrack trails. Make sure you use a bike that can handle whatever terrain you set out to explore. This year the course is not the same, but it’s not too far different from that. We leave you guessing how challenging the track is and how slow you’ll see our dots moving on the map—no need to say who resolves to be the one in the solo category.

After the Italy Divide, Mattia is complete for extra off-road adventure with style. The unlikely pair is composed of Asja and Fede Damiani: her being the first experience of this kind, he still lost from the North Cape path. We requested them to write how they’re receiving ready and how they propose to tackle the Spanish stones. Here’s what they had to say about it.What is Bike Rig? – Introducing, Types, Performance, And More

Design and Growth of a Test Rig for E-bike Performance Evaluation

The paper describes the growth of an innovative test rig for evaluating e-bikes in terms of energetic performances and control systems. The test rig realize starting from a commercial cyclist training system and suitably changed. The test rig can reproduce an aforethought route or paths acquired during road tests. Moreover, it is likely to measure the e-bike’s sudden power and speed by the installed sensors and data acquisition system.

The new test rig can simulate the resistant torque of a predetermined track and also aims to test and optimize the control strategy available on the electronic control unit (ECU). An essential feature of the system is the possibility of adopting hardware in the loop approach to test the e-bike and its control. Indeed, the whole control algorithm realizes on a suitable controller board to execute real-time procedures. The preliminary tests accept the development of a new model of pedelec design at the Department of the Industrial Engineering University of Naples.

The research activity fiscally support by MIUR under the grant named “Bicicli e Tricicli elettrici a pedalata assistita di nuova generazione”. The experimental results have allowed us to evaluate the performance of the electric bike for several simulated tracks in the urban area of Naples, Italy.


Setup? It’s a “short” event, and we go for a light one. Cluster 7 with a down covering for the night, emergency bivy, frame and also bud for food, and all the rest. I’ll also have a backpack for water – it’s an experiment I want to try.”

So we are ready! What about the others? Keep an eye on the same old folks. Ulrich Bartolomoes and Sofiane Chili are on top of the list. Some friends like Bruno and many more included a youngster who won a pair of Olympics Games like Allistar Brownlee. We won’t stress too much about this, and there is no point. What matters, as always, is giving the most and don’t look too much about all the rest.

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