Nuke-proof bikes – Introducing

Nuke-proof bikes is a mountain bike brand based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which makes some of the best mountain bikes, mountain bike components, and clothing on the market—now designed and developed in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Nuke-proof products through select independent bike dealers around the globe. The brand continues to evolve while retaining its proud history and traditions of being crafted by riders.

Nuke proof is a mountain bike brand based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which makes some of the best mountain bikes, mountain bike components, and clothing on the market.

Alongside its world-beating bikes, Nuke proof is also famous for its wide range of mountain bike components, wheels, and clothing – all of which are available from the Chain Reaction website.
This Nuke-proof Bikes Buying Guide and News page will keep you up-to-date with Nuke proof’s latest news.

Introducing: The Brand New 2022 Nuke Proof Scout

Nuke proof has unveiled details of their updated Horizon V2 and Neutron wheelsets, designed and tested to ensure you’re getting the best performance from your wheels.

The latest Horizon V2 wheelset uses a new design with several improvements introduced to improve their quality, durability, performance, and strength. Meanwhile, the Nuke-proof Neutron wheelset remains an excellent wallet-friendly choice for the trail, endure, and downhill riding. In addition, the Horizon V2 and Neutron can be bought as a single wheel to get the correct hub spacing for your bike.

Let’s get into the details of these wheelsets!

Starting at the heart of the wheelset is the new rear hub. This features 102 points every 3.52 degrees and has been machine to ensure it is solid and lightweight. It also uses high-performance endure ABEC 5 bearings featuring “LLU/LUB” complete contact seal types.

Next up, the rims and spokes have a test to ensure they meet enduring downhill riding demands. Finally, the Nuke-proof Horizon V2 is available in 27.5″ and 29″ rim sizes.

Nuke-proof Mega 290 Carbon RS wins Design & Innovation Award for MTB

We’re pleased to tell you that the Nuke-proof Mega 290 Carbon RS awards the 2021 Design and Innovation Award (DI.A) in the MTB category!

According to the team behind it, the Design & Innovation Awards, the ‘Oscars of the bike industry,’ is the only award that tests products in the real world, evaluates them in total, and reaches verdicts founded on critical and in-depth analysis.

Over two weeks, the independent award team of international journalists, professional test riders, and industry experts analyze the products and put them through their paces. On the Nuke-proof Mega 290 Carbon RS, the award jury commended its capability in challenging terrain and responsive ride. With a unanimous jury agreement, the Nuke-proof Megan’s redeveloped suspension kinematics and improved leverage ratio made it a fully-fledged race bike that required no modifications to get the best performance.

What is Nuke-proof Bikes?

Bikes Reactor 2021 Bikes Launched

Nuke proof has unveiled its 2021 line-up of Reactor full-suspension trail mountain bikes, including updated components and build options. You design for a wide range of riding types. No matter how technical your ride, the Reactor will keep rewarding all your effort.

While the Nuke-proof Reactor frame remains the same for 2021, changes have been made to the bike’s specifications, ensuring that they deck with the latest components from the top brands, including Fox, Shimano, Rockton, and Mavic.

Nuke-proof Reactor RS

Designed as the ultimate rugged-charging trail bike, the RS model slightly over-fork with 10mm more travel up front over the rest of the range to cope with extra abuse on the most technical trails and mini endures.

Blending the finest SRAM X01 (now 10-52t cassette), Code, and Rocco Super Deluxe/ Lyric components with Mavic Demas Sam Hill Signature wheels, it’s the complete package. Finished with top-end Horizon components, there is nothing you need to upgrade on this machine.

What is Nuke-proof Bikes?

Nuke-proof Reactor Factory

The Factory version of the Reactor is a hard-charging bike beast, featuring the latest Fox 36 forks. DPX2 shock and Shimano’s XT drivetrain. New to the Factory for 2021 is the Bike Yoke dropper, which blends seamlessly into the spec by being paired with a Shimano lever.

Launched as a limited-edition model in 2020 and also now introduced to the main line for 2021. This is a short travel version of the Reactor. The ST design is too fast produces initially for Sam Hill to race XC during the off-season. With Fox Factory 34 forks offering 130mm travel and 125mm of rear travel from a Fox DPS Factory. “It’s still a little hooligan but disguised as an extreme XC/ epic adventure weapon,” says Nuke proof.

A high-spec aluminium frame Reactor, the Pro uses an SRAM/Rocco combo that offers excellent bullet-proof performance. But, responding to popular demand. Nuke proof has gone with a raw brushed aluminium frame finish with exposed carbon seat stays – it’s a surprise!

What is Nuke-proof Bikes? – Introducing, Win Design, Launched, And More

Nuke-proof Mega 290 Alloy Pro frame and suspension details

The latest Mega 290 pumps out 160mm of rear-wheel. Travel is just like its predecessor, comes courtesy of the four-bar Horst Link system.

How it delivers has changed quite a bit, though. The link that drives the shock also wraps neatly around the seat. The tube extends and also the kinematics overhaul almost entirely. At the same time, the previous bike felt like a monster truck with masses of comfort when things got rough. This new bike’s design is more dynamic.


Nuke proof has improved the Mega performance. Making it livelier and more fun to ride but capable when the hits come thick and fast. It’s an easy bike to ride with outstanding geometry and also a well-balanced suspension. The Nuke-proof Mega is an endure bike.

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