Multi-Vehicle Car Accident – The trickiest part of a motor vehicle accident is identifying the at-fault driver. Accidents happen quickly, making recollection unreliable at times. Establishing the driver who’s faulty in a motor vehicle accident is crucial as it dictates the person liable for injuries, financial responsibility, and other damages involving the crash.

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Event Data Recorder

Most vehicles have dash cams which assist in clearing evidence regarding what leads to an accident. The event data recorder provides clear insights and data regarding the conditions that led to an accident. It could reveal that the at-fault driver merged over with minimal adequate room or the other driver running a stop sign. Accessing the little details is crucial as it provides adequate information on how to determine liability in a car accident, as the driver responsible for the accident is clearly displayed.

Video Surveillance Footage

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage is integral to an effective traffic accident claim. Most security cameras focus on accident locations, primarily in parking garages and parking lots, which makes it easier to identify what causes the car accident. Security cameras provide time markers and capture the part of an accident, making it easier to pinpoint what happens around and before the time of the accident. You should access the traffic camera footage shortly after a motor vehicle accident to establish the root cause.

The Police Statement

A police report regarding an accident provides the basis for the driver who caused the accident. A police officer may identify apparent features of an accident scene that helps establish the at-fault driver. The officer can identify the driver responsible for overspeeding or the one who runs a red light. The officer who responds to an accident may also issue extra citations, such as driving while under the influence. The officer may receive a liability of admission from the at-fault driver, which appears on the report. The report and testimony serve as evidence when the injured party decides to recover damages.


Motor vehicle accidents usually happen in clear view. Witnesses who saw the accident may have a clear view of details that neither driver observed before and during the accident. Testimonies from third-party witnesses are more reliable than those from those inside the vehicles that collided, as such witnesses have no stake in the accident claim. Obtaining third-party witness testimony proves difficult at times, as most people don’t stop when a car accident occurs.

Specialist Testimony

An expert testimony proves helpful primarily in disputed liability cases. Police officers may fail to depict who caused an accident at times, as witness testimony sometimes provides a vague view regarding the cause. Witness testimony varies from one single witness to the other, with each witness recording something slightly different. Expert testimony proves effective in traumatic accidents, where obtaining an accurate statement regarding the occurrence of an accident proves challenging. Expert witnesses utilize the available information, including accident scene photos, the extent of vehicle damage, and the accident scene itself, to recreate the accident and identify multiple factors that led to the accident.

The Position of the Cars

The position of the cars in an accident provides crucial insights regarding the cause of the Multi-Vehicle Car Accident. If one vehicle strikes another from behind, the conclusion is that the rear car struck the front vehicle. The car’s position provides helpful clues regarding the at-fault driver. In a sideswipe collision, for instance, the car moving over the line in between the lanes may have a higher chance of hitting another vehicle. Capturing photos of an accident scene proves helpful in determining liability later. Accident scene photos enable the lawyers and insurance agents to access the scene of the accident, providing them with a better idea regarding the actual location.

Obtaining evidence following an accident is crucial in a car accident claim. Hire a seasoned car accident attorney to present an excellent case with a fair outcome.