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Madguard Write for UsMadguard Write for Us – Mudguard is a revolution in bicycle mudguard design. This set of fully detachable front and rear fireguards roll up, so they can only be used when needed and stored up quickly when they are not. Due to their design and location on the bicycle, they prove to be very effective. Light weight and super compact, they feature no mounts or extra parts to mess up your bike’s aesthetic. Available in many colors for a perfect match, and want to write interesting articles, we are here to publish your thoughts at

Why Use Mudguards?

Mudguards help keep you warm and dry in the wetter months while protecting your bike from mud, grit, and spray. This can dramatically cut down any maintenance your bike needs through the winter. For commuters, they are essential, road cyclists will enjoy the dry, comfortable feeling while not spraying any friends behind, and mountain bikers will cut down spray and mud to the face, eyes, and back. Warm and dry cycling is simply more enjoyable, meaning you can ride longer and more often through the winter.

What Type Of Mudguards Will Fit My Bike?

For commuters, road riders, and general cyclists, the first thing to look for are eyelets or attachment points on your frame and fork. If you have eyelets, a traditional full-length mudguard can fitted. There are different widths of mudguards to suit your tire width. Many combinations of wheel size and tire width are available; look on your tire for these sizes and choose the appropriate option.

What Size?

The mudguard size needed for your bike will depend on your wheel and tire size. Almost all tires will show numbers written on the tire’s sidewall. MTB tires use inches, while road tires use a different measurement system based on mm.

For example, an MTB tire might say 27.5 x 2.40, while a road tire might say 700 x 23. The first number is the wheel size; the second is the tire’s width (inches for MTB and mm for road). The mudguard must be more comprehensive than your tire so it does not rub. Full-length mudguards will also need enough clearance in the frame and forks. For example, a 32c wide road tire is 32mm wide, so a mudguard that is 35mm wide would be ideal.

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