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Top Gungoose was a guy who in real life was in an accident with an aeroplane where they lost an engine, and he called out the wrong machine being out, so they fired off the other device,” he said. “And so, as a result, the even went into the water, he got the name Goose messed up. Silly Goose is what it was.

Top Gun is an essential 80s classic, full of OTT male dogmatism, dated but delightful flying sequences, and an incredible amount of homoerotic tension. While the bromance between Tom Cruise’s Maverick and Val Kilmer’s Iceman is the most talked about, we could never forget Maverick’s best friend, Goose played by Anthony Edwards.

In a recent interview with EW, Edwards observed spinal in his most famous role and reflected on how he had to keep his blouse on for his favourite volleyball scene since, even after three months of exercise, he still didn’t look as buff as the actors he shared the set with. The actor also exposed why his character had the name Goose, and it turns out that it inspires by a real-life tragedy that happened to a pilot, which wasn’t too dissimilar to his character’s fortune.

“Goose was a man who in real life was in a coincidence with an aeroplane where they lost an engine, and he called out the wrong engine being out, so they fired off the other engine,” he said. ” result, the plane went into the water, and so he got the name Goose messed up. Silly Goose is what it was.”

 How to Unlock Top Gungoose

This vehicle, a standard Mongoose with a pair of light anti-infantry machine guns, is new to Halo 2 Anniversary’s Multiplayer. The Gungoose spawns on Stonetown and Bloodline, though the latter is the best map to work this achievement. Since the landscape of Bloodline is hilly around the centre portion of the map, you’ll want to spend time driving the Gungoose here to get a kill while airborne.

To get this done quickly, grab another player or fire up a second controller and change the player traits under the Slayer game type so that players do not have shields and all damage is 500% more effective. Once the match starts, have one player position themselves away from the dirt hill in the middle of the map while the other player accelerates the Gungoose off the dirt ramp. Be ready to fire your machine guns because players will not have shields. A single bullet will kill your opponent, thus unlocking the achievement.

top gungoose

10 Fun Facts About Top Gungoose Breeds For Animal Lovers

Are you looking for a gun goose breed perfect for your family? You’ve come to the right place! This article will tell you about approximately the top gun goose breeds.

The American Gander

The American Gander is the tallest bird in North America. Standing at a height of nearly six feet. This Goose is found only in the northern United States and is considered a threatened species. The American Gander is a migratory bird and spends the winter in Mexico or Central America before returning to North America in the spring.

The Canadian Goose

The Canada Goose is a large waterfowl found all over North America. They are migratory birds, meaning they travel long distances to find new areas to live and nest. The Canada Goose consider a species of national importance in Canada, as they play an essential role in the ecosystem there. They eat lots of aquatic plants and animals, which helps clean waterways.

 The Greenland Gunghoose

The Greenland Gunghoose is a flightless bird that is endemic to the island of Greenland. The bird is classified as a rarity by the IUCN and considered critically endangered due to its small population size. The Greenland Gunghoose in 1865, and its population declined. There are currently only about 120 individuals on the island, and most of these birds live in the eastern part of Greenland.

The Icelandic Gander

The Icelandic Gander is a large white goose found in Iceland. It is believed to be the national bird of Iceland and in parks and other public areas. The Icelandic Gander is a migratory bird that travels throughout the North Atlantic Ocean.

The Dutch Gunghoose

The Dutch gun goose is a carriage used in the Netherlands in the 17th and 18th centuries. It was a four-wheeled vehicle with an enclosed cabin for the driver and passengers, typically drawn by horses.

The Finnish Gander  Top Gungoose

The Finnish Gander is a large waterfowl in Europe, Asia, and North America. It is the heaviest of all the Old World geese and can weigh up to 10 pounds. The Finnish Gander is a national symbol of Finland and the national bird. The male has a bright red head, neck, back, wings and tail feathers with a black iris. The female is duller in colour, with primarily brown feathers. They are monogamous and shape their nests on lakes or rivers. During the winter, they collect in large flocks near bodies of water, where they feed on aquatic vegetation or fish.

 The French Gunghoose

The French Gunghoose

The gun goose also called a French gun goose, is a type of saddle popular in Europe during the 18th and early 19th centuries. The gun goose design makes riding more comfortable for horses by providing more room between the rider and the horse’s back.

The German Gander

The German Gander is a large flightless bird native to Germany and Austria. The gander is a herbivore that primarily eats grasses but will also eat roots, flowers, and fruit. The gander has a long neck and legs which give it an appearance similar to a goose. The German Gander endanger due to habitat loss and poaching.

The Swedish Gander of Top Gungoose

The Swedish Gander is a national bird of Sweden. It is the national symbol of Sweden and one of the most recognizable birds in the world. The male has a bright yellow beak, and the female has a brown beak.

 The Welsh Gander

The Welsh Gander is a large, flightless bird that is endemic to Wales and is the national bird of Wales and is widely considered. One of the most beautiful birds in the world is a stocky bird with a long neck and legs. It has a black head, wings, and tail feathers. The Welsh Gander can be found nesting on high ground in Wales, where it feeds on grasses and seeds.

The Welsh Gander is a large, shaggy-haired waterfowl found in Wales.

Top Gun: Maverick is a film infatuated

Top Gun: Maverick is a film infatuated with its former self

Near the beginning of Top Gun, a fun scene establishes Maverick as the cocky risk-taker audiences grow to love. In it, he drives his Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle and challenges a plane to a race. Maverick has a similar scene near the start: driving the same bike and wearing the same outfit, he once again challenges a plane to a race. The scene shows how little Pete has changed, and it’s one of the first instances of history repeating itself in a movie where that happens very often.

In “Top Gun: Maverick,” Head Pete “Maverick” Mitchell has avoided promotion and remained a test pilot for decades, partially out of guilt Some 36 years earlier, in the original “Top Gun” his cocksure attitude and refusal to fly as part of a team may have led, at least in some detail, to the death of his best friend and Radar Intercept Officer Nick “Goose” Bradshaw, who kill when he smashes into his aircraft covering head-first on an emergency discharge.

Although Maverick is not found accountable in “Top Gun” for Goose’s death after an official investigation, it’s evident in “Top Gun Maverick” that the loss still weighs heavily on him and even dictates specific movements he takes.

When Mitchell is named to train a new group of pilots for a dangerous mission against a hostile nation. one of the pilots who might cut is Goose’s son, Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, seen only as a baby in the first film but now determined not to let Mitchell impede his progress. But Mitchell has a different plan for his late friend’s child. While Goose is only in photos and some flashback clips from the first movie director Joseph Kosinski told Looper’s sister site. SlashFilm that the character is a strong presence in the sequel.

How The Character Of Goose Is Still A Big Part Of Top Gun

Legacy pictures are more than a sequel: they hand franchises down to a new group of viewers, passing a social baton. At the opening night screening of Top gun Maverick, when the lights went down, someone loudly whispered, “let’s go!” – a perfect evocation of such films’ sense of expectation and repetition. Top Gun (1986) an arena rock concert film, paints hot-shot US Navy aviator Lt Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) as a magnetic all-American dissident. He doesn’t play by the rules but sees how to be loyal when it amounts.

Maverick and his best friend, Lt Nick “Goose” Bradshaw, train at the elite Naval Fighter Weapons School dubbed Topgun, which schools the “best of the best” in aerial dogfighting. He accompanies a hyper-masculine soundtrack of loud electric guitars and thudding synths. The reckless Maverick must negotiate his grief at Goose’s unintended death, his rivalry with Lt Tom “Iceman” Kazansky and the long shadow of his father’s reputation before thrashing out enemy fighters and receiving the girl.

In this new film, Maverick, now a test pilot reluctantly recall to TopGun to train top graduates in a seemingly impossible mission of global importance or ground forever.

top gungooseA Film Obsessed with itself by Gungoose

Like recent legacy hits such as the third Star Wars trilogy, Blade Runner 2049 and the Matrix Resurrections. Top Gun Maverick is a film that obsesses with its earlier self. The film revisits old characters reworks the original score and incorporates earlier footage into flashbacks. It surrounds the characters with photographs of their younger selves. It even rolls its end credits over the same burnt orange skies.

The Top Gungoose program

The US Navy establish the Topgun program in 1969 to train elite pilots in response to aerial combat failures during the Vietnam War. The 1986 film helped rehabilitate the US military’s image in popular culture after Vietnam. The film expressed the jingoistic patriotism of the Reagan era vibrantly. The Americans are noble good guys who don’t shoot first.

The geopolitics of Top Gun Maverick are vague, even chaste. The baddies are an unnamed power that has developed a secret uranium enrichment facility deep within a mountainous region. They threaten NATO allies, have superior technology, and anonymous soldiers and that’s it.


No matter what type of gun goose breed you are looking for. There is sure to be a perfect one on this list!

This post is not about debating wars, military spending, or defence lobbyists. Accuracy etc and purely looking at this as a learning opportunity for me to grow.

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