Fuji Supreme 1 Women s Road Bike 2021 – Introducing

Fuji Supreme 1 Women s Road Bike 2021 page brings you all the latest news and reviews of Fuji road bikes, mountain bikes, and more. Since its founding in 1899, Fuji has undergone several changes in ownership. It is currently owned and distributed by the U.S.-based Advanced Sports International.

While Fuji is best known for its road bikes, it also has mountain, hybrid, and children’s bikes in its line. In addition, Fuji has a long history of building winning track and Keirin race bikes. The Supreme sported a premium, lightweight carbon frame that was proportioned to fit a female’s anatomy better, quality drivetrain components, an ergonomic cockpit, and the same level of performance male riders demanded from their bikes.

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The Fuji Supreme is a decent women-specific road bike with good speeds and comfortable riding. The Supreme range has some lightweight carbon frames and excellent Shimano componentry, although not all the models are up to par for the competition.

Fuji Supreme 1 Women s Road Bike 2021 Review

Fuji bikes have been in the industry for over a century now, and their namesake symbolizes endurance and strength. So it should be no surprise that we expected some big things from their bikes when we took the Supreme models for a spin to review.

We were pleased with the performance, comfort, specs, and weight. Coming in at around 7-8 kg or 15-18 lb, this light road bike is perfect for us women! It felt light on the ride, and we hit some flying speeds.

The finishing kit on these bikes is super comfy, which is ideal for that endurance runs. Shimano Dura-Ace componentry on the Supreme 1.1 makes for some excellent performance, but the 105s were not up to par for the price on the lower-end models. The only other qualm we had was that the 2.0 brakes were not too good. Besides that, these bikes felt confident and smooth and looked pretty neat!


  • Comfortable finishing kit
  • Smooth and confident riding
  • Excellent componentry on the higher end
  • Great speeds
  • Lightweight and well-suited geometry


  • Lower-end Supreme componentry is a bit subpar for the price
  • Brakes on the 2.0 felt a little soft
  • The Verdict
  • These are great road bikes for women for a midrange price, although the lower-end models could use an upgrade or two.

We certainly loved the Fuji Supreme and recommended them for recreation and practice, with the Supreme 1.1 being superb for competition. However, if you can upgrade the 2.0, it’s also worth buying without having to go broke!

Who Makes Fuji Supreme 1 women s Road Bike 2021? – Introducing, Rough, And More

Fuji’s Supreme Aero Bike Women s Road Bike 2021 Beats the Wind and Rough Roads

Fuji’s redesigned aero road racer is stiff, aggressive, and springs forward into warp speed when asked—helped no doubt by a  sub-900-gram frame and wind-cheating shapes. It’s also made just for women.

The company designed the frame using years of fit data from its professional women’s teams and gave it a slightly shorter reach than a comparable men’s model. Fuji also tweaked each size’s geometry, carbon layup, and tube design for more consistent performance between the smaller and larger frames.

Fuji claims the Supreme saves 14 watts at 25mph and is more than three minutes faster over 40k than the company’s previous model. It’s well over a minute faster than the Transonic, an older men’s aero model. You can feel that on the road—I unintentionally put the hurt on my friends more than once this spring because I could pedal through a headwind easier than they could.

The Supreme Aero Family

The Supreme is available in four different builds, each with carbon frames and disc brakes. Molds are identical. Differences in price (from $2,300 to $7,000) come down to parts and quality of carbon: The high-end 1.1  builts with Fuji’s C15 blend of ultra-high modulus three grades of carbon fiber. In contrast, the other models built with the slightly heavier C10 blend, which uses two grades and is 150 grams heavier.

Fuji Supreme Aero Bike Features We Love

The Supreme has many visual touches we’ve gotten used to seeing on aero bikes, including dropped seat stays and some subtle seat tube shrouding around the rear wheel. The frame and fork also utilize Kamm airfoil (D-shaped) tubes for better performance in varying wind angles.

This helps ensure the best range of fit options and more consistent performance for even the smallest riders.

Who Makes Fuji Supreme 1 women s Road Bike 2021? – Introducing, Rough, And More

Fuji Supreme Aero 1  Component Highlights

The Supreme 1.1 decks out with 50mm deep-section carbon rims from Fuji’s Oval house-brand wheel division, SRAM RED 22 eTAP wireless drivetrain, and SRAM RED hydraulic disc brakes. Testers also appreciated the 40cm Oval carbon handlebar, which is narrow enough to be comfortable for smaller shoulders without feeling like a kids’ bike. SRAM RED brake levers are also easily adjustable for smaller hands.

Ride Impressions

I had no doubt that this was a race bike from the first ride. It is stiff, aggressive, and springs forward into warp speed the second you ask. But, on the other hand, it feels like slices noticeably through the air. The deep-section wheels are a little unruly in gusty crosswinds, but it’s nothing you can’t handle if you pay attention.

Over our time together, I took the Supreme on everything from blustery base miles to spring gravel Fondos. The former I expected it to excel at but its performance. On the latter is for me the mark of a really good bike. Despite its aero pedigree and stiffer-than-average frame, the Supreme maintained its footing over broken pavement, light dirt, and variable terrain. It’s by no means a relaxing, muted ride, but neither is it going to rattle your teeth out for venturing off the race course like some aero machines. With clearance for 30mm tires, it has a broad capability that many aero bikes don’t.


One small thing that makes a big difference in daily life. This bike is that all of the bolts are easily accessible with a multi-tool. I’ve come to appreciate this more as cockpits get ever more integrated and sometimes weird in service of aero efficiency. Fuji uses a conventional stem and handlebar, for instance. And the simple cam wedge in the top tube near the seat post makes adjusting seat height. A breeze while the seat itself connects with one easy spring-tensioned bolt for foolproof fine-tuning.

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