Scott Mountain Bikes – Introduction

Scott Mountain Bikes At Westbrook Cycles, we avoid brands that do not reach the high standards of bike and components we are willing to supply to our customers. In our experience, cheaper bike brands provide inferior ride quality and potential reliability issues. All of the bikes- both mountain bikes and road bikes found across our site – meet our standards, and we supply everyone with the whole self-assurance.

One of the giant bike makers that we source here online is Scott. Scott Mountain Bikes are one of the most significant general types of harvests we provide – stocking and delivering hardtail and full suspension Scott Mountain Bikes to customers all over the UK.

The Scott Customer of Mountain Bike

Many customers looking to get into elevation biking for the first time ask, ‘ Are Scott Mountain Motorcycles any Good? The response to that is Yes – and here is a vast array of benefits and motives why you should choose a Scott MTB. Some reasons why a Scott MTB should be your following excellent do not have anything to do with mountain biking – but display the company’s ethos in pushing the boundaries of bike research and development.

Scott was a brand created in 1958, and the brand has sheltered all kinds of equipment and originally began designing and manufacturing ski extremes. Today, the brand is involved in motocross, highway cycling, running, and mountain biking.

However, think that Scott is a card of all employments and a main of none – Scott Mountain Bikes represent the diverse nature of the product luminously, and their bikes use by riders who have reached many world titles podiums.

Scott Moutain Bike Production History

Scott Mountain Bikes Made

Scott bikes are manufactured in Givisiez, Switzerland, the company’s headquarters. The frames are manufactured in Taiwan and transported to the factory at the main offices, where assembly occurs. The brand has branches in South Africa, the United States, Europe, and India.

In 1972, Massive began as a supplier to the US Schwinn Bicycle Corporation. Still, it had evolved into a vast original tackle manufacturer (OEM), assembling bikes for a client list that includes major brands Scott, Trek, and Colnago.

Scott Sports is quite an innovative company with a lot of significance in the cycling industry. Scott motorbikes are manufactured in Givisiez, Switzerland, the company’s headquarters. The frames are manufactured in Taiwan and transported to the factory at the main centres, where assembly occurs. The brand has branches in South Africa, the United States, Europe, and India.

What about the Components?

Scott bikes use Syncros components, including rims, handlebars, grips, stems, seat pots, and saddles. In addition, Syncros manufactures bottle holders, shoes, bottles, saddlebags, and other bike-related merchandise.

The Syncros brand has been through the hands of several companies since its establishment in the 80s.

However, the brand’s most successful period was after Scott Sports purchased it. Syncros components are manufactured in Taiwan, China, and at the central assembly station in Givisiez.

Scott Moutain Bike Production History

Scott Moutain Bike Production History

Before Scott Sports dipped its toe into the bike business, Ed Scott, its founder, invented an alloy ski pole. Back then, sticks of either steel or bamboo. Before expanding to Europe, the company also manufactured motocross wear, including Google.

Scott’s first contribution to the cycling industry was the clip-on aerodynamic handlebar in 1989. An American athlete, Greg LeMond, used the bars in his Tour De France win the same year. Two years later, Scott introduced the first suspension fork, Unishock, before introducing the first full-suspension bike to the market.

In 1995, Scott produced their first carbon MTB of all carbon bikes. The bike, known as Endorphin, went ahead to scoop medals in the World Cup and the Olympics and got the media’s attention. Endorphin was indeed a force to reckon with.

What is Scott Mountain Bikes? -Introduction, Made, History, And More

Scott Mtb Buyer’s Guide Spark, Spark RC, & Scale

We just start to see 2021 SCOTT bikes drop in, but we field loads of inquiries about what change for the new year. As such, we have rounded up some of the most significant variations to the SCOTT mountain bike stroke for 2021 to help you figure out what bike is best for you.

The 2021 SCOTT Spark feels designed for riding exactly in the Wasatch Range. Its combination of low weight, XC-like climbing capability, and stable descending make the Spark one of the most available bikes in the shop. The 2021 Spark types a small leap in build kits that make the bike a touch more trail-worthy, though it still preserves the down-country fun of the Spark. SCOTT’s Twinloc interruption remote remains to help riders adjust to their trails. Spark is obtainable in four sizes.

What is Scott Mountain Bikes? -Introduction, Made, History, And More

While previous years’ Spark models established a 120mm fork paired with a 120mm shock, the 2021 Spark features a new 130mm travel fork opposite with a 120mm surprise. This slackens the head tube angle to 66.7 degrees and offers a bit more grip and confidence on the parentages.

Choose the SCOTT Incentive as your all-arounder mountain bike. It’s light plenty to keep up with your cross-country bike friends but with a bit. More suspension to offer sureness when things get chunkier.


Aspiring racers and weekend fighters will gain the HMF carbon frame of the 2021 SCOTT Scale 940. In addition. Have any inquiries about 2021 SCOTT mountain bikes or SCOTT bikes overall? Give us a call during commercial hours or send us an email any time to

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