Fiat Tipo vs Fiat Tipo Sedan -Introducing

Fiat Tipo returned to the stage nearly two decades after the first generation ceased to be sold after a decade of commercial success. Since 2015, the second is among us in compact bodywork, sedan and an estate car. The second degree is offered or includes benefits that in other rival models may appear standard, but this Type of concretions makes these cars so economical.

Despite the digital advance, the car remains in essence. It is elementary to use, optimal as a daily car, a battle for the day today in the city, with a correct level of comfort and materials adjusted to the price paid for these cars.

The Design of Exterior Dimensions of Fiat Tipo

The update of the model has even meant a technological advance to the already known presented five years ago. Therefore, it now has benefits such as a 7-inch screen in the instrument panel and another 10.25 in the centre console for the infotainment system, managed through Fiat’s Uconnect system. As a result, we face three compact cars. A five-door passenger car, a four-door sedan and a five-door family car, are based on the same architecture.

The Fiat Tipo measures 4.37 meters in length, 1.79 wide and 1.50 high with a wheelbase of 2.64 m. Fiat Tipo Sedan marks 4.54 long, the same width, height and wheelbase. Fiat Tipo Station Wagon grows to 4.57 meters in length, adds one centimetre to the crown (1.51) and maintains the width and battle of the previous ones.

The size of the tire and rim gathering that equips both the Type and the Sedan Type is 195/65 R15 while. Due to an increase in weight of about 30 kg compared to the importance of the two previous versions. The Type Station Wagon installs wheels in 205/55 R16.

Interior Measures and Habitability by Fiat Tipo

The three Fiat Tipo of this comparison has a homologation as 5-seater passenger cars. Since it is the same model offered in three different bodies. Except for some minor differences, it is the same cabin. Despite having up to four levels of equipment, a car is simple. Practical, and consistent in its value for money.

fiat tipoSet Up Your Fiat Tipo vs Sedan

Given the needs of its users, it is understood that choosing between a Fiat Tipo 5-door. The Fiat Tipo Sedan or the Fiat Tipo Station Wagon will depend on the routines with which It intends to face from the purchase of this car. That is why it should note that except in particular details. Only the volume required to transport packages and belongings will offer a compelling reason to opt for one of them.


The trunk of the Type 5 doors cubica 440 litres, that of the sedan 520 and that of the familiar 550. As expected. The difference of 110 litres between the volume of the standard. Type and the ranchera define those who choose to transport as many packages as possible or less or more bulky objects.

While the two mentioned offering a comfortable loading mouth to introduce the belongings of travellers, the trunk of the sedan reduces that area making it more complicated to introduce or remove a package, for example, a large suitcase, taking into account the need to slide it in parallel or on the floor of the same to manoeuvre.

Engines of Fiat Tipo

While the exterior aesthetic touches of the Fiat Tipo of 2021 are minor. In any case, they highlight the redefinition of the headlights. Although the interior update focuses on increasing its digitalization. It is in the range of engines where the new Tipo undergoes a more profound revision.

Thus, for the entire range. The following diesel and gasoline engines offer, and no electrification provides.

Fuel Consumption and Tanks from Fiat Tipo

By body, the Fiat Tipo that consumes the least is the 1.3 diesel of 95 hp with an expense of 4.3 L/100 km. The gasoline requires 5.5. The Sedan is the most efficient of the three. The 1.3 diesel engine of 95 hp consumes 4.1 litres, and the gas lowers to 5.3.

The Fiat Tipo Station Wagon diesel marks a consumption of 4.4 for the 1.3 engine and equals that of the gasoline 1.0 to 5.5. The fuel tank is 50 litres. In the case of diesel, another 12.5 adds for the AdBlue.

Prices of Fiat Tipo

According to the prices of the carwow comparator. The cheapest version of the Tipo is for the 4-door so that you can configure it. Your  Sedan from 18,000 euros with an average saving of 2,730 euros. or you can configure your  5 doors from 19,600 with moderate protection of 3,684. You can configure your Station Wagon from 21,150 with an average saving of almost 3,700 euros.


As we pointed out at the beginning, deciding which one to buy between the 5-door Type, the sedan and the estate car. Defines by only two objective criteria budget and trunk.

As for habitability and driving, despite the bodies, they are noble cars. Simple to handle, without great luxuries but without complications. Comfortable and practical and, above all, regardless of its configuration, with a great relationship price and its actual value daily.

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