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Cars and Bids In The last few years, many car enthusiasts have started turning their cars into new vehicles – cars from the 1980s, 1990s, and outside. Unfortunately, automotive reviewer Doug DeMuro realized there isn’t yet a specific place focused solely on buying and selling these modern enthusiast cars. Still, there should be – so he and a team created Cars & Bids, with its modest name modelled after Doug’s well-known pursuit of “quirks and .” features

Cars & Bids is the best online sale marketplace to buy and sell modern fan cars – which means pretty much anything extraordinary from the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, or 2020s. To us, “cool” range from the obvious to the esoteric cars that enthusiasts love. So basically, everything that’s exciting, fun, interesting, or quirky is welcome here – as long as it comes from the modern era.

Cars and bids were co-founded by popular locomotive YouTuber Doug DeMuro and thrown in 2020. Doug’s reputation for describing not only stimulating cars but exciting particulars about stimulating cars plays well in the online sale world, where half the fun and enthusiasm for a particular interest vehicle springs from the “quirks and features” Doug is known for classifying.

Cars and Bids for Just a Few of Our Benefits

We’re focused on modern fan cars: the 1980s to the 2020s. So that income, anyone attentive in the next era of exciting vehicles will come here first to buy and sell. Our fees are low. Vendors list for free, and the buyer’s fee is just 4.5%, with the smallest of $225 and an all-out of $4,500 — far below other sale houses and fan car auction websites.

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We believe every vehicle should come with a vehicle history. Account so we provide one for free instead of asking sellers to pay for their own.

Doug DeMuro will transport extra eyes – and different buyers – to your cars, occasionally studying cars offered on Cars & Bids. If your car selects, you’ll get far more eyes on your vehicle than at any other auction stage on earth.

While other car auctions take weeks or even a calendar month to get your car listed and available to buyers, we’ll get your vehicle listed quickly and take your input on scheduling your car’s auction.

Cars & Bids make it easy to submit your vehicle for sale. We are worth your time by asking for only a few crucial details before letting you know whether or not we’re accepting your vehicle. With that resources, you don’t have to waste your time providing initial data only to have your card rejected.

Cars & Bids is the most accessible online automotive market, with easy sorting and pointed – and simplified sales that tell you precisely what you need to know about each vehicle.

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How Cars and Bids Works

Purchasing a Car

Once you’ve created a car you’re watchful in, here are the steps you would take to bid totally and win the sale with any luck!

 Register to Bid

To contact the seller straight and place bids, you must first Register to Bid with a valid credit card and phone amount. Winning purchasers pay Cars & Bids a 4.5% buyer’s fee on top of the winning bid quantity (minimum of $225, maximum of $4,500).

How Am I Protect if There’s a Problematic with an Auction?

This is the most excellent critical question for any online auction or obtaining procedure. So smooth with hundreds of photos, a video, a CarFax history account, and a public of fans, a buyer in New York still places a lot of faith when buying from a seller 3,000 miles away in San Francisco. So what supplies do Transport a Trailer and Cars and Bids have to protect someone expenditure tens – or hundreds – of thousands of dollars on a used car they’ve never physically inspected?

As declared, both sites require a credit card to register to bid, and a phone number for selling and both charge the captivating bidder’s card as soon as the auction ends. That discourages buyers from not following through on the purchase…but it still occurs. Randy Nonnenberg told us Transport a Trailer has a 97.7 per cent success rate on complete auctions, meaning only 2.3 out of a hundred have something amiss after a winning bid declaration. If a buyer refuses to follow through, they are still charging the buyer’s fee (up to $5,000) and banner.

Cars and Bids have similar policies and a low “failure” rate on completed auctions. Still, they go a step extra by not only arraigning the buyer’s fee but charitable. Half that fee to the vendor if a buyer flakes and doesn’t whole the obtaining. But, of course, Doug also confided that buyers could, and often do request a “chargeback” in these situations meaning they argue the charge with their credit card company and refund the buyer’s fee.

Conversely, what if the buyer follows good conscience only to receive a vehicle that’s nothing like the auction described? Again, this is a relatively rare occurrence since in-depth taking pictures and vehicle history reports are present for most cars. But it does occur and like the chargeback situation above. There’s not much a consumer can do after the buying set and the money has different hands.

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The Buyers and Sellers Perform Do its Work Directly

This is why buyers and sellers should perform their due diligence before using an online auction site. The explosive growth of Bring a Trailer and Cars and Bids in recent years. Remember, these sites are essentially elaborate systems meant to introduce. A seller and a buyer to each extra at the end of the day. These sites don’t, for myself vet the cars or the individuals involved in the transaction.

Due diligence includes telephoning the buyer or seller directly. Before the auction ends to get a sense of who you are with. Better still, as a buyer, it’s continually in your best interest. To only bid on cars you can inspect and with any luck even test drive before an auction ends. Of course, that strength means limiting your requests to local auctions, or it might mean booking a last-minute flight.

Neither is the preferred method of buying or selling. A vehicle but they are practical measures when spending the money these sales typically generate.

Arrange Financing and Logistics

To ensure a smooth business, you should have the next prepared before introducing an offer.

To simplify your purchase. We’ve teamed up with LightStream to make financing easy and fast for users with good to brilliant credit. You can square out rates and payments and apply for a loan.  Directly from each auction! LightStream backing ties to an exact vehicle and you can get your loan. Fund and money are put into your account as soon as the similar day you apply.

As a notice, if you plan to finance this purchase work with your investor to get your financing. Approved quickly keep in mind that some lenders may require specific vehicle information and have year and mileage restrictions.

Discuss transportation and storage timelines with the seller. If you are shipping the vehicle. Get a shipping quote in advance we endorse uShip and EasyAutoShip for hassle-free speech marks.

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Bring a Trailer and Cars and Bids

The concept of an online or numerical car sale site is not new. Fleet directors and wholesalers have been using the auction marketplace to locate and purchase. Inventory for dealership lots since the early-2000s.

The automotive world has changed over the past two decades and eBay Engines has sold many cars. Most splendidly to first-time online car consumers willing to take a chance on the digital marketplace. But we now live in a creation where online car buying expects and is dominant. Help along in the New Year with everything from a global plague to confidence-bolstering. Technology like high-resolution photos and vehicle history reports.


Cars & Bids is the best online auction market to buy and sell modern fanatic cars – that means anything extraordinary from the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, or 2020s. Founded by automotive journalist Doug DeMuro and tech entrepreneur Blake Machado, Cars & Bids has enjoyed rapid growth since its launch in June 2020 – hosting over 4,200 auctions, selling over $75 million worth of cars and reaching. Over a million visitors every month. For more information, we encourage you to visit our website.

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