Unlock the Butterflies lens on SnapchatThe Butterflies Lens is a prevalent Snapchat Lens that adds beautiful butterflies to your face and surroundings. It’s a great way to add fun and flair to your Snaps, and it’s perfect for any occasion.

Snapchat is all about lenses and their streams. According to Snapchat, more than 250,000 creators have created nearly 2.5 million lenses for the app. That’s a huge number and chances are you haven’t even seen 1% of the lenses within the app. There are some great lenses and some you won’t like. One of the most common filters is the butterfly lens. As the name suggests, it uses butterflies to enhance the effect of the images. Over time, there have been many butterfly lenses on Snapchat that have undergone some changes. But to try it, you have to unlock it first. Let’s see how to unlock and use Butterfly Lens on Snapchat.

What is Butterflies Lens on Snapchat?

What is Butterflies Lens on Snapchat_

Butterflies Lens is a popular Snapchat Lens. As the name suggests, with Butterflies Lens, you can add a bunch of butterflies flying around your face in the Snap you want to take.

You can use this Lens for photos as well as videos. When you apply the Butterflies Lens, you get all animated butterflies, which looks fantastic. Additionally, you make the butterflies fly all around your body if you want that feature.

An important thing to remember here is that there are several Butterflies Lens on Snapchat. But irrespective of the type of Butterflies Lens, you first need to unlock this on your Snapchat App.

What is the Method to  Unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat?

Now that we have seen a little about Snapchat Lenses and Butterfly lenses let us see ways to unlock the butterflies lens on Snapchat.

  • Ask Your Friend to Share the Link
  • The simple way to unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat is to request a friend who previously had and uses Butterflies Lens.
  • Search for a friend in your Snapchat friend list who already uses the Butterflies Lens.
  • They can share the lens with you using a unique link so that you can unlock it and start using it.
  • Ask them to open their Snapchat App, open the Butterflies Lens, and select the “Share” option.
  • They will get a link to copy and share with you over chat.
  • Once you receive the link, click on it, and Snapchat automatically unlocks the Butterflies Lens. You can start using the lens after that.

Scan the Butterflies Lens Snap Code

Scan the Butterflies Lens Snap Code

Snap Code is a QR Code that Snapchat uses to share lenses and other stuff. If you can find a Butterflies Lens Snap Code, scan this code with the Snap Tab on your Snapchat app and unlock the lens.

  • Open the Snapchat app on your smartphone.
  • From Snapchat’s camera Screen, tap the lens icon.
  • Now, you can scan the Butterflies Lens Snap Code, which looks like the following image.
  • It will unlock the Butterflies Lens. Tap on the Butterflies Lens after scanning the code.
  • You can now see butterflies flying around your face.

Search for Butterflies Lens on Snapchat

As a last resort, you can try to search for the Butterflies Lens from the Snapchat App itself. If you are lucky, you can unlock and start using the Butterflies Lens.

  • Open the Snapchat app on your smartphone.
  • In the Snap Tab (the camera screen of your Snapchat app), you can find a search icon in the top left corner. Tap on it.
  • In the search bar, write “Butterfly Lens” and hit enter.
  • You will get many results for filters, lenses, effects, etc.
  • There may be more than one Butterfly Lens in the result. Select a lens that serves your purpose.
  • Once you select a lens, you can take Snaps, i.e., photos or videos.

You can unlock the Snapchat Butterfly Lens from Your Camera Roll

This process is very similar to that of scanning the previously stated Snapcode. However, you can copy the Snapcode and load it into the Snapchat camera instead of scanning a barcode to get the butterfly screen. The steps are as follows:

  • Open Snapchat.
  • To the left of the camera shutter button, tap the Memories symbol.
  • Choose Camera Roll.
  • Select the butterfly Snapcode next.
  • The butterfly filter will automatically load on Snapchat once the code has been recognized.

The Unlock the Butterflies lens on Snapchat can finally be unlocked using the above methods. Applying the butterfly filter to your Snapchat photos will let you have fun. So, use it in your pictures and videos and share your experience with your other friends. You can try out any of these methods and unlock the butterfly lens on Snapchat.


Snapchat provides a fun way to communicate with friends or family through photos and short videos. To make things even more interesting, Snapchat has many features such as filters, effects, lenses, etc. Speaking of Snapchat Lens, they add augmented reality to your Snaps. You can add 3D and real-time special effects to your Snaps with the help of these lenses.

One such popular lens on the Snapchat platform is the Butterfly Lens or Butterflies Lens. If you have this lens in your Snapchat app, you can add flying butterflies to your videos. Many Snapchat users want this lens because it looks fantastic and beautiful. But the reality is you have to unlock the lens before using it.