Wheelchair vehicle lifts help disabled adults remain independent as they move around. However, like every other type of mobility device, wheelchair lifts have different features, so it is best you choose one that works for you. Safety features are one of the primary factors to consider when choosing a lift. Irrespective of your personal choice, here are a few safety features you should consider:

A backup battery

There are several types of wheelchair lifts for vehicles, and many are electricity-powered. They just need to be plugged into a power outlet and then come to life. However, imagine if your older relative is using one and then the power goes out. It could be dangerous for such disabled people since this could leave them stuck on the lift.

This makes having a backup battery very essential. A backup battery will allow the wheelchair life to continue working even after a power outage, allowing the individual to safely get to their destination. Buying a wheelchair lift without a backup could be dangerous.

Emergency stops

Wheelchair lifts can be very smooth when ridden. When mounted on a sturdy rail, it is usually rare for them to collide with an obstacle. However, every wheelchair lift should have an emergency stop function installed.

It should also allow you to safely bring the wheelchair to a stop when you encounter obstacles or intend to get into a vehicle. The emergency stop button should disentangle the powertrain, while a gentle application of the brakes should bring the ride to a stop that isn’t jarring. Many communities require this feature as part of the building code.

Onboard control

An easy and simple-to-use control panel ensures easy control of the left’s descent or ascent. Without this, you might need to depend on another person to mount the controls.

Obstruction alarms

There’s always a possibility that someone or something could block the pathway of a wheelchair lift. This might be dangerous, as objects that obstruct the wheelchair could harm both the person riding the wheelchair and the wheelchair itself.

Every wheelchair lift should have an alarm system that alerts the individual and comes to a stop when something obstructs its way. This alerts the individual riding the lift to move out of the way. If it’s an inanimate object, then the individual can utilize the emergency calls system for help.

A non-skid surface

Wheelchair lifts can carry a rider without the need to transfer to folding seats. Generally, locking mechanisms are incorporated in wheelchairs to ensure the wheels don’t turn during a ride. However, the wheels themselves may have limited traction. Ensure the lift has a non-skid surface that is also solid and adds traction and steadiness to your chair.

An overspeed governor

When a wheelchair lift works above a certain speed level, the overspeed governor feature automatically applies the brake to control the speed.


All wheelchair lifts have built-in safety features, but not every safety feature is the same. While some might have the bare minimum, others have all the safety features you can think of. To know which wheelchair life is best for you, focus your attention on the features mentioned above.