The Spotify Car Thing is a Bluetooth-enabled audio player that hopes to enhance your in-car listening experience. Put another way, the device could help curb the urge to buy a new car. Or at least push it down the road for a while. When the choice is between the $89.99 Spotify Car Thing and a down payment on a new car, the device’s sub-$100 price tag and trusted brand name seem like an attractive compromise.

The Car Thing connects to your phone, which then needs to be linked to your car with an aux cable, USB, or Bluetooth. Plug in Car Thing to your car’s 12-volt outlet, and you’re ready to set it up. Speaking of which, we found setup easy. The controls are likewise simple to understand. On the right side of the 4.0-inch touchscreen, a rotating dial and smaller back button facilitate navigation if you don’t want to just swipe and tap. Four small, tab-like buttons sit at the top of the 2.5-inch-tall Car Thing and serve as customizable presets. Or, if you prefer, a “Hey, Spotify” command should get you closer to a favorite song, artist, or podcast.

About Spotify Car Thing

About Spotify Car Thing

Spotify Car thing just released Car Thing—their new smart player uses voice commands to control your Spotify premium account inside your car. One of the greatest parts is that they initially gave this thing away for free to their U.S. customers.

Attaches by the Spotify mobile app on your phone, then uses the phone’s cellular sign or Wi-Fi. If available, to watercourse your music or podcasts over the car’s complete system. The trick itself works with USB, Bluetooth and Aux.

The company first began its tests with Car Thing to learn more about how Spotify users engaged with its service in the vehicle. Over the years, the device’s hardware and work design have grown from a smaller item plugged into the car’s cigarette well-lit to a more consumer-friendly creation with a big knob colourful touchscreen. voice control features, and many different connections and mounting options.

Designed Spotify Car Thing

Car Thing is designed to offer a different suitable way to regulator Spotify while driving. It doesn’t consume a speaker and has a data connection. So it’s essentially a Spotify remote that can produce your car’s speakers. It offers a mixture of physical controls. A touchscreen, and voice controls via Spotify’s own “Hey Spotify” assistant.

As well as confirming a public launch for the device. Spotify says it’s working to bring a night method and a new “add to queue” voice command to the device with future updates.

Designed for your Drive

We advanced Car Thing because we saw that our users desired a more seamless and adapted in-car attending involvement, no matter the year or model of their car. With Car Thing, even extra audio fans can access Spotify’s entire catalogue of music and podcasts across an even wider range of vehicles.  Car Thing allows listeners to play their favourite music and podcasts quickly using “Hey Spotify” voice orders. as well as simple tap turns, and swipes—permitting listeners to start playing that hit song or the latest podcast affair before they pull out of the driveway.

 Spotify Car

A Seamless in-Car Audio Experience

During our examination phase, we discovered a lot about how people listen in the car and how Car Thing can help improve that knowledge for many users. We cultured two main things from device owners first. users listened to Spotify in the car more than before. Second car Thing made it humbler to play exactly what they wanted. Thanks to the creation interface they enjoy more than their preceding in-car media and the luxury of using “Hey Spotify” to control what they are required to attend.

Plus, we heard from drivers approximately requests that we are employed to join into future Car Thing informs. These include Night Mode, which dims screen illumination in the evening. And an Add to File facility, which lets you queue up your favourite music and podcasts by just using your voice. This exploration and innovation share our ongoing commitment to structure frictionless knowledge for users’ crossways devices—in the car, at home-based, or on the go.

Whether using your voice, touch, or physical controls. Car Thing is intuitive and approachable in every in-car situation. Before, Car Thing was only available to select eligible users in the U.S. who had joined the waitlist. Now, we’re happy to make the device generally available in the U.S. and transport it to even more users.

Car Thing is now available to acquisition for $89.99 and requires a Spotify Premium payment plan laterally with a phone with a mobile data joining. You can find more details about using the device at the car thing.

Today Sign up to Buy Spotify’s Car Thing

Spotify is making it easier to get a hold of its first hardware device, the Car Thing, by original up a waitlist to purchase the machine that anyone can join starting today. The catch is that now the flowing service’s previously invite-only product is $79.99 when it secondhand to be free with paid shipping and handling.

While Spotify will let someone with an account sign up for its waitlist, whether free or best, you do still need a premium account actually to use the device. Also, at its original $79.99 price, its value re-examining what the Car Thing can do.

The Car Thing is not a separate Spotify device. It attaches to your phone over Bluetooth and uses a receiver’s internet to stream and switch playback on songs and podcasts from Spotify’s library. The Car Thing is also totally needful on your phone’s Bluetooth. USB or support cable connection to your car making the device a glorified Spotify distance.

In our activity with the Car Thing, the dynamic voice controls (“Hey Spotify) were helpful, but that might not substance if your built-in stereo does the similar thing. The Car Thing is just incomplete — even though Spotify plans to update it — and it’s no longer “free.” mention considering whether it’s worth it before you sign up to buy one.

Spotify Car Thing price

The Car Thing was free on launch but is now retailing for $89.99. It’s only available to U.S. residents, and you can get one. As a Canadian, it is used to getting tech a little bit be. Just a heads up — the device will only be available for Spotify Premium customers.

Spotify Car Thing in Canada

To get tech a little bit behind our American friends. There is no official release date announced for the Car Thing in Canada. But it is kept eyes open and will post any updates as they come in

Advantages of Spotify Car Thing

The Car Thing needs a smartphone with a data join. To use it, you need to plug it in and connect your phone to the Car Thing via Bluetooth. Your smartphone needs to connect to the skull unit via Bluetooth or an auxiliary connection. Simple? Not actually.

But one of the few assistances of the Car Thing is that you can leave private your car as you go. It’s also enthusiastic to your Spotify Best account. So it knows your attending habits, ergo a more in-built use. It also has four preset buttons that you can set and a voice command function.

Spotify’s New ‘Car Thing’ is the car Gadget you Don’t Need

All worked so well. I’d start up the car my Android phone would attach. via Bluetooth to the Bolt and the Android Auto app would appear on my telephone screen. Then, I’d hitch the Pop socket to its holder and tap the play button on the phone to get started on the road.

Android Auto is the perfect marriage of music playback and Google Maps. which I constantly need because I consume no sense of direction even after living in the San Francisco Bay Area all my life.

But then Google announced that its Android Auto phone app would be phased out and panic. That’s when I looked into Spotify’s Car Thing. A Bluetooth accessory for your telephone that plays music.


This is also Spotify’s primary foray into hardware. so I’m looking forward to software informs down. The line to transport support for more audio apps. Possibly tweak the voice recognition and provision playback in areas of patchy cellular connectivity. You can watch my full knowledge of Spotify’s Car Thing in the video at the top of this page.

After a few workweeks using the Car Thing. Most persons with an older vehicle are satisfied with a car base for their phone. Using Spotify’s similar voice associate in the app and or level using Siri or Google Assistant brings up the Spotify app in a pinch. I’ll maybe still use the Car Thing for longer drives when I know I’ll want to listen to various songs on-demand or when I have other people in the car who want to control music.