INEOS Grenadier – Definition

INEOS Grenadier is a British multinational company specialising in chemicals. It has about twenty independent business units, one dedicated to manufacturing and marketing an SUV similar to the original Land Rover Defender, at least in terms of design. This vehicle, called Grenadier, arrives in Spain in 2022 to occupy the market niche that the vast majority of brands abandoned with the rise of SUVs. Its price for our region is still unknown, and there will be a pickup variant in the future. In this article, we briefly review what the rival of the Jeep Wrangler, the Toyota Land Cruiser or the Mercedes G-Class offers.

Architecture and Dimensions in INEOS

The INEOS Grenadier is a classic 4×4 with five doors and five seats built on a chassis of stringers and crossbars. It has rigid axle suspension, protected bass and a robust looking body with plenty of ground clearance (25.8 cm) and good angles of entry (35.5 degrees), output (36.1 degrees), ventral (27.8 degrees) and maximum inclination. It can cope with fords up to 80 cm deep without compromising safety or reliability.

Its wheelbase is 2.92 meters, which guarantees good interior habitability (higher rear seats). The trunk has an asymmetrical opening and a large volume that, for now, has not been officially declared. Several accessories include a spare wheel, roof bars, anchor guides, and a ladder. It weighs 2.4 T.

Who is INEOS, and Why Should Car Buyers Trust Them?

A global chemical-making giant, INEOS has done well enough to turn its owner, Jim Ratcliffe, into one of Britain’s richest men. The company also owns a third of the dominant Mercedes-AMG Formula One team and bought the former Smart car plant in France off Daimler-Benz, so the makers of the G-Wagon take the company quite seriously.

BMW takes them seriously, too, and supplies INEOS with diesel and gasoline engines (though only the gas version will come stateside). Giant supplier Bosch even lets it piggyback its service network around the world.  When Land Rover discontinued the classic Defender, Ratcliffe saw an opportunity to fill the void and build a rival to the last genuinely global, no-frills, go-anywhere SUV, Toyota’s 70-Series Land Cruiser, which isn’t sold here.

Now here we are, with a no-nonsense machine, built to live in the world off the asphalt, but to conquer it, with over-engineered chassis and suspension pieces throughout. It engineers to go anywhere, but as with other such vehicles, that often means some compromises.


Use of Engine and Transmission of INEOS Grenadier

This SUV can be configured with two different engines of BMW origin, both turbocharged six-cylinder in-line (longitudinal front situation) and associated with all-wheel drive and automatic transmission. The diesel engine has three litters of displacement. 249 hp of maximum power, and 550 Nm of torque. The petrol has three litters, 285 hp and 450 Nm. The performance and consumption approved according to the WLTP cycle have not yet been announced.

The gearshift is an eight-ratio ZF  with a gearbox. The all-wheel-drive system is from Termed and has three differentials with mixed lock and manual activation. The handbrake is traditional to speed up some manoeuvres. There is an automatism of stop and start of the engine for urban circulation as in modern cars. Install four brake discs.

Some of the Equipment and Price of INEOS Grenadier

INEOS has not yet defined the equipment of the Grenadier for our country. It is known that its cabin coatings will be simple for durability and quick cleaning. It will have two speakers. Part of its technological equipment will be operated from two consoles with large physical buttons located on the roof and under the ventilation outlets of the air conditioner.

The supervised development of the 4×4 in question entrusts to Magna Steyer which will assemble 35,000 units annually in France. Focusing on military and emergency services fleets rather than civilian ones. The price of this vehicle confirm either, but the company has communicated that “it will start from about 60,000 euros”. If so, it will be the least expensive of all the similar (pure) SUVs currently on sale in Spain.

Is the INEOS Grenadier Comfortable?

Designed more for Overlanding than rock crawling. The INEOS Grenadier is big by global standards, if not American ones. INEOS hasn’t locked down the figures yet, but the five-seat passenger version of the Grenadier could come in at up to 5,900 pounds while stretching 193.9 inches. Heavier and longer than a 4Runner. That leaves plenty of space for the cabin, and for being straightforward and essential, the Grenadier is more comfortable than we imagined.

For starters, there is no conventional instrument cluster. That gives the driver a clear view of the front corners of the hood and there’s abroad. The flat surface on the top of the inner door skin acts as an armrest.

It Works Off-Road by INEOS Grenadier

Our drive limit to the roads and trails in and around a muddy old mine. At speeds of up to about 50mph, the Grenadier felt unstoppable even without its locking diffs. There’s simply no unibody or crossover-style 4×4 that can deliver the same wheel travel. Effortless rigidity and calm robustness that the INEOS Grenadier has as a default position.

The ladder-frame chassis mates to some of the thickest suspension pieces outside earthmoving equipment. Plus damper tubes that look like missile launchers. all attached to solid beam axles designed by Italian agricultural machinery engineers Carrao.

Different Mechanical Locks of INEOS Grenadier

Mechanical differential locks sit inside the solid axles, centre diff lock and the TriMech two-speed transfer case. The centre-lock engages via a mechanical lever in the cabin, while the axle-bound locks engage via buttons on the dash.

The Grenadier’s six-stud wheels are wrapped in Bridgestone Dueller H/T off-road tires to give it 10.3. inches of clearance on the standard 265/70 R17 version and the optional 255/70 R18 tires. There’s also an optional BF Goodrich K02 off-road tire as an option.  The Grenadier offers a 35.5-degree approach, a 36.1-degree departure, and a 28.2-degree break-over angle with that ample clearance. It can also ford 31.4 inches of water. BMW’s B58-series six-cylinder engine produces 281 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque in the INEOS. Though also used in cars like the 4 Series. The machine remaps for low-down progressive torque delivery is just what you want for off-road work.

Is the INEOS Grenadier Any Good?

The INEOS Grenadier turned out to be a shock to the system and a Teutonic-feeling throwback to a simpler age. It feels like it has integrity dripping from every bolt and there’s not a squeak from the cabin. Even when it traverses ridges with two wheels dangling into space.

Its solidity is impressive, and it ought to be at that weight. That solidity outshines even the BMW straight sixes to steal the show. The Grenadier’s authenticity puts your mind at ease almost immediately, and the only weird bits include the two-spoked steering wheel. It’s not the thing to fling around a mountain pass because it feels like it would prefer to take the shortcut up and over. Its on-road cornering behaviour tends to be more relaxed than enthusiastic. And though its brakes are strong, it won’t strain your neck through the corners.


The Grenadier is practical, significant, looks and feels cut from solid billets of metal, and it’s all backed by proven, silken powertrains that defy the outward simplicity. The only thing that threatens to hold it back is its unproven reliability in real-world service and its unproven support network in remote locations.

Ahead of its Q1, 2023 arrival, INEOS is setting up its U.S. dealer network and exploring the potential for online sales. As of last fall. It aimed for around 30 to 50 dealers open at launch and also to provide a five-year, 60,000-mile warranty on U.S. Grenadiers. Exact plans and a firm price announce later this year.

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