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Yt bikes Y.T. Industries is a German-based upstart founded in 2007 by ex-professional weight lifter Markus Floss, who decided to eschew retailers and sell his bikes directly to consumers. The move may have ruffled some downs in the bike industry, but it’s hard to argue with the results. YT. offers some of the best “bang for your buck” mountain bikes on the market.

YT. didn’t infiltrate the U.S. until 2015, and it hit the ground running by signing one of the top names in mountain biking: Aaron Gwinn. Gwinn promptly won the 2016 World Cup Downhill Championship on a Y.T. steed and repeated that championship in 2017. Other YT riders quickly afflicted up the podium finishes with a Red Bull Rampage victory, a U.S. Downhill National Championship, and the Guinness World Record for the longest dirt-to-dirt backflip

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YT. Bikes Expanding Design Boundaries

While YT is well known as an industry disruptor than an innovator, it endures making intriguing design choices that help distinguish the brand beyond just undercutting the market. For example, in 2018, it revised its two most popular bikes, the downhill TUES and endure Jeffry, by opting for a new 1×11 thirteen cassette over the more popular SRAM Eagle 12-speed. And it took back a slick version of that original steel dirt jumper but used a technique called “hydroforming” to shape the Chromoly steel frame to add durability.

Each bike’s design with shallow stand-over, so sizing is more about discovering the right influence for you. The brand has also gained a standing for selling aluminium versions of its bikes with high-performance components typically kept for pricier all-carbon models. In addition, it just released a limited edition of its endure bike, CAPRA 27 A.L., stamped proudly “100% carbon-free.”

TUES CF Pro Race by YT

This is the bike that Aaron Gwinn rides in the World Cup Downhill. Straight out of the box. It even has the same paint job. And YT continues to revise critical features of this downhill machine, completely revamping the frame, suspension, and components with feedback from Gwinn himself. As a result, the TUES is race-ready with the highly adjustable Fox 40 FLOAT fork, Fox FLOAT X2 Factory shock, SRAM X01 DH 7-speed derailleur, and SRAM X0 trigger, and all sorts of thirteen parts, from the cassette to the bottom bracket to the carbon wheelset.

What are Yt Bike

There are five sizes, all with low stand-over and seat tube heights, so you can pick the reach that works best for you irrespective of your measurement. As if captivating a couple of World Cup championships isn’t sufficient, the TUES CF Pro Race also made our list of the best downhill bikes you can buy in 2018.


An aluminum type of the 27.5 TUES will release in fall 2018 for a reasonable price. It’s a similar frame design as the carbon perfect and enjoys the same information, although it does have a slightly different interruption platform than the carbon version. But that’s not to say the interruption is “lesser.” It’s just different. The TUES AL fits with a Fox 40 Float Performance Elite fork and Fox Van Performance shock for 203mm of travel in the front and 200mm in the back. Y.T.’s love affair with thirteen continues with a thirteen wheelset and cassette. Simply put, your value with this bike is off the charts.

yt bikesThe Best YT Type of Bike for You

There’s nonentity better and more exciting than buying a new bike—and now is the perfect time to do so. With advances in knowledge and designers creating bikes with every kind of cyclist in mind, bikes have become more functional, reliable, and fun. That’s partly because the variety has flowered from a few basic styles to include all niches and categories, as bike makers diversify their offerings to appeal to the many ways persons enjoy riding.

But that wealth of options present you, the eager buyer, with a test: How do you know which type of bike is right for you and the riding you’ll do? Well, that’s what this guide is for.

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What are the Dissimilar Types of  YT Bikes to choose from?

Road Bikes

Lightweight, practical bikes with drop handlebars and narrow tires for fun riding, primarily on paved surfaces. Styles include aero, ultralight, resolution, touring, and all-road.

Gravel/Journey Bikes

Drop-bar bikes with clearance for numerous tire sizes for various riding experiences on- and off-road. Styles include gravel, bike packing, and cyclocross.

Mountain YT Bikes

Rough machines with flat handlebars and wide, knobby tires for riding small dirt trails. Styles include hardtail, full-suspension off-road, full-suspension track, and full-suspension endure.

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Electronic bikes can be from almost any other group covered here and designed with a small, lightweight electric motor to assist the rider. Styles include commuter, cargo, mountain, and road.

Utility Bikes

Bikes are designed for practical cycling while commuting or running errands, including tasks that involve carrying family members or cargo. Styles include commuter, fixie, folding, and freight.

Comfort/Fitness Bikes

All from beach cruisers to flat-bar bikes for vacation spins on multi-use paths. Styles include hybrid, fitness, comfort, and cruiser.


If you’re staying on a roadway, it’s hard to beat the fast-rolling effectiveness of a good road bike. In addition, a road bike can handle various recreational rides, from racing to group rides to solo spins.

If it’s a bike built for fun—but not a road or mountain bike it’s probably in this broad category that encompasses everything from flat-bar fitness bikes to beach cruisers. Some fitness bikes come in women’s versions with different touchpoints, and you’ll also find traditional diamond-frame and step-through versions in styles like hybrid, comfort, and cruiser.

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