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Factor bikes are the Bikes was conceived from a commitment to innovation, speed, and performance through advanced engineering. In 2007, Factor Bikes was born in an industrial unit in Norfolk, England. Factor began as a leading engineering firm dedicated to working.

The highest levels of design with some of the fastest, most prestigious brands in the world, including Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Maserati, and many F1, Moto GP, and WRC teams.

Today, Factor is known for designing and building some of the cutting-edge and innovative bikes in the World of Professional and Endurance Cycling. The new generation of Factor Bikes continues to build upon this innovative heritage with no compromise luxury performance.

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The Super-fast for Racing the Factor Bikes

Factor means this frame for racing, and the Ostrow VAM is easily stiff enough to handle all my legs and arms might throw at it. The location is long and low, and the mass is a bang for one of these do-it-all frames.

Ostrow VAM frameset is a brilliant way to start a custom build. Its stiffness and geometry result in a super-fast bike that tracks through high-speed corners beautifully and is sufficient for long training days. Yes, it is exclusive, but this is one of the best race bikes out there

The down tube is broad and deep with a trailing edge that flattens very quickly. It’s a cut design that we commonly see on road race bikes these days, and while I haven’t got a wind tunnel to do any testing, the frame wasn’t slowing me down.

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How we Test Factor Bikes

At road. Cc every product is carefully tested for as long as it takes to get a proper insight into how well it works. Our reviewers are knowledgeable cyclists that we trust to be impartial. While we strive to ensure that facts back up opinions spoken, reviews are by their nature an informed opinion, not an ultimate verdict. We don’t purposely try to break anything (except locks) but try to look for weak ideas in any project. The overall score is not just a regular of the other slashes. It reflects both a creation’s function and value – with a value determined by how a product compares with items of similar spec, quality, and price.

That down tube flows into an enormous lowest bracket shell and then into some mighty chain. It doesn’t take intellect to understand this will result in significantly effective power transfer, and that’s precisely what I found. However, such is my lack of sprinting power. So I handed the bike to some more significant friends and told them to see if they could detect any flex. A few 1,500W sprints later, all of us were suitably impressed.

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Factor Bikes of Uses

Factor uses an uneven version of the T47 BB average. What you get here are aluminium cups that screw into the frame and house the Ceramic Speed 30mm bearings. To use a 24mm axle, as I have done with the Power2Max NGO, you’ll fit the encompassed Wheels MFG 24mm reducers.

I’ve secondhand reducers in the past and can’t say that I’m their biggest fan. I’d much instead use a dedicated system, and Wheels MFG does a T47 BB for 24mm axles – I’d say order at the same time as your frame if you know you’re planning a crankset with that axle. On the other hand, I’ve been riding the Ostrow VAM through some horrendous weather, and I haven’t heard a peep from the BB.

Take a seat

The seat post is a D-shaped carbon design, and you can select the zero offset I have here or a 25mm layback. Which one you go for will rest on your riding situation, but if you’re looking to eke out every last bit of comfort, the layback might be a better bet.

The fork legs are extensive for a road bike, and Factor says this is all about aero. However, from my limited understanding of smoothness, a lot of a fork’s aero performance is contingent on how the air passing over the legs interacts with the front wheel.

factor bikes

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The Factor Ostrow VAM frameset is in a crowded market section but impresses with a super-fast ride, excellent handling at speed, and an easy build. The stiffness of the enormous bottom bracket, chunky down tube, and deep chain stays results in a bike that loves to sprint, and, over broken ground, the back end provides just enough comfort for long training days.

Factor bikes is an ‘everything’ bike, a quiver killer, a master of all trades. Sparingly fast, incredibly light, and supremely comfortable, it’s ready to win sprints, mountain stages, and cobbled Classics. It’s the ultimate all-rounder because it refuses to compromise. So if you’re the rider who races with ‘the knife between your teeth’ no matter the parcourse, this is the bike you’ve been waiting for. When we say you can have it all, we mean it.

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