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Crust bikes are typically steel or titanium, have mounted cargo racks and can fit large tires. They’re manufactured in Taiwan and the U.S. The company also makes other bike parts and apparel. Crust sells its bikes on its website and at a few shops. If you’ve been to the Crust Bikes website over the past few days, you probably noticed a message that reads: “Thanks for the six years of support; it has been a ride—closed until further notice.

The Crust was born out of necessity. In 2013, Crust founder Matt Whitehead was touring on a modified cyclocross bike and found it lacking. So, he designed his touring-slash-canyoneering bike (Crust calls it the Satanic Rando) around 26×3″ tires (or 27.5×2.8″). That bike, the Evasion, stood apart from what was available at a time when bike packing and gravel were far from mainstream. The formula gave Crust a reputation of authenticity among riders looking for a different kind of ride than what big bike companies offered at the time. In addition, the brand aligned itself with cycling counterculture tastemakers like Ronnie “Ultra romance” Romance and Leo Rodgers, among others.

Crust Bikes Riding into Richmond with New H.Q.

The Harvey Mush man bar is the ideal handlebar for anonymous weekend riders looking to ditch those spacers under their stem or get nice and upright. The Mush man bar has about 75mm (3″) of rising, making it a good choice for a bike with a lower stack height than the Wombat. In addition, it comes in two sweeps, either 14° like Crust’s Loose Bar or 24 for more of a chilled-out feeling cockpit.

Ride with GPS Inspect Tool

Inspect allows operators to search for routes anywhere — any road, trailhead, campsite, city block, place, or anywhere in the world. It seamlessly ties together the Ride with GPS community-sourced route library, the global heatmap, and route type filters to help users spend less time searching for great routes and more time riding.

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AS Precise as a Microscope

Inspect provides information specific to a location and a user’s riding goals. Once users select a place, they can get even more specific. Are they paved or unpaved? Loop or out-and-back? All of the above? Whatever you’re looking for, our surface and route type filters will help you narrow down the options that Inspect finds for a location. No more guesswork is needed to find the perfect route.

A Perfect Pairing with the Heatmap

Inspect amplifies the power of the heatmap and provides a detailed breakdown of where all the activity is coming from. When you see a spot on the map with exciting heat, you can long-press to see the most popular routes and rides that pass through that specific point.

Looking for a lightweight handlebar harness that can take the roughest terrain you can throw at it? You’re in luck – we designed the Canelo Handlebar Harness for the rough single track of Arizona and ended up with a super durable design that only weighs 8 oz. A carbon fibre bar keeps your dry bag away from your brakes and shifters, and our Glide Plate holds the harness tight to your head tube while protecting it from abrasion.

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The Difference Between Spin Bike and Stationary Bike?

Spin bikes or indoor cycles are designed to more closely mimic the riding position of an outdoor bike, such that you’re leaning forward more. Conversely, stationary bikes are more upright and have less aggressive riding. The pedal stroke is also supposed to feel more realistic on a spin bike versus a stationary bike.

In India, the e-bicycle market is still nascent, but several local players have forayed into the segment, providing customers with multiple choices.

According to a Mordor Intelligence report, India’s e-bike market was valuedUS$ 1.02 million in 2020, and it.

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Costco Has A Few Affordable Peloton Alternatives

Are e-bikes worth your money? An electric bike is a significant investment, not just for environmental reasons. E-bikes are easy to ride and provide excellent value in the long run. However, the decision to purchase an e-bike should largely depend on your needs.

The e-bicycle market around the world is booming. People are switching to these eco-friendly bikes to reduce vehicular emissions and dependency on fossil fuels. These e-bicycles also offer a host of health benefits and are pocket-friendly when fuel prices are skyrocketing.


An easy-going, versatile, and legit big-tire steel gravel bike from a brand with a cult following. The Crust Bambara combines gravel performance with a mountain bike-like ride quality, all while oozing style and smiles.

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