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All City Bikes Apart from ensuring your local bicycle shop is well stocked, QBP owns and operates a range of bicycle-related brands, including sister brands, All-City Cycles, and Surly Bikes. These two companies have changed the scenery at your local bike shop in a loud, standout way.

We are working for All-City as the Product Manager has allowed me to travel to numerous places around the world.  Unexpectedly, one of my favourite places to collapsible has been and will remain to be Asia.  It is no underground that we do all of our surround and fork production in Taiwan, and I’ve covered there three separate times over the past year and a half, all to help keep our process running smoothly. City bikes are a wonderful place to visit; the people, culture, food, and charm are inviting and intoxicating.  When you leave, you start thinking about your next chance to return.

All-City Bikes of Road and Gravel Bikes

Unfortunately, we live in a society focused mainly on the commoditization of disposable products, many of which have “Made in Taiwan” or “Made in China” country of origin stickers. As a result, the import of sub-par products entering this country with those stickers affixed has formed a stigma incorrectly associating the origin of manufacturing with excellence.


Part of the All-City viewpoint is to deliver products that become an essential control for its possessor. But instead, they own and cherish it for a very long time. Yet, our bikes are complete in a country usually associated with making junk.  So, how does that work?  Simply put, what you’ve heard about manufacturing in Asia isn’t always accurate, and I’d like to share my first-hand experiences while exploring what it means to be “Made in City.”

It is no accident that Taichung, city bikes the “Silicon Valley” of bicycle industry manufacture.  The great people, desire for cycling, and experience creating some of the most compelling products make it a natural epicentre of the cycling industry’s growth and innovation.  As you drive down the narrow streets lined with conduits and rice rissoles, you can’t assist but run into numerous primary industry associates, similar to SRAM, FSA, Velo, and transmit, to name a few.  About every turn is a small CNC shop, paint capability, or tube founding professional filled with experts at their chosen craft and niche.  Entering a facility is like incoming into a home, where you are greeted with a warm smile, a cup of tea, and graciously offered a seat.

Language barriers are quickly speechless, replaced with an unspoken yet interactive and mutually understood series of points and nods.  You can understand what, how, and why they do just by observing body language, listening critically, and looking intently.

We Have Over 25 Years of Knowledge on Behalf of Thousands of Cyclists

Our specialist cycling accident claims team has a long history of success, recovering over £101m against insurers. We use all our experience and knowledge to recover the maximum compensation and provide the best support to get you back on the saddle.

Our care and dedication to cyclists come not only from our years of experience but from the very personal experiences of our senior management, who have suffered severe injuries from cycling accidents, so we can empathize with your situation.


Best All City Bike Guide to which Bicycle Type you should buy in 2022

It’s essential to think about what you want to do with your bike and anywhere you’ll be going since the best cycle depends on this. Your choice of bike will be contingent on your tastes too, and the kind of reserve and land you want to ride. There are many different types of cycling than a crowd of bikes that will let you achieve your goals.

Whether you’re an urban customer, a lightning-quick road racer, a trail centre hero, a downhiller, a fixed-wheel fan, a gravel path explorer, or something else, there’s a suitable bike out there for you. As the name proposes, road bikes ride on surfaced roads, often as fast as possible. They’ve got insubstantial frames and skinny tires to help you achieve maximum speed for minimum effort.

They have released handlebars (i.e., ones that loop down and backwards) that allow you to get into an efficient and smooth riding position and have gear that’s all about maximum speed.

Under the appearance of slightly more relaxed ‘endurance’ bikes. They’ll let you embark on big-mile rides with friends but also lend themselves. Very well to commuting thanks to their ability to cover pounded quickly.


Touring bike: best for carrying baggage and travelling far

While a mixture bike is the best right to the city. A touring bike takes on all from a commute to a continent-crossing venture. The incline has the same fast-rolling 700c controls as road and hybrid bikes. But with larger tires that let you take on a combination of land in comfort.

‘Hardcore’ touring bikes designed for super-heavy loads will occasionally. Opt for 26-in wheels because spare availability is often better in far-flung regions.

The more relaxed riding location and more stable geometry of a touring bike mean. That you can take on almost anything, whether it be a mountain pass. When fully overloaded with supplies or a quick spin to work.


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