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Tech Write, for us, assumes a core part of our day-to-day lives. We have made more significant progress in terms of technology in the past five years than in the last two decades. Owing to its rapid progress and technology taking over every area, be it education, healthcare, construction, banking, or entertainment, everyone asks the same question— what is technology, and what are some of the technological breakthroughs in today’s time?

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to make different operations more straightforward and convenient. In addition, various technologies in other fields are considered significant for their applications. In the subsequent section, you will find a host of technologies, what they mean, and how they make lives easier.

Types of Technology

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the reproduction of human intelligence by computer systems and other machines aimed at performing higher-level tasks that require human intelligence and are usually performed by human beings.

Intelligent assistants on our devices, such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa, are some of the most famous examples of AI. Scientists continuously try to improve AI technology and make it as closely intuitive to human intelligence as possible.

Information Technology

Information Technology, also known as IT, involves the use of computer systems—hardware and software— and telecommunications to store, send, and retrieve information. This technology finds applications in resolving business challenges and helps streamline organizational processes. Some significant examples of IT are performance management software, content management software, and telephone and radio equipment.

Space Technology

Space technology is a field that helps space scientists plan and execute space exploration, spaceflight, and the observation of Earth. It is mainly used for communication and navigation and to support human activities beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

Telescopes, GPS systems, radio and imaging, space traffic management, and low-Earth orbit satellites are some of the most notable contributions of space technology toward making space exploration accomplishable. Entertainment technology aims at providing better entertainment experiences to users through the use of science and also technology. It caters to different subfields of the entertainment industry, such as television, gaming, advertising, streaming, animation, etc.

Some common examples of entertainment technology used for various purposes include virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive environments, automation, simulations, and audio-visual areas.

Medical Technology

Medical technology aids in more efficient and accurate health assessments, diagnosis, management of health ailments, and treatment, along with implications in the field of pharmacology.

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