Tark Bike – Introducing

Tark Bike is an intentional misspelling of “track bike.” A track bike is a converted road or track to fixed, related to tricks and a single gear. For example, a coaster brake, internal gear hubs, or freewheel would track. Commonly labels a bike or creature as a “trendy puzzle with the soul of a coaster brake.”

Tork Kratos has a combined braking system for both wheels with both front and rear disc footbrake.

Tork Motors has thrown the new Kratos electric motorcycle in the Indian marketplace to rival the likes of Revolt RV400. The new Tork Kratos will be traded in two variations – Standard and R and will be obtainable across India in a phased manner. In the first phase, this electric motorcycle will exist in Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Delhi.

The Tark Bike Features

The Tork Kratos features a stripped roadster styling perfected by a triangular-shaped headlight, split-type seat, and two-piece pillion grab rails. The improper model is available in a white colour choice, while the R variant is registered in four selections – white, blue, red, and black. Regular features on both variants include full-LED lighting, a fully-digital instrument cluster, multiple ride modes, reformative slowing, reverse mode, mobile connectivity, USB charging, anti-theft, front packing box, and OTA updates. In addition, the premium R variant benefits from fast charging, free access to the charging network for two years, geofencing, finding my vehicle, motor walk assist, crash alert, track mode, and intelligent charge investigation.

The motorcycle is built on a steel trellis frame that uses the battery pack as a stressed member. The interruption duties are handled by telescopic front forks and a rear mono-shock. The attaching power comes from single discs on both ends, while the safety net includes CBS tech.

The electric motor on the base model brands a peak power production of 7.5kW or 10.05bhp and an all-out torque of 28Nm. On the other hand, the R irregular produces a relatively higher power production of 9kW or 12.06bhp and the highest torque of 38Nm. The 0-40kmph acceleration time for the base perfect is four seconds, while its maximum speed is rated at 100kmph. The R irregular boasts a top speed of 105kmph and a 0-40kmph quickening time of 3.5 flashes.

The 4kWH, IP67 expert lithium-ion battery pack on both alternatives is requesting to deliver an IDC (Indian Driving Cycle) range of 180km. In addition, the corporation claims a real-life range of 120km per charge for both motorcycles. The R irregular also benefits from fast charging skills, and Tork Motors claims 0-80 per cent recharging in one hour.

What is Tark Bike?

Tark Kratos Pros and Cons

The Tork Kratos has excellent potential and is impressive as a first attempt. However, the flaws are such that they unnoticed; hence, we wouldn’t endorse it for the time being.

Things We Like in Kratos

  • Looks active and has the proportions of a straight motorcycle.
  • The claimed range of 120km is among the best in the segment.
  • The trellis frame blesses the bike with imposing handling.

Things We Don’t Like in Kratos

  • The motor heat up and got cut off through the test ride.
  • Fit and finish levels could be recovering.
  • Ride quality is firm, and a more luxurious interruption setup would have been comfortable.

Tark Bikes R Electric Motorcycle: First Ride Review

Tork Motors isn’t a new term in the creation of electric vehicles. It is one of the early businesses that saw the green mobility vision and jumped on it. First, it made some e-bikes raced on the Isle of Man and took the stage. It then made some extra, which didn’t hit the racecourses. Nonetheless, Tork Motors constantly finds ways to originate and develop green vehicles. Its most significant project was the T6X –an electric motorcycle that supposes to launch years ago. But development demanded time, and now, there’s a production-ready model. Still, with a new name – the Kratos R. Tork likes to call it Bharat’s primary ‘Made in India’ electronic motorcycle, I don’t think they are lying.

What is Tark Bike?

Game Changer Indian Electric Motorcycle

Tork engines Kratos- r is excellent -make in India electronic motorcycle I have always galloped, high act delivering the best pickup on-road ( sport mode), looks very attractive – elegant styling, comfortable seat with good suspension on speed breakers. Though it is commuter, it gives an experience of sports bike riding. I think it’s intelligent, ecofriendly & on the top very cost-effective transport now available for every Indian.

I took a test trip at Westend mall Aundh and liked the entire experience. The bike is effortless to handle, has an athletic design, and is very comfortable. I even sat with a person late me, and there was no tricky with the bike’s speed or handling. So I booked one. I hope they start delivering Kratos and Kratos r soon.

Feels and Rides like a Regular Motorcycle of Tark Bikes

Firstly, the Tark Bike looks like a regular motorcycle. It doesn’t appear petite or skinny or bears design elements commotion ‘Imported from China but collected in India.’ The Kratos R appears like a motorcycle that could belong to the 150cc-160cc segment.  The bike seems destructive – something that is bound to pull a lot of youths. The fascia with the sharp headlamp unit stretches it that excellent trace. The Kratos R gets a smooth and graceful crumple from the sideways, adding more aggression. The tail side, too, is stable and kindly complete. So, we can get that this EV has approximately bulk and mass throughout.

What is Tark Bike?

Tark Bike Should you Buy it?

The Tark Kratos R is a clever motorcycle. It looks fantastic and has a regular motorcycle’s design traits and feel. It packs with a motor and cordless pack that is practical and useable. Plus, it has features that enhance the electric motorcycle’s overall appeal. Unlike a few other e-scooters in the marketplace, the e-motor on the Kratos R doesn’t whine much. In addition, the battery gets a decent request riding range. The actual statistics will be known once we test the Kratos R., But for today, it looks pretty decent on paper. However, there are a few belongings that Tork needs to work upon – quality and reliability. The rough black plastics aren’t significant, and our motor did go into a limp mode more than once as the fever sensor gave up.


The Tork bike costs Rs 1.29 lakh, and for this price, it’s an excellent electric motorcycle. Moreover, it is aspirational, and thanks to its strong design language, it will stand apart. So, you must buy the Kratos R if you want something stylish, offers a good presentation and riding range, and don’t have the patience to wait for other electric bikes to launch.

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