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Spark Plug Write for UsSpark Plug Write for Us – The spark plug is the part that ignites the fuel and air mixture in the combustion chamber by sparking. Fuel must be ignited for the engine to reach its motion energy. The part that ignites the fuel in an internal combustion engine is called a spark plug. It consists of a spark plug, electrical terminal, insulator, connecting body, and electrodes the parts of the spark plug help it to ignite safely. The number of spark plugs in the engine is proportional to the number of cylinders. The good functioning of the spark plug depends on the distance and cleanliness of the electrodes.

What does a Spark Plug Do?

The spark plug provides ignition in internal combustion engines. When the fuel and air are compressed and go up, the spark between the ground electrode and the spark plug provides ignition. Also, the insulator, a part of the spark plug, throws out the high heat generated during ignition. In other words, the spark plug has two important functions: ignition and cooling.

How does the Spark Plug Work?

To understand whether the spark plug causes a malfunction, it is useful to understand its working principle and structure. A middle electrode with a nickel alloy and copper core is generally insulated with a porcelain body in the middle of the spark plugs. The high voltage positive voltage from the ignition coil passes through the middle electric, creating a spark at the negatively charge ground electrode. The grounding electrode, also known as the spark plug or ground electrode, is a negatively charged part.

How to Clean the Spark Plug?

Spark plugs are vital to cars’ ability to start and use power. For this reason, they need to check regularly. Smooth and agile starts, better fuel economy, and lower gas emissions are benefits of smoothly working spark plugs. Although spark plug prices are not very high, you should not neglect to carefully clean and maintain spark plugs, as they may cause damage to other parts in case of any malfunction.

So How to Care for Spark Plugs?

Before removing the spark plugs, the cylinder head must clean first to prevent oil residue and foreign matter from entering the cylinder. A socket wrench is usually used to remove spark plugs.   After removing the spark plugs, it is necessary to check the nail gaps first. For this, you need a tool called a feeler knife. You need to find the original value in your vehicle’s owner’s manual by inserting the feeler knife, which has different tips between 0.05 mm and 1 mm thick, between the middle electrode and the spark plug tab.

How to Identify Spark Plug Failure?

Since the spark plug is a part that directly affects engine performance, it causes noticeable symptoms in malfunction situations:

  • If your vehicle is running slowly or not accelerating as quickly as before,
  • If you observe a noticeable increase in fuel consumption,
  • If you feel the engine misfire when you press the accelerator pedal,
  • If the engine runs rough and vibrates at idle,
  • If the engine starts late or does not start when you start, your car may have a spark plug failure.

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