Second Car in the Family

The Second Car in the Family: the First Need or a Waste of Money

Second Car in the Family – Many people in the US are thinking about buying a second car for their family. Some have reasonable doubts, and others find it difficult to choose a model. The Indy Auto Man team from Indianapolis helps weigh the pros and cons to dispel doubts and make the right choice.

To Take or Not To Take? That’s The Question

The most typical situations when the question arises about the advisability of buying a second car are the following:

  • Two drivers in a family with one car have finally reached a certain level of financial well-being.
  • A child has grown up, and one car can no longer cope with the complex logistics of moving between educational, musical, dance, sports, and other institutions.
  • Any family member is carried away by hunting or fishing. And also, there is a need for a car with good cross-country ability.
  • A teenager receives a driver’s license, and parents are not ready to share their beloved iron horse with an inexperienced driver.

The advantages of having a car for every adult are obvious:

  • Family members get a lot of free time that they previously spent on combining trips on a common car or using public transport;
  • Everyone if free and independable to chose the schedule and route for the daily needs and hobbies;
  • If one car needs repairs, it is possible to borrow the second one from other family members;
  • It is possible to take a suitable car for a joint trip to the crowded city center or a long journey on a summer vacation.

The main factor preventing the appearance of a second car in every family is the lack of funds for its purchase. But in most cases, a used car financing can solve this problem. It is enough to make simple monthly payment calculations, consider possible options, and even choose a used car in Indianapolis to meet the budget.

Making a Choice

The first thing that usually comes to mind is that maybe it would be better to use the money. However, that is supposed to be invested in the second car, to change an existing vehicle for a newer, more spacious, and versatile one? Such an idea has the right to exist. But one should consider the undoubted advantages of having several cars in the family, and understand that there are no completely universal cars.

The general requirements for the second car in the family are as follows:

  • The safety of the driver and passengers is the core quality of any family car. Choose a car with the maximum configuration of passive (the presence of special mounts for child seats, belts, pillows, etc.) and active security systems (ABS, ESP, etc.);
  • Reliability – the car should not unexpectedly fail when traveling with a child. Choose a model with a proven reputation;
  • Driver comfort – ergonomic driver seat increases safety on the road. Select a model with a good vision, a rearview camera, a convenient dashboard, a multi-wheel with media device control, etc.;
  • Passenger comfort – A spacious rear sofa for the convenience of not only adult passengers. But also children on long trips, folding tables in the cabin, storage places for small items;
  • Temperature regime – climate control, heated seats, a fairly powerful interior heater;
  • Roomy trunk – the ability to place a baby stroller or bicycle in urban areas or bulky luggage on long trips.

The second car should complement the main one in terms of functionality – this will allow choosing a more convenient option for joint trips.

List of Cars

Here is a list of cars suitable for different needs. And also, expert recommendations on specific models to pay attention to when choosing.

For large families, a 7-seater SUV or a minivan will be very useful for the opportunity to make exciting joint trips. For example, a roomy and spacious Land Rover Discovery Sport, or Chrysler Pacifica minivan. Most minivans allow arranging passenger seats facing each other around a convenient stand for food and drinks.

For nature trip lovers, all-wheel-drive SUVs, combining cross-country ability with safety and comfort, will be the best option. A striking representative of this class is the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Which highlights the premium-class interior and maximum care for the driver and passengers. For urban conditions, the best choice would be the hatchback with a sporty design like the Ford Focus. And for those who like compact urban crossovers, the experts advise paying attention to the Buick Encore.

At the Indy Auto Man used car dealerships, customers can get detailed information about the selected model. Finally, get expert advice on financing options. And also, take a test drive and evaluate the advantages of a car before buying it.

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