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Motherload internet is a classic mining game where you dig deep into the ground of an alien planet to mine various raw materials. This addictive title was released in 2004 using Flash, but you can play it here in HTML5.

Play the game that takes you below the external arcade-style gaming and into the roots of fun. Motherload incorporates a current interface, fast-paced gameplay, and an in-depth storyline by tipping the hat to old favorites such as Dig Dug and Boulder Dash. Knowledge exciting gameplay in the substrata of Mars, where you’ll search for the Motherload, A fabled cache of rare and respected minerals.

Navigate the dangers of Martian soil, whole with hidden gas pockets, earthquakes, and other wonders. Purchase robust elevations for your Mining Pod with the fruits of your labor. When you’re over the game, challenge more difficult gameplay styles. Compare high scores with networks to see who the winner is.

How to Play Motherload Internet

How to Play Motherload Internet

Mine deep into the ground

Your mission is to mine capitals, bring them back to the mineral dispensation plant, and sell them. Motherload’internet is an idea currently more Athena than Metis. Still, I have high hopes of persuading you all that if Zeus felt the need to swallow his wife so that he could give birth to Athena from his head, there’s been something scientifically bonkers about patriarchy for a long time. Ideas, like babies, let’s say, aren’t created or bodied forth off the top of our heads.

Refuel and sell your minerals

Initially, your mining car won’t be able to travel far, and you’ll need to resurface frequently to refuel and sell your income.

Upgrade your capabilities

Using your earned money, you can obtain various upgrades to your fuel tank, cargo volume, drill, engine, hull, and radiator. You’ll find these at the junk shop. You can also purchase one-off items like spare fuel tanks and explosives here. Beside this shop is the emendation station where you can get your hull restored.

Find rare artifacts and resources

Once you’ve made some upgrades, you’ll be able to safely travel deeper into the ground, where you’ll find more valuable minerals like platinum and emeralds. Once you hit roughly -1000 ft, you’ll also find religious artifacts that suddenly grant you $50,000.

motherload internet

Motherload Tips

There are precious resources the deeper you go, like religion artifacts – so focus on receiving there as quickly as you can

  • Use backup fuel tanks to prolong your mining expeditions
  • Use your flying aptitude to avoid fall harm
  • Consecutively being out of petrol makes you explode, so think cautiously about how far you travel

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About Motherload Internet Goldium Publication

Work your way through the active and exciting depths of the bedrock of Mars, where you’ll search for the Motherload, A remarkable cache of rare and valuable minerals. Motherload is the game that takes you below the surface of arcade-style betting and into the roots of old-school fun. Tipping the hat to underground favorites such as Dig Dug and Boulder Dash, Motherload incorporates fast-paced gameplay, risk-taking strategy, and a narrative with extreme twists.

You are buying powerful upgrades for your Mining Pod with the fruits of your labor. Knowledge of the risks of Martian soil, complete with hidden gas pockets, shakings, and other wonders. Compare high scores with networks to see who the champ is. When you’ve finished the game, challenge more difficult gameplay modes.

my motherload internet

Motherload Internet  Goldium lasts the Excavation Experience with even More to Offer

Motherhood exists. There are real babies produced through meiosis.

‘Motherload’, on the other hand, is both mimetic and memetic. It’s a representation (mine) of the falsified nature of Motherhood and not the real thing. And it’s memetic to the extent that I can persuade others of it. Sell it. Feed it into the cultural bloodstream.

Key Features:

  • More Upgrades – Build the ultimate excavating engine
  • New ‘Challenge’ gameplay mode – Even extra challenging
  • Better graphics and music – Play in fullscreen and listen to the extended recording
  • Production and save offline – Play and preserve any place without an internet connection. Or, keep your games in the cloud.
  • Hidden easter eggs
  • No advertisements

The Motherload at Work Network

The Mother Work Network is a Community for Busy Women.
We are a community stanch helping each other achieve success and a work-life balance.
We learn from support and help each other in our business/career journey. Members can attend online networking events free of charge and obtain discounted access to in-person events

Motherload Network with us

In-Person or Online

Are you a sole trader, or maybe you work from home? Join our network to connect with other businesswomen, bounce ideas around, get feedback, support, and advice, and build relationships with others for collaborations and referrals!

The Top Social Apps for Finding New Motherload Allies!

A sympathetic ear can help you make the most of your maternity leave, give you a source of support and advice, and ease the potential isolation of new parenthood. Not to mention that while you’d typically be able to attend many antenatal and baby classes, the coronavirus pandemic somewhat limits our socializing abilities.

However, thanks to technology, a tight circle of parent friends has never been calmer, with several apps springing up from dad and mother friends to help parents connect.

Think of them like online courting apps but instead of finding passion, they help dads and mothers find local parents to hang out with! You can find people with similar welfare, arrange play dates, or find someone to chat with about the fantastic and sometimes overwhelming world of new parenthood.

my motherload internet

Types of Apps on the Internet for Motherload

Many apps

One of the biggest mother-friends apps, the Mush app offers excellent coverage across the UK and is home to a very active community of new mums and those with toddlers or multiple children. The app will highlight the Motherload living closest to you based on the first three digits of their postcode after uploading a brief profile, which protects your surname. Then it’s up to you to say hello and stimulus approximately discussion. Mush is the friendliest app for mums. Shaped by Katie and Sarah after they met on motherliness leave in a drizzly playground, it has now deposited over 2 million bonds and is the number one social app for mums.

Motherload who use Mush can find friends who live nearby with kids the same age and arrange meetups. Get advice from child-rearing experts and fellow mums on the topics keeping them awake at night, and join chat groups based on all from their due date to their love of reality TV.

Mush meetups allow a mother to organize open events, creating automatic mixers in her local area. The best bit? Everyone is in a like boat and there for the same motive, so it’s less complicated than it might seem.

The app’s message board is always overflowing with a conversation with Motherload. It can throw questions out to the community, no matter how bizarre they seem, gaining invaluable support and advice. There’s also a handy message board anywhere you can sell/give away your used baby bits.

Peanut App for Motherload Internet

Peanut App for Motherload Internet

Another frontrunner in the growing world of mother friends apps is called Peanut. Peanut is a popular and straightforward platform that works similarly to Mush, except for how mothers attach.

It is as close to Tinder for Motherload as possible, offering a swipe up/down ‘wave’ function.

If both motherload wave at each other’s profile, you’re in! On registration, you can choose three personality traits that sum up your vibe, from Wine Time to Motherload Boss or Outdoorsy, making it easy to identify like-minded women while also giving you a good chat starter.

It’s a slick stage that also offers a chat stream among the wider Peanut community, as well as helping Motherload find more localized groups. Happily, message boards are qualified to ban any posts relating to advertising, canvassing of mums by the media, or hate, making it a peaceful and helpful space to meet another mother

It’s a safe space for mothers, hopeful mothers, and those trying to regard building friendships, ask questions and find support. Introducing you to Motherload nearby who are at a similar stage in life, Peanut provides access to a community of women who are there to listen, share information and offer valuable advice.

Whether it understands IVF, adoption, pregnancy, first years, nursery, or beyond, Peanut is a place to connect with women like you.


Because dads need friends too! This app is well put together and looks great. It attaches to dads whether they are stay-at-home dads, working late in the office, single dads, or haven’t got a clue. It works the same way as Peanut (and Tinder) in that it asks dads to put down left if they want to connect with an additional dad.

If you both swipe left, a joining is made. Dependent on where you live, there might not be enough dads in your area to make face-to-face friends, but the app is full of other content.

There’s also a ‘Ghost Post’ purpose which allows dads to post a nameless message on any topic they might feel too awkward to raise in person, creating a supportive space for an honest chat. While many advice services are geared toward mums, it’s great to find an app that puts fatherhood center stage.

motherload internet

Motherload internet of Social

Motherload on Social was set up in 2015 by the mother of three Josie Barron, and in 2016 received Helen Skelton, of Blue Peter fame, and Sarah Turner to the side.

Clean by distance, the app tells you how close extra mum is to 0.1 of a mile, although your exact location is dwindling. You can also filter mothers by the age and gender of their children. Unlike other apps, Motherload on Social also offers the ability to tell other mums which days you are free, allowing mums to seek out another mother likely to be at a loose end at the same time of the week.

Once you’ve burdened up your profile with as much data as you can gather, mums can send each other a private message, ‘suggest a cuppa’ or add them as friends as you similarly build your mum network to Facebook. Motherload on Social mums can also call out to mums in their area to meet up at a particular time and place, with events searchable within a set radius.


Locations are not postcoding, or GPS generated, which means you can pick. You are based on the general area by dropping a pin and then selecting mums nearby from a map. Shapes with which to scope out mum mates are more basic, with only critical stats requested but with the option of donating as much about your benefits as you similar—a big difference for those who might be more careful about their privacy.

Fewer doorbells and whistles than some of its participants but a simple, lo-fi app that does the job nonetheless if enough mums in your area are signed up. Connect to mums by transferring them a ‘bump’ to request them to chat. It also offers a week-by-week guide which is helpful but not vital as most mothers. I now use a separate, more detailed app for tracking their pregnancy.

A New App Linking Motherload Internet With Other ParentsA New App Linking Motherload Internet With Other Parents

Once you download the app, you create a custom profile by packing photos. Picking some interests and showing off your family’s nature. Once complete, you’re shown other relatives near you in a one-by-one fashion. You can select to ‘like’ or ‘pass’ on each one and if you and someone else both ‘like’ each other. you’re corresponding and can start chatting. Unless there is this joint interest, neither party advise that the other liked them.

Download Meerkat and create an adapted profile based on your unique interests and our technology. Matches you with other families within your area. Based on your child-rearing interests, you can “like” or “pass”, and if it’s a “match”, our system allows you to start chatting instantly.

“Our offspring was about five months old, and we understood she had only seen one other baby once or twice. We are jokingly optional that we needed an app similar to Tinder for fathers to connect. A whirlwind of nine months later.

With more than 68% of parents feeling “cut off” from networks, family, and generations after birth. Meerkat has the chance to target a niche market within the parent-tech space. A space in which connecting families and building “parent villages” and support systems are in high demand – especially with a pandemic in play. Fathers rely more on technology to help them form communities, communicate efficiently with other parents, seek advice quickly, and more.

No apps, groups, or forums allowed parents to create custom profiles to match other nearby parents with similar interests.

“Ultimately, we want to bring parents together. Parenting can be isolating and amplified by the pandemic. We want to help parents safely break through that isolated feeling using a digital-first approach, but to move to in-person. We help you make the connection. You take it from there in whatever way you’re comfortable,” said Butorac.

The Meerkat app aims to connect parents by helping them form a sense of community. Camaraderie, bond, and friendship to avoid “parenthood isolation” in today’s digital world. Download, build your profile, and match instantly with other parents within your area with similar interests.


This Flash game is reminiscent of the old-school arcade sports Dig Dug and Rock Dash. Hired to mine the risky planet of Mars, you are given a robotic mining pod and sent off on a mission to bring home the Motherload. A fabled cache of rare and valuable reserves. Dig far below the external of the Earth to earn cash for upgrades and find treasure.

While the graphics are fair, the gameplay appears solid, with many options and upgrades to outfit your pod. I was surprised at first to learn it was built in Flash. As it seems more like what I’m used to seeing in games made with Java. Still, a fine effort and plenty of gaming goodness packed in to enjoy.

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