How to Play Minecraft?

Minecraft 1.20 0 Apk Download Free – You can select from various difficulty levels, affecting how the game progresses and what actions we require in each situation. In other words, you can play in an action-packed atmosphere or a lot more tranquil one where your only goals are to explore and construct.

To survive, you must acquire the tools necessary to ensure your survival. Grab a meal and look after your health.

Create: construct and delve. You don’t need to be concerned about surviving.

Hardcore: In survival mode, you can die and resurrect as much as you like. Not right here. Take care of your life because you only have one.

In a strange mode, the spectator allows you to explore environments while flying about without engaging with them. They can also be explored from the perspectives of creatures and other players.

Adventure is the game option for individuals who don’t care about the Internet version. You must confront threats, explore, and take other actions, but restrictions include only using the appropriate tools to break blocks.

How to Customize Minecraft Game?

The ability to customize this title is just another fantastic feature that its consumers adore. Skins and mods allow you to alter your character and the game, making it more personally appealing.

Like Roblox download, this game is one of the most popular independent games ever. Microsoft acquired it from the developer, Mojang, for about $2 million, and now the Redmond team is responsible for its upkeep. So it’s even more difficult to download Minecraft for free today than before. You can at least download this demo.

Minecraft 1.20 0 Apk Download Free

Version – 1.20

OS – Android

Author – Mojang

Xbox Live –  +

License – Free

Size – 162 Mb

File – APK

Download –

Minecraft 1.20.0, 1.20.30, and 1.20.70: New Version

With the 1.20.0 Update for Minecraft, you can do more with commonplace goods. The bookcases can now be utilized to build a hidden passageway directly through the wall in addition to helping as a location to store books.

Learn about the camels; they will be pleased to assist you in getting around the cubic globe and carrying different burdens.


The use of various objects in the gameplay is an integral part of the game, so the developers are constantly trying to supplement them with new functions and features.

In MCPE 1.20.0, updated bookshelves become available to users, making the cubic world even more enjoyable. And also, to decorate the home and territory, the heroes can use the new version of the familiar plates.

New signs

It is worth noting that despite the updated possibilities for placing these items, players can still apply various inscriptions, allowing them to decorate their homes and add a unique style.

Minecraft 1.20.0, 1.20.30, and 1.20.70 These items do not need to be placed on a separate block. It is enough to install them on the wall of a building or even on a tree. Using the Textures for MCPE of various types of wood, you can create an individual atmosphere in the entire space.

Improved bookshelves

You can decorate the house inside in various ways, and one of them is the installation of bookshelves. Only in Minecraft 1.20.0, 1.20.30, and 1.20.70 do they move from the category of decorative elements to fully functional objects.

Combine them with Redstone and create a secret passage. Only the player who knows which book to take for the mechanism to work can open it. At the same time, the Texture and appearance of these valuable items remain the same.


The process of interacting with various creatures in Minecraft 1.20.0, 1.20.30, and 1.20.70 has received an entirely new meaning. This was made possible by the appearance of mobs such as camels and Sniffer.

These creatures are harmless and can undoubtedly only benefit the players. Embark on a journey on horseback or meet an ancient animal that can be useful in finding seeds of various plants.

What’s new in Minecraft 1.20?

The Mojang team consistently adds new features to the Minecraft PE (Pocket edition) to provide a better experience for players. This latest update has a significant impact on many aspects of the game. And developers have also added some Mobs, items, and other features. See the list below for a comprehensive look at the update’s changes and new features.


MCPE 1.20 is one of the most potent updates of 2023. In this update, the developer has added two new mobs, Camel and Sniffer. Mojang Studio itself chose the Camel, and the Sniffer won the community mob live vote of 2022.


Now we have the camel mob in the game. You can find this mob around quickly, like other mobs. One of my favorite things about this mob is that two people can ride it simultaneously. Some different exciting abilities of the camel mob are listed below.

Sprint: the Camel can run faster like a horse but for a limited time.

Dash: the Camel has the quick long jump ability to move from one location to another location. You can use this option to cross water quickly.

Healing: the Camel can heal themselves like a player over time.


The Sniffer mob was chosen by fans last year in a live Mob Vote. This mob can’t spawn naturally. You can find the Sniffer egg inside suspicious sand. If you want to release a Sniffer, You must use a brush to dig up the egg, and it takes three to five minutes to grow into its adult form.

New bookshelves

In earlier versions of Minecraft, bookshelves were only used for decorative purposes. However, in the latest update, the developers introduced new bookshelf functionality. Players can now conveniently store their books on bookshelves.


Bamboo is the tenth type of unique wood. This wood doesn’t spawn naturally in the game, but you can easily craft and build anything with bamboo using different recipes like other woods.

Hanging signs

The Mojang Studio has introduced a unique type of sign that can be hung anywhere in the game world. The hanging signs don’t need any support block before placing them, which makes them very special. You only need to know how to craft hanging signs, and you can quickly put them wherever you want.

Blocks and dungeons

Minecraft has achieved significant success in the gaming community due to its distinct and exclusive features. The Mojang team consistently adds new mobs, caves, blocks, and other exciting features in each update to keep the users stuck with the game and spend more time playing this game. In this update, the players can discover chests containing valuable resources. Moreover, Biomes are teeming with new plants and creatures, adding vibrancy and life to the game world.


Cave biomes are also changed in this update. One of the most striking features of the cave is the numerous mineral formations that take the shape of stalactites and stalagmites. You can mine new ores and use them to make armor, weapons, or any other useful tools. Be on high alert while exploring the cave, as dangerous mobs can be aggressive and risk your safety.

Final Words

Minecraft 1.20 0 Apk Download Free is the most significant update of 2023. This time the developers have added Camel, Sniffer, new Caves, Bookshelf, and other exciting features. So, download the latest update for free on your Android device from the link above, and experience the new exciting features of this game. Don’t forget to tell us about your favorite part of this update in the comment section below.