https sea preregistration ffmax Garena com id invite_code 6f9uq8w7vb – Free Fire is a viral battle royale mobile game with millions of active players worldwide. Garena as the developer of the game will keep on updating the game. This is why Free Fire is always getting better and better every time. And the features in the game is also handy for you to know. Because in this game, you can purchase many things to win.

To learn more about how to invite your friend to Free Fire Max, pre-register. Check out this article below for more info about this new game version.

How to Invite Your Friend in Free Fire (FF) Max Pre-Register

  1. If you want to invite your friend to pre-register, then you can start by accessing this website through this link.
  2. After you enter the website from the link above, you can log in with your active game account already synced with your social media.
  3. Then you can scroll down to find the invite your friend option
  4. After you click on the opportunity, a link will appear that your friend can copy and access afterwards.
  5. You can send this link to the friend that you want to invite. This way, you can ask any of your friends so that you can pre-register together.
  6. Once you do, there will be a notification that the mission is complete. This will only happen if your friend is doing the pre-register using the link you send.
  7. After you accomplish the invite your friend mission, a prize will await you. You can claim this prize for completing the milestone mission.

This mission will not last forever, so we suggest you complete the assignment soon. Because if you manage to complete the task, you will be able to get a prize that most players don’t get.

Free Fire Max: Pre-Registration Rewards

Free Fire Max: Pre-Registration Rewards

Firstly, there are three types of rewards for pre-registration of Free Fire Max on Garena’s official website; several players have effected pre-registration, invited friends and been in the top 50 invites.

Remember that even those players who have already pre-registered on Google Play must also register on the Garena website to earn all the rewards.

Rewards for the Number of Pre-Registrations Made

The reward for the number of players who have affected the pre-registration has as the main item the Cyber Lady pack, Max Ray’s board and 2 Royale Gold tickets. Check out the goals:

1,000,000 = Cyber Lady (bottom)

2,000,000 = 2 Golden Royale tickets

4,000,000 = Cyber Lady (Face Painting)

6,000,000 = Max Radius Board

8,000,000 = Cyber Lady (Head)

The reward for Inviting Friends

In turn, the rewards for inviting friends to pre-register for Free Fire Max are: Cyber Lady Pack, Diamond Royale tickets and Rays Max loot box. Check out the goals for inviting friends:

1 player = Cyber Lady (Shoes)

2 players = 2 Diamond Royale tickets

3 players = Cyber Lady (glasses)

4 players = Loot Lightning Max Box

5 players = Cyber Queen (top)

Top 50 Rewards for Invitations

Those players among the top 50 who invite friends to pre-register for Free Fire Max will also earn rewards. The Cyber Jack pack will only be available for the top 50 invites.

Finally, all rewards earned will be available on the official Free Fire Max page after opening the APK.

Free Fire Max Features

HD Textures


Multiple Language Support

High Graphics

Ray Tracing

New Animations

Better Sound.

Higher FPS.

Garena Free Fire Max 4.0 System Requirement

Garena Free Fire Max 4.0 System Requirement

On this page, the gamers will get to know the Free Fire Max Pre Registration Link Website.   The new game will have unique features, visual effects, HD graphics, and incredible animations.  The free fire max pre-registration date in India will start on 29th August 2022; hence, there is no official launch date yet for the game. You might not know that the game needs 1.5 GB of free storage and will run smoothly on your mobile device with 4GB RAM or many more. According to the latest news, the Garena free-fire game will not benefit players who have purchased the game assets; thus, the game is fair for all gamers globally.  The advanced technology allows the players to play the free fire and free fire max together without any issues.

  • Minimum 4 GB RAM or Better
  • 1.5 MB Storage Space
  • 6GB Ram Devices ( Recommended )

All you need to know is the Free Fire x Release Date in India 2022 on Play Store.

The free fire max will be released on August 29, 2022. It is time to replace the existing Garena free fire game with the free fire max. The company enhanced the features in this new version and improved their authentic gameplay. The royal battleground will attain a new level of free fire max. So in this upcoming game, the players are too excited to play the latest free fire max version. The company Free Fire’s 4th-anniversary event has recently been organized in Game.  The game will step further with the new features and graphics to provide a flawless experience to the players.  Free fire max is a shooter game like battleground mobile.

Mengenal Sea.Pre Registration.FF Max.Garena.Com

Sea.Pre Registration.FF Max.Garena.Com merupakan situs yang dapat digunakan untuk melakukan pre registrasi game Free Fire Max agar mendapatkan hadiah.

Bagi anda yang belum tahu, sebelum Free Fire Max dirilis Garena menyuruh para player FF untuk melakukan registrasi terlebih dahulu. Sebagai imbalannya nanti Garena Free Fire akan memberikan hadiah gratis bagi para player FF yang telah melakukan pra register.

Bagi para player FF yang melakukan pra register sebelum Free Fire Max dirilis, maka dapat dibilang sangat beruntung karena akan mendapatkan hadiah menarik yang dibilang cukup langka untuk dimiliki.

Hadiah Sea.Pre Registration.FF Max.Garena.Com

Sebenarnya terdapat 10 hadiah yang bisa anda dapatkan secara cuma-cuma. Namun, untuk bisa mendapatkan semua hadiahnya maka anda harus menjadi 10 orang terbanyak yang berhasil mengundang player FF lain untuk melakukan pre registrasi.

Apabila anda hanya melakukan pre registrasi saja dan tidak mengundang teman untuk registrasi, maka anda hanya akan mendapatkan 5 hadiah saja.

Bagi anda yang penasaran seperti apa hadiah yang ditawarkan, maka bisa langsung lihat dibawah ini.

Voucher Gold Royale

Cyber Max (Skyboard)

Cyber Max Loot Box

Max raychaser (head)

Max raychaser (facepaint)

Max raychaser (bottom)

Max raychaser (celana)

Max raychaser (baju)

Max raychaser (Sepatu)

Max raychaser (headset)

https Sea Preregistration ffmax Garena com id Invite_Code 6f9uq8w7vb Ended

Apakah anda mengalami masalah tidak bisa mengakses situs Sea.Pre Registration.FF Max.Garena.Com dengan keterangan bahwa Event Ended, maka berarti proses Pre Registrasi telah ditutup.

Sebelum FF Max dirilis, Garena Free Fire telah memberikan waktu yang cukup lama kepada para player FF untuk melakukan pre registrasi sampai tanggal 27 September 2021.

Bagi anda yang tidak sempat untuk melakukan pre registrasi sampai batas waktu yang telah ditentukan, maka dapat dipastikan tidak akan mendapatkan hadiah yang dijanjikan oleh Garena kepada player FF yang melakukan pra register.

Dengan demikian, situs Sea.Pre Registration.FF Max.Garena.Com wajar saat ini tidak diakses karena telah melewati masa Pre Registrasi. Sehingga anda tidak bisa mendapatkan hadiah.

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How to Find the Free Fire Max Pre-Registration Link?

If you want to Pre Registration the Garena free fire max for free, check out this link

Is Free Fire Max available for PC?

Yes, free fire max 4.0 is available for pc for the pc gamers.

How much space do I need to download the free fire max?

Free fire max needs 4 GB of free storage.

How do I download Fire Max for free?

You can download Garena free fire max from Play Store.