Hero Splendor Plus – Introducing

Hero Splendor Plus is one of the best-selling bikes of all time, and now it gets an electric conversion kit, courtesy of Navi Mumbai-based company GoGoA1. The RTO approved the conversion kit, priced at Rs 44,486, including all the parts but for the battery.

The electric change kit includes a hub motor, recovering supervisor, throttle, drum brake, battery SOC, wiring harness, standard switch, controller box, swing arm, DC to DC converter and an anti-theft device.
The 2000W Brushless motor harvests 63Nm and has a claimed max efficiency of 92 per cent. In addition, the converted bike can reach an appealed top speed of up to 75-80kmph.

The Splendor Plus is presented in three variations: high start with alloy wheel, self-start with blend wheel, and self-start with i3S. You also get a pair of new paint choices which separate it from the BS4 perfect. Unfortunately, that sideways, the rest of the motorcycle looks like the previous model.

The Most Popular Deigned

The Splendour is what put most of India on two wheels and continues to do so in semi-urban and rural areas. It started as the Hero Honda Splendour in 1994, as a successor to the CD100 and Sleek. It remained in its original form for a whole decade, when the Splendour got the first of many cosmetic and styling updates. The Splendour range covers three different capacities – the original 97cc engine in production today, a 110cc engine developed and launched after the split with Honda and a 125cc Super Splendour that caters to those who want more power and torque but don’t need any flashiness.

The Splendour Plus displaces 97cc and caters to those looking for a reliable but affordable commuter motorcycle. A step up from the Splendour Plus is the Splendour I Smart 110, with Hero MotoCorp’s proprietary i3s start/stop technology. Finally, there is the Super Splendour, which displaces nearly 125cc. The splendour brand remains the highest-selling motorcycle brand in the country, decades after its launch. It delivers on what promises – reliability, excellent fuel efficiency, and affordable maintenance.

Hero Splendor Plus Engine

The tried-and-tested 97.2cc single-cylinder engine powers the Splendour Plus. It places out 8PS and also 8.05Nm, 0.36PS, a smaller amount than the BS4 type. The motor is kept in a double downtube cradle frame. Suspended on a straight telescopic fork and twin preload-adjustable hydraulic shudders. The bike trips on 18-inch wheels with 130mm drum brakes at both ends. Sadly, there’s no front disc on offer. The Splendour Plus BS6 weighs 110kg in kick-start form and 112 kilograms in self-start version, with its 9.8-litre fuel tank filled to the brim.

hero slendor plus

The Splendour’s top-spec variant, which gets an electric start and also Hero’s i3S stop-start system, will set you back by Rs 65,295. However, if you skip i3S but opt for the electric starter, the Splendour Plus will cost you Rs 64,085, and for the base variant with kick start and no i3S, you’ll have to shell out Rs 64,085.

The Splendour’s no-nonsense bodywork and design. Featuring a bikini fairing and a rectangular headlight, have remained unmovable in the BS6 iteration. The only distinct aspect is the extra catalytic converter on the user system and the new black/red paint scheme.

Hero Splendor Plus Features

Being a basic commuter motorcycle, the Splendour isn’t precisely feature-rich. However, you get alloy wheels as standard and also the option of an electric start system and Hero’s i3S stop-start system, which helps keep the bike as efficient as possible. A CBS system and a preload-adjustable rear interruption come normal. Like the rest of the bikes. The analogue instrument cluster is also very basic.

Hero splendour Mileage

Hero splendour Mileage is 55 km to 60 km, as reported by various splendour bikes owners. The most fuel-efficient Hero splendour model is Splendour Plus, with actual mileage of 60 kmpl. At the same time, the most fuel-consuming model is Splendour I Smart 110. So with an average of 55 km. The average mileage among bikes is 53 km.

Hero Splendor Plus Price

The price of Hero Splendour Plus starts at Rs. 65,610 and goes up to Rs. 70,790. Hero Splendour Plus is offered in 4 variants – Kick with Alloy wheel BS6, Self with Alloy wheel BS6, Black and Accent and the top variant Splendour Plus Self with Alloy wheel and i3S BS6, but which comes at a price tag of Rs. 70,790.

Hero splendour Plus Highlights

splendour Plus is one of the top-selling bikes in the country. Splendour has become the most popular bike in India because of its bulletproof build quality, no-nonsense design, and remarkable fuel efficiency figure. The Splendour is also offered features like self-start, So a stylish instrument console, and also alloy wheels.

Exterior Details in Hero Splendor Plus

The Hero splendour Plus is the most popular bike globally, backed by Hero’s network and reliability. In terms of exterior dimensions, the cycle is 2,000mm in length, 720mm in width, and 1,052mm in height. The Splendour has a kerb weight of 110kg. The ground clearance is a decent 165mm, and the fuel tank has a capacity of 9.8-litres.


The Splendour Plus gets its stopping power from a 130mm drum at the front and a 110mm drum at the rear. It gets 2.75×18 section tyres both at the show and also at the end. The bike rides on enlarging, hydraulic shock absorber suspension at the front and a swing arm with hydraulic shock absorber interruption at the back. At the same time, it is based on a tubular double cradle chassis.


The Splendour is one of India’s most iconic motorcycles and one of the best-selling. It has proved itself a dependable workhorse and is backed by a massive sales and service network; however, whether the Splendour Plus BS6’s sales success will survive the sizable price hike. This is the appealed ARAI mileage for all the variants of Splendour Plus.

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