Hero Passion Pro BS6 – Introduction

Hero Passion Pro BS6 is the entry-level motorcycle segment, like many underdeveloped countries, is the most popular and important one in India. Bike makers introduce new models in this section from time to time, but most launches revolve around updated types of tried-and-tested methods. Hero is an available name in the entry-level traveller segment, and if you live in India, you must have heard of the Desire.

The motorcycle has been fulfilling the difficulties of the Indian middle-class people for many years. Thanks to the constant upgrade, it has even survived the onslaught of several cut-throat competitors over time, thanks to continuous up-gradation. The new Hero Passion Pro BS6 was lately launched in our market, and along with a new BS6-compliant powertrain, it also gets an updated look and features list.

Hero Passion Pro BS6- Styling & Looks

Related to the BS4 model, the new Hero Passion Pro has more lively design basics. With looks, it will now appeal to younger and mature spectators alike. Hero has added some smart-looking graphics, making this everyday commuter look noticeable. Up-front, the bike gets a halogen headlamp sideways with halogen side pointers. The headlamp offers a good lob and lights the highway somewhat healthy. It also becomes a blacked-out windshield with new Hero badging at the lowest. Moreover, it also gets sporty-looking 18-inch five-spoke controls to foil the overall sporty additions. Finally, the well-built fuel tank gets nifty-looking shrouds, enhancing the broad appeal of the motorcycle.

The Hero Passion BS6 we rode was over in a new Moon Yellow colour shade, which looks thrilling. The triple-tone visuals on the tank and shrouds make it look even extra good-looking. Thoughtful touches like a blacked-out gear shifter, brake lever, exhaust, saree guard, engine, and kick look add extra immunises. Finally, it gets a single-piece seat, which is comfortable enough to make your daily commutes effortless.

The Impression on Heavy Lighting

Moving to the rear, the motorcycle gets halogen tail lights that impress an LED unit because of its crystal-clear surface. Moreover, the rear front of the bike also gets halogen side flaps and a gloss-black grab rail. Finally, the Passion Pro gets a semi-digital instrument console moving towards the cockpit.

The left-half of the tool cluster gets an analogue clock. In contrast, the other half receives a digital unit that displays the fuel gauge, trip meter, odometer and the i3S on/off indicator. The blue button for the i3s system is also located on the right. The instrument cluster is quite primary but straightforward works well in a motorcycle at this price point. Overall, the new Hero Passion Pro BS6 appears more stylish and has plenty of modern touches than the outgoing model.

The new Passion Pro also features Hero’s Sense technology, a group of nine different sensors that help make the bike safer, more practical, and smarter.  These include – Bank Angle Sensor. Oxygen/Crank Position Sensor. Throttle Position Sensor. Engine Oil Temperature Sensor i3s Sensor, Intake Air Temperature Sensor and Vehicle Speed Sensor.

hero passion pro bs6

Hero Passion Pro BS6- Engine & Performance

One of the widest updates to the new Passion Pro is the upgraded BS6-compliant powertrain. It springs power from a 113cc, single-cylinder, fuel-injected BS6 unit that produces 9.02bhp of peak power at 7,500 pm and 9.79 Nm of peak torque at 5,000 rpm. In addition, the engine comes mated to a 4-speed gearbox. As a result, the business claims that the new Hero Passion Pro produces 9 per cent more control and 22 per cent more rotation.

While power has been made more line, torque peaks earlier in the rev band than its predecessor, the Passion Pro BS6 is faster and accelerates a particle quicker. However, despite this, it offers an ARAI-certified mileage of 60 kmpl. So not only is it more powerful, the new model is now a bit more fuel-efficient compared to the BS4 model as well.

The initial blow and mid-range are good, but the top-end control feels cooperated. Built as a customer, it does offer enough ability to make your everyday commutes effortless. The first and second gear is relatively short, while the third and fourth gear is a bit long, so you can easily cruise in higher gears and extract good mileage figures. Rushing is brisk in first gear, and city traffic is dealt with effortlessly in second. Hero MotoCorp has also worked on educating engine alteration stages. This is evident while accelerating hard or stealing up into three-digit speed land.

Some Features of Hero Passion Pro BS6

The motorcycle also features Hero’s i3S technology. The system, when swapped on, turns off your engine if your bike has been idling for more than five seconds. Turning it back on is simply pulling in the clutch lever. This technology will surely help you save a lot of fuel, and it helped me. In our mileage tests, which were done under my exact daily-riding situations, I achieved 45kmpl in the city and up to 55kmpl on the highway.

One of my favourite features of this motorbike is the auto sail function. It’ll help you naturally vacation through the city traffic without using the accelerator and avoid over-revving the engine for better effectiveness. The new Hero Desire BS6 has all the making of a good city bike. However, road journeys can develop a vital task.

Hero Passion Pro BS6- Ride & Handling

As we mentioned above, the new Hero Passion Pro BS6 is a perfect city commuter. The wide handlebar and an upright riding posture offer a trouble-free riding experience. Hero has also worked on advancing the suspension system. As a result, the front suspension travel has enlarged by 15 mm. The front interruption is soft, while the rear holdup is slightly stiffer. While it is relaxed overall, it works best with passenger seating aboard.

The bike is based on a new shape frame chassis, which helps make the new Hero Passion Pro an extra-talented handler in tight traffic and city riding conditions. The lightened frame means it is nimbler but is also more robust. The new Passion Pro exists in two different trim levels – Drum and Disc. We were equine the bike’s disc brake model, and the braking system left us awe-struck. It suggests a good bite and helps avoid needless drama during hard braking.

The Cost of Hero Passion Pro BS6

Hero Passion Pro BS6 is obtainable at the initial price of Rs 68,150. The Passion Pro 100 Million Edition Drum charges Rs 69,950. The Craving Pro BSVI with Disc is obtainable at Rs 70,350 and Rs 72,150.

The Cost of Hero Passion Pro BS6

Hero Passion Pro BS6 exists at the initial price of Rs 68,150 (Drum variant). The Hunger Pro 100 Million Edition Drum costs Rs 69,950. The Desire Pro BSVI with Disc is available at Rs 70,350 and Rs 72,150.


Hero Hunger Pro is available in 6 colours, including Techno Blue, Moon Yellow, Sports Red, Glaze Black, Heavy Grey Metal, and the special 100 Million Edition White and Red. Naturally, the white and Red combination must be the best-looking option, but it is limited only to the 100 Million Edition.

Hero Passion Pro BS6 is obtainable at the initial price of Rs 68,150 (Drum variant). The Passion Pro 100 Million Edition Cylinder costs Rs 69,950. The Passion Pro BSVI with Disc is obtainable at Rs 70,350 and Rs 72,150.

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