Hero Activas – Meanings

Hero Activas is a brand name that has remained immensely popular among people of all age groups for two decades still registers over 2 lakh unit sales a month. India’s favourite scooter, which is also the best-selling two-wheeler in the country at present, recently entered its sixth generation.

With the most major update being a BS6 compliant engine. We were late in Navi Mumbai to ride the new Honda Activa 6G and tell you what it packs in and, most importantly, how to ride. Read along to find out!

Speaking about the design, it was pretty basic with a whole metal body. It is said that this group of cans is considered to be the most durable one, even more than the current ones. The foot area of the Activas was large, and so was the seat. This scooter became a direct hit in the market, affectation a great struggle for motorcycles like Hero Honda Splendour.

 Hero Activas Launched

So, they came up with the Activas 3G. This generation of Activas was when the company perfected the design, and there has been no major change since then. Honda also introduced tubeless tyres to the Activas in this generation. Under the hood, Activas now had the Honda’s Eco Technology (HET), which meant more fuel distance. The 109.2cc engine created 8hp of power and a torque of 8.83Nm. This scooter with increased power can now touch a top speed of over 85 km.

These two generations were thrown in a very short interval of time. In the 5th generation, Honda better the build excellence of the Activas and added more colour choices to suggestions. It too featured new LED DRLs at the obverse, and the rear tail light was also rewritten.

New colours were also introduced. In terms of features, this group was a fully loaded one with combi-brakes, larger headlamps, cushioned seats for more comfort, low fuel indicators and much more.

Hero Activas 6G Design and Appearance

The new Honda Activa 6G looks quite braver than before, and you will notice a fair similarity with the Activas 125 in a project from about angles. The scooter recalls the all-LED headlamp from the Activas 5G. The feature is not standard as the base STD variant stays with a DC halogen unit. The scooter now gets straight telescopic forks up front, which is a welcome addition as the said feature waited long.

Also, the new Activas 6G now has a bigger 12-inch wheel at the front, and this, along with the front suspension, has from Activas 125. The side profile leftovers are the same as before but for the 6G badging. Some important visual changes appear at the rear, where the scooter gets a wider tail lamp section similar to the one on the Activas 125.

Hero Activas 6G Features

Honda Activas, for the first time, gets an engine kill switch in the sixth-generation model and the same doubles up as an electric starter as well. Moreover, like its elder sibling Activas 125, the scooter now gets silent start technology which means while you thumb the electric starter, all you hear is just the sound of the engine and nothing else. The new Activas 6G now features an external fuel fill aiming at better convenience for the rider, and the same can open with the help of a multifunction switch located right next to the ignition. The under-seat storage can now open from the same button.

Hero Activas

Hero Activas 6G Engine Specs and Act

The new Honda Activa 6G gets authority from the same 110cc train, and with the BS6 change, there is a bordering decrease in power and torque figures. While the administration has gone down by 0.17 hp at 7.68 hp, the torque output has dropped by 0.21Nm at 8.79Nm.

The appliance is now livelier, and all thanks to the fuel injection system, the motor feels more advanced and smoother than before. The high point of the updated engine is that the alteration stays intact even to the top end while pushing the scooter close to the rev limiter and even after crossing 70kmph, the scooter doesn’t feel gasping for breath.

In terms of top speed, the scooter hit a maximum of 80 kmph during our test. When it originates from fuelling efficiency, Honda claims a 10 per cent increase with the updated BS6 engine, and we shall reveal the real-world figures once the scooter comes to us for a road test.

Honda Activas Ride Quality and Handling

Thanks to better interruption and a larger front wheel, the Activas 6G now feels more implanted at high speeds. While the scooter used to shake a bit earlier after crossing 70-75 kph, we didn’t feel the same on the new 6G model. The scooter now offers better comfort over potholes and broken surfaces, and the impact transferred to the rider over uneasy roads is now lesser. In city traffic, the Activas 6G feels manageable and is easy to manoeuvre, and we hardly noticed any change in the handling characteristics.

The scooter endures to get 130mm drum brakes at both ends, and a CBS retain as normal for better braking and to avoid chances of slewing. While the front and rear offer dressed feedback, we wish for a better bite at the show as it would have improved the overall braking performance and proved helpful during panic braking.


The record success of the Honda Activa scooter can be mainly qualified for its sheer practicality, convenience and low maintenance. With BS6 norms, the Honda Activas exists only in 110cc and 125cc models. If your credit score is fair plenty, getting a two-wheeler loan to buy a Honda Activas shouldn’t be problematic. Before you apply for an online bike loan, you must know which is the best for you among the available variants. Let’s see what each Honda Activas variant has to offer.

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