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Engine Cooling Fan – Definition, Wear, Problem, And More

Engine Cooling Fan – Definition – Is your cooling fan running?

The engine cooling fan only works when needed to help cool the engine. Therefore, a failure in the engine cooling fan, relay or control circuit is terrible news. Because it can allow the engine to overheat. The engine coolant sensor or a separate engine temperature switch use to control the engine temperature. As a result, the engine cooling fan does not start until the engine reaches the average operating temperature. Therefore, no additional cooling is needed when a cold engine starts.

The fan will then turn on and off to maintain the proper coolant temperature. When the coolant reaches 200 to 230 degrees, most fans should be turned on. Therefore, the fan works mainly at idle or low speed when the motor is at an average temperature.

Engine Cooling Fan Fuse

Your engine’s cooling fan won’t work if you have a burnt fuse. In general, most vehicles on the road have two types of fuses. Older cars have cylinder-shaped glass fuses, stainless steel at the ends and glass in the middle. Most newer cars have a different style of fuse, which uses a plastic casing, with the fuse link enclosed in the housing. So, the easiest way to check it is visual. Check for a serial cable without breakage. Using a multimeter is another good way.

Engine cooling Fans can wear in and wear out. Therefore, you will Have to try it

Make some jumper cables—the one closest to the fan. Then connect them directly from the battery to the fan motor to see if it rotates.

Overall, six things can prevent an electric fan from turning on:

  • Temperature switch, coolant sensor or another faulty sensor.
  • The engine thermostat is stuck Open
  • Faulty fan relay.
  • There is a wiring problem
  • A defective motor of the engine cooling fan.
  • Defective fan control module.

Problems with the Engine

Because it can allow the engine to overheat. In applications that have variable fan speeds; the motor can also overheat if the fan speed does not increase when additional cooling need. The fan can work, but it only works at low speed. It may not be fast enough, to prevent overheating. Therefore, a fan failure or a failure of the fan relay or control circuit is terrible news.

How Does an Engine System Work?

Front-wheel drive cars have electric fans because the machine mounts transversely. Meaning the engine’s output points toward the vehicle’s side. The cooling fan has to control to allow the engine to maintain a constant temperature. The fans are controlles either with a thermostatic switch or by the engine computer, and they turn on when the temperature of the coolant goes above a set point. They turn back off when the temperature drops below that point. Rear-wheel-drive cars with longitudinal engines usually have engine-driven cooling fans. These fans have a thermostatically controlled viscous clutch. This clutch position at the hub of the fan in the airflow coming through the radiator. This unique viscous clutch is much like the viscous coupling sometimes found in all-wheel drive cars.

Works of Engine Cooling Fan Operates

A car’s engine operates most efficiently at high temperatures, emitting less pollution and keeping its components in top condition. However, as a car burns fuel, it produces a surplus of heat. The job of the car’s cooling system is to allow the engine to attain its maximum temperature quickly, maintain that temperature during its use and release the excess heat into the air.

The cooling system comprises various parts: the radiator, pressure cap, fan, pump, thermostat, hoses and overflow tank. The pump sends cooling fluid to the engine, absorbing the engine’s heat. After exiting the machine, it runs by a thermostat. If the cooling fluid is below the maximum temperature, the thermostat stays close and the juice is re-routed back to the pump. However, if the fluid overheats. The thermostat’s valve opens. First routing the fluid through a radiator. The radiator cools the liquid by releasing its heat into the air before returning it to the pump.

Although most modern cars are liquid-cooled, cars can have a liquid cooling system or an air cooling system. With a cooling system based on the liquid, fluid in pipes passes through the engine, absorbing heat while cooling the engine. If the sap overheats it’s routed through the radiator, which acts as a heat exchanger, releasing the surplus heat to the air. On the other hand, a cooling system based on philosophy has aluminium fins surrounding the engine. When the engine gets overheats. Fans blow air over the fins to conduct the heat away from the engine’s cylinder, cooling it down.


Therefore, cooling fan motors are vital for any engine cooling fan. And it plays a crucial role in keeping the car at safe temperatures during idling and low speeds. Finally, if you suspect that your cooling fan motors may have a problem, Do some tests to see if you can fix it yourself.

Engines heat similarly when starting up the car. The pump starts the process by sending fluid through the machine. As the juice leaves the engine, it needs to pass through a heater core before being re-routed to the pump if reach the minimum temperature.

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