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Classified technologies tarkov can be a tricky quest to complete if you don’t know where you’re going and if you keep running into other players. Given by Peacekeeper, this Escape from Tarkov task requires you to venture into the bunkers of Reserve and collect an item, all while avoiding the seeming inevitability of death. So, keep reading below for all the tips you need to complete the Escape from Tarkov Classified Technologies quest.

Escape from Tarkov Classified Technologies Quest Details

Escape from Tarkov Classified Technologies Quest Details

The Escape from Tarkov Classified Technologies task is pretty straightforward regarding actual charges. All you need to do is obtain the package with the T-90M Commander control panel on the Reserve map, which can be found in the bunker. Then, it is just a case of extracting with it, which you can do very quickly (in theory), as the D-2 extract is just around the corner.

However, the reality is a bit further away from that. The bunkers are an already popular area in the first place, but the route you need to take will likely be populated with extract campers waiting to take all of your precious loot. Furthermore, the bunker can be a confusing place to navigate if you’ve never ventured down there before, but luckily we’ll have complete directions for you down below to save you from getting lost.

As a reward for handing over the package and completing the quest, Peacekeeper will give you the following:

  • 800 Dollars
  • 7,200 EXP
  • 200 rounds of 5.7x28mm R37.F ammunition
  • An increase of 0.02 to your Peacekeeper rep


How to Complete the Classified Technologies Quest

If you know how to get to the D-2 extract on Reserve, this quest will be easy to complete, as the package is found in the workshop with the big pipes just before the extract. However, if you have not ventured down there before, here is a step-by-step guide to help you get there, with hints about some dangerous spots too.

The first thing you’ll want to do is get down to the bunker itself. While there are a couple of different entry points across the Reserve map, we want to take one to the White Pawn building by helicopter. If you’re unfamiliar with this, it can be easily identified by the big white pawn painted on the side, and you should be able to see it if you face toward the dome when standing next to the helicopter.

Head into the entrance by the dinosaur painting, head down the stairs, immediately turn right, and head through the door. Follow the corridor down until you turn left underneath a red and white stripe.

Escape from Classified Technologies Tarkov Quest Guide

Escape from Classified Technologies Tarkov Quest Guide

At the end of this corridor, there should be another set of stairs to the left – take them down and then go through the door to the right at the bottom. Continue down the hallway until you reach a semi-large open area at the end. This is a hazardous spot as there are often players waiting to shoot you at the end of this open area – one thing you can do is take out the two lights in the hallway prior, making it much harder for them to see you coming through. We’ve circled above the three spots that players are most likely to sit in so that you know where to be checking first.

Once you’ve ensured the room is clear, head up the stairs at the back on the right, and continue down the corridor there. If the door at the end of the passage here is open, be very careful, as someone will most definitely be waiting for you on the other side in different spots.

We will want to head through the door to the left. Still, players could be sitting past the door ahead of you, to your right on the catwalk, or in the room to the left that we want to head into if this is all clear, though – or if you manage to overcome any foes waiting for you – you’ll want to run through the door at the back of the room to the left.

However, if they are both clear, continue into the workshop, and the package should be waiting for you on the overturned table between the two large pipes. If you’ve remembered to turn the power on before heading to this area, you can continue past the room with the package to get to the D-2 extract and escape safely. Otherwise, you’ll have to head back up above ground to go through one of the other rather complicated Reserve extracts.

The Typical Definition of Classified Technologies Tarkov

The Typical Definition of Classified Technologies Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a team shooting game with a large map focusing on collecting loot and is usually competitive. However, despite the superficial similarities, Escape from Tarkov is not a battle royale game, at least not by the typical definition. Escape from Tarkov has no reduced boundary mechanism, and the goal is not to kill all other players. On the contrary, the purpose of a typical round is for you to cross the map and escape through a designated penetration point while simultaneously fighting for the past and sneaking into other players and teams trying to reach their penetration point.

In my opinion, at least Escape from Tarkov is a game for survival and loot. In addition, Escape from Tarkov Currency in the game is very important, which can help players obtain better items and equipment, thereby increasing the chance of survival. If the player does not have enough Escape from Tarkov Currency, they can confidently buy it at Espy.

Technically, it can survive without actually killing other players. Escape from Tarkov is also different from the battle escape. You can store your guns and belongings in your hiding place and take them between matches. Of course, bullets are not infinite, so you still need to make every effort to clear them, but the point is that you will not fall into a game of nakedness and fear.


What is Escape from Classified Technologies Tarkov?

A new game is taking Twitch by storm, and it’s a loot-based survival game where players are dropped on a huge map and must escape. Twitch has been a popular platform for gamers for quite a while now, but in 2019 it’s fair to say that streaming exploded in gaming and mainstream media. Streamers like Ninja and Shroud dominated streaming platforms, while Ninja moved on to Mixer after becoming a sensation on Twitch. However, many Twitch users also reaped the benefits of Ninja moving to Mixer, with many big names gaining more eyes on them than ever before.

That being said, many of the biggest Twitch streamers. Rely on video games to help them entertain and keep viewers engaged during their live streams. A game called Escape from Tarkov is beginning to dominate Twitch’s landscape, with over 150,000 viewers collectively watching the game via streamers. So, what exactly is Escape from Barkov?

Jump King Becomes Latest Viral Hit with Twitch Streamers

Escape from Tarkov is admittedly a pretty hard game to describe exactly. Escape from Tarkov would probably be best described as a first-person survival MMO-like game. Additionally, the game has some elements of battle royals, and PVP injected into it. It’s a game that’s a bit complicated to describe without seeing or playing it for oneself.

The main gameplay loop of Tarkov comes from the standard PMC survival mode. In this mode, players choose their main character, called a PMC. Then, players load that character with any loot they want to bring into a ‘raid’ and are deployed. One of seven maps currently in the game. Once they’ve dropped, players must find more loot within the maps and make it too—one of several extractions points to clearing the raid and keeping what they’ve seen. The catch is: if a player dies before extraction, all of the loot on them is permanently lost.


However, finding an extraction point in Tarkov is not so simple. Players can also choose to enter the map as a ‘Schav,’ a hostile enemy type that can enter. A raid without losing the loot they’ve brought in from their main character. This is where the PVP element of Escape from Tarkov comes in. However, unlike the incredibly popular Fortnite that dominated Twitch this year, players aren’t striving to be the last man standing.

Escape from Tarkov is more than just going into incursions, shooting down other Scavengers, and getting valuable loot. Quests also exist in the game, which offers by various NPCs. Doing these tasks immediately after every wipe can give players a significant advantage since they reward different and (usually) essential items. While every mission is vital, knowing which Escape from Tarkov quests to do first can help gamers progress more efficiently. This Escape from Tarkov quest guide – updated for the latest wipe in 2022, should help you do just that.

Why Should You Do Quests in Escape from Tarkov?

While many players tend to jump into incursions to start looting, others focus on completing their tasks immediately. The main reason for doing so is that quests allow players to reach higher traders. Levels faster, giving them access to more armor, guns, and ammo. This situation offers gamers an advantage over people still stuck in lower-level gear.

What is the Escape from Tarkov Quests Available?

There are various types of missions available in EFT. Each task will also have varying difficulties depending on the conditions for completion. The Traders offer these quests in EFT. Doing tasks given by specific NPCs allows them to trade more vital items with these characters.

Here are all the quest-giving Traders in the game:

  • Proper
  • Therapist
  • Skier
  • Peacekeeper
  • Mechanic
  • Ragman
  • Jaeger
  • Fence

Here are all the currently available missions in EFT per NPC:

  • Proper
  • Elimination
  • Debut
  • Shootout Panic
  • No Place for Renegades
  • The Punisher
  • Grenadier
  • Insomnia
  • Test Drive
  • Pollachi Hobo
  • No Offence
  • Capturing Outposts
  • Intimidator
  • Escort
  • Easy Job
  • Our Own Land
  • Exploration
  • Reconnaissance


Tarkov Classified Technologies can be a tricky quest to complete both. If you don’t know where you’re going and also if you keep running into other players. Given by Peacekeeper. This Escape from Tarkov task requires you to venture into the bunkers of Reserve and collect an item. All while avoiding the seeming inevitability of death. So, for all the tips, you need to complete the Escape from Tarkov Classified. Technologies quest, make sure to keep on reading below.