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Chetak Bike Write for Us

Chetak Bike write for us: The motorcycle comes equipped with Traction Control and an LCD instrument console with features such as a speedometer, odometer, trip meter, fuel level readout, and smartphone connectivity. Regarding smartphone connectivity, users can pair their smartphones with the Yamaha Y-Connect app and access features such as incoming call alerts, SMS alerts, and more.

Bike enthusiasts planning to invest in a reliable sports bike can consider Roadster from the home-based manufacturer Ideal Jiwa Yezidi. It is powered by a Jiwa Perak-derived BS6 engine generating 29.7 PS of maximum power at 7,300 rpm and 29 Nm of peak torque at 6,500 rpm. Moreover, its feature list comprises full LED lighting, a digital instrument cluster, and more.

Home-based two-wheeler manufacturer TVS offers another top bike model, Raider 125, ideal for city touring and daily commuting. Mated with a 5-speed manual gearbox, the engine produces 11.2bhp power at 7,500rpm and 11.2Nm of peak torque at 6,000rpm. Besides, this sporty commuter model exhibits styling cues such as an LED headlight, body-colored headlamp cowl, body-colored front fender, aluminum grab rail, engine cowl, etc.
Chetak Bike Write for Us

Fascinate Chetak Bike Design

Most of the praise stopped from the scooter because of its sophisticated sound design. It is a retro-themed scooter and has an all-metal body. There is enough space for one to sit securely without feeling cramped.  It has an illuminated headlamp that gets its source from LED lights, dynamic daytime running lamps, and scrolling LED blinkers. These blinkers are neatly combined into the body, giving a nice touch.

Moreover, it has a digital console with a side-stand indicator and a pillion footrest. This console indicates the speed, range, cordless, and other details. The switchgear is tactile and has a nice touch and feel. You need to long-press the button with an icon to open the seat. The sides have a slight bulge that flows to the tail.

The scooter rides on 12-inch alloy wheels, with disc brakes in the front and a drum unit in the rear. It will come with a regenerative and effective braking system. It has excellent finishing. The biker can easily connect his phone via their application to access information regarding ride data.

Chetak Bike Scooter Range

The electric scooter will have two driving modes, i.e., Eco and Sport, and one reverse assist mode. It offers a driving range of 95km in the former mode and 85km in the Sports mode. The reverse gear has a speed of 3km/hour.


The Bajaj Chetak Electric scooter will have a 4kW electric motor. Instead of a fuel filler, there is a charging socket. This battery can be charged through a 5-15 amperes electrical socket. It takes about 5 hours to get fully charged. The charging unit can be locked as well for safety. Moreover, the company has further mentioned that it will provide a home charging outlet at a low cost.

Price of Chetak Bike

The price of the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter is between INR 90,000 to 1.5 lakh.

Warranty for Chetak

The company has mentioned that it will provide a three-year warranty and 50,000 kilometers. The battery life is 70,000 kilometers.

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Bike Engine & Gearbox

In terms of engine and gearbox, the new Yamaha FZS-FI V4 Deluxe motorcycle continues to use the same 149cc, single-cylinder engine as its predecessor. This engine puts out 12.2bhp of peak power and 13.3Nm of peak power and uses a 5-speed gearbox to transfer power and torque to the rear wheel.

Bike Engine & Gearbox

Frequently Asked Questions about Bike

Q. What are the different colors obtainable for Chetak?

A.Chetak is available in the Premium model.

A. Chetak premium is offered in four colors: Hazelnut, Velouté Russo (Red), Indigo Metal (Blue), and also Brooklyn Black.

Q. What are the ride styles available to drive Chetak?

A. Chetak proposes three ride modes. 2 Forward – Eco and Sports, and 1 Reverse. In Eco Style, the Chetak automatically detects your need for extra power and can switch to the Sports mode and then back to Eco Mode. The Reverse mode allows you to charmingly back out of parking slots.

Q. How can I book and buy a Chetak Bike online?

A. You can log on to the website biz to book and also buy a Chetak vehicle online.
When you click on Buy Today, you need to select a vehicle variant, color, National, and City, and also on click “Submit”, you will be prompted to log in or register to proceed with payment and booking if your selected city has a Chetak dealership.

Q. How can I register on the website?

A. When you select a vehicle irregular, color, State, and City and click “Submit”, you will be prompted to log in or register to proceed with payment and booking if your designated city has a Chetak dealership. Alternatively, you can click the “Register” link to register yourself by providing the compulsory details.

Q. What are the details compulsory to register on the website?

A. Your name, mobile number, and also email speech are compulsory to register on our website. Kindly note that equally, the mobile number and also your email ID shall be proved through OTP for validity and to ensure security. You also set a password for your account to log in future.

Q. Why are a mobile number and email ID mandatory for registering/online booking?

A. A verified mobile number and also email ID are compulsory for important communication from Bajaj Auto, your selected dealership, and also our authorized third-party partners, such as insurance, money, and other services that you may avail of with unauthorized third parties. For further particulars on how your data may be used/kept.

Q. I’m trying to register on the website, but it says mobile is already registered.

I registered earlier using my mobile number. This may occur when a user account with the same mobile number already exists in on our website—please log in using your mobile number.

I have changed my mobile; how can I log in?

A. If you have already, OTP confirmed and also updated your new mobile number on our website, and you can log in with your unique mobile number using a password or mobile OTP. You can log in using your old mobile number and also your password if you have not updated your new mobile number. Once logged in, so visit your profile to inform, and also OTP verifies your unique mobile number for future logins and communications from us.

Q. I’m not getting OTP on my registered mobile number

A. Ensure the mobile number entered is valid and also within a network. Alternatively, you can log in using your created password during registration with us.

Q. I’m not able to register due to numerous OTP requests

A. Please ensure you arrive at the latest OTP received. If the problem persists, wait for 10 minutes and also try again.

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Q. I forgot my password

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Q. I want to change my password

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