Bluestone Jewellery and Lifestyle Pvt., Ltd. runs the national-focused online store known as Nearly all of their eCommerce net sales come from India. Specifically in the area of Bags & Accessories, focuses on the Fashion category in terms of its product offering. The internet shop opened its doors in 2011.

What is the rank of BlueStone in India?

What is the rank of BlueStone in India?

BlueStone, founded in Bangalore in 2011 by Gaurav Singh Kushwaha, is one of India’s largest digital-first fine jewelry brands. In the Fashion market in India, is ranked #15 with > US$40m in 2022. Therefore, accounts for < 0% of eCommerce net sales in this category. The top stores are, and



Jewels have always had a role in human culture. Exactly 100,000 years ago, when people first used clothing and tools, jewels were made from a variety of materials that were available at the time. Popular materials included stones, plants and leaves, wood, animal skin and bones, feathers, seashells, and semi-valuable natural materials like obsidian.

Jewels have always had a role in human culture. Exactly 100,000 years ago, when people first used clothing and tools, jewels were made from a variety of materials that were available at the time. Popular materials included stones, plants and leaves, wood, animal skin and bones, feathers, seashells, and semi-valuable natural materials like obsidian.

Indian Jewelry has a history that predates that of the entire nation. Indians were the first to master the techniques for mining and refining gold. Later, as technology evolved, artists began incorporating precious metals and stones into their works of art. They have an impact on numerous modern jewelry types as well as other cultures.

Usually, fine jewelry is created using priceless materials like gold, platinum, diamonds, gemstones, and pearls.

The four categories of jewelry styles are classic, contemporary, traditional, and combination.

Classic Jewelry

The term “classic jewelry” refers to styles that are appropriate for all age groups and never go out of style. “THE SOLARIS RING” is one of the finest items in the collection of vintage jewelry.

Contemporary Jewelry

The phrase “classic jewelry” describes designs that are suitable for wear by people of all ages and are timeless. One of the finest pieces in the collection of antique jewelry is “THE SOLARIS RING”.

Fusion Jewelry

Fusion jewelry combines traditional and modern design elements. Modern women adore jewelry that combines Western and Indian elements. “THE MARNIER RING” is among the top items in the fusion jewelry line.

Traditional Jewelry

The term “traditional jewelry” describes styles with well-known motifs like “Mango,” “Peacock,” “Nakshatra,” etc. These items are heirlooms that can be passed down from one generation to the next. “THE PUSHPANJALI RING” is among the top items in the collection of traditional jewelry.

What We Provide For Our Clients?

What We Provide For Our Clients? provides beautiful jewelry for every occasion with distinctive designs, including diamond jewelry, precious and semi-precious stone jewelry, gold jewelry, and platinum jewelry. This ensures the most enjoyable shopping experience. Customers like to purchase jewelry designs from BlueStone because we provide a large selection of uniquely created products in every jewelry style imaginable at various pricing points.

Each jewelry design is given life by our own in-house design team, which consists of top designers. Each piece has a story because it is part of a collection, and every collection is based on a theme or source of inspiration.  Also, each of our goods is meticulously handcrafted and uniquely cast, with numerous quality control procedures. We provide a unique selection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, nose pins, pendants, rings, and mangalsutras. Among our most well-liked designs are:

Jewelry for Everyday Use

Jewelry for Everyday Use

BlueStone provides lightweight jewelry for everyday use in simple, elegant designs. Plain gold jewelry, lightweight earrings, and pendants with a matching pair of earrings and rings are all part of the exclusive “Eternal Gold” collection. Under the aforementioned collection, traditional earrings, rings, pendants, bangles, and bracelets are also available. “THE FLORALLY EXUBERANT PENDANT” is one of the best pieces of jewelry from the Eternal Gold collection for everyday use.

Office-Appropriate Jewelry

Office-Appropriate Jewelry

Jewelry for business attire always has a distinctive look and unusual designs. It ought to complement a variety of outfits. BlueStone offers a modern clothing line called “Boardroom Glam” that is intended specifically for business attire. Boardroom Glam redefines modern workwear jewelry by seamlessly fusing elegance with competence. The collection mentioned above features stylish geometric and striking motifs. “THE AEONIC AXIS EARRINGS” are among the best items of jewelry from the Boardroom Glam collection for wearing to the office.

Featured Items

A fascinating, seductive, or reasonably attractive element of your attire is typically considered a statement piece. It isn’t always vivid, bright, and colorful; however, it is typically unique and startling. The jewelry that is typically worn alone is necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. One doesn’t necessarily need to wear all of the jewelry in a set; one might wear only a pendant or earring. Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, and Malaika Arora Khan are just a few of the Bollywood stars for whom Vinita Michael has created unique collections, including the stunning “Ziba” line that BlueStone has just introduced.

We have a large selection of rings, earrings, pendants, and statement items to offer under this exclusive collection, which is inspired by Persian art. These are the ideal gift for any occasion and are suitable for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, festivals, and so forth. “THE AYNAZ PALM CUFF” is one of Ziba’s collection’s best statement items.

Indian bridal jewelry

Indian bridal jewelry

Wedding baubles Indian bridal jewelry has a long history. Jewelry enhances the bride’s appearance in numerous ways and is made of exceptional metals. Although silver and platinum jewelry has recently grown in popularity, Indians still prefer gold jewelry. In fact, gold jewelry has long been a favorite among Indians due to the splendor and wealth of its appearance. The typical complete set of wedding jewelry in India includes a necklace, long hara, baju bandh, pair of jhumka earrings, bangles, rings, maangtika, and waist ornaments. BlueStone’s “Bridal Collections” feature unique necklace and bangle designs.

Under our “Pre-Set Solitaire” category, you can find options for Western-style weddings, including the traditional solitaire ring. In reality, you can choose your own solitaire and mounts from our “Solitaire Collection” according to your preferences. Additionally, we provide a special service called “Wedding Bespoke” that enables you to have all of your wedding jewelry manufactured to your specifications. “THE SHILPKAAR NECKLACE” is one of the “Bridal” collection’s best statement items.

Jewelry For Special Events Or Gift-Giving

Jewelry For Special Events Or Gift-Giving

Giving jewelry as a gift on important occasions is thought to be lucky and auspicious. For all important occasions, Bluestone offers a wide selection of exquisite jewelry. Our heart-themed collections, “Golden Hearts,” “Filigree Hearts,” “Entwined Duet Heart,” and “Blushing Charms,” are ideal presents for celebrations like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. Products from the “Lattice” line are affordable, have distinctive designs, are lightweight, and make a larger impression. The Lattice Collection has the perfect presents for special occasions including weddings, birthdays, and other similar events.

The “World Of Charm” sets have charms with designs chosen from all across the world, making them ideal presents for every celebration. We have collections for children called “Tiny Tots,” “Disney Frozen,” and “Precious Pretties.” “THE ROSE LATTICE PENDANT” is one of the best items for presenting.

Jewelry made with platinum

Jewelry made with platinum

As the purest type of jewelry, platinum is most frequently used for engagement and wedding rings. Because platinum is inherently white, it brings forth a diamond’s beauty. Platinum products are suitable for everyday use because they are skin-friendly. Our own in-house designs and designs from “Platinum Guild International” are included in our “Platinum Band” collections, and each of our items is PGI-certified and has a specific Identification number. “THE LOIAL LOVE BAND FOR HIM” is one of the finest pieces of platinum jewelry.

Is BlueStone a product of Tata?

Is BlueStone a product of Tata?

Sunil Kant Munjal, Chairman of Hero Enterprise, headed the funding for the omnichannel jeweler. Leading omnichannel jewelry retailer BlueStone, which is backed by Ratan Tata, has raised over $30 million in fundraising at a $410 million value.  Who is the owner of the BlueStone jewelry brand? Capital of Kalaari An early-stage venture capital firm with a technology focus, Kalaari Capital has $650 million in assets under management. They have supported innovative business owners since 2006 as they develop one-of-a-kind solutions that are changing the way Indians live, work, consume, and conduct business.

Is BlueStone a startup?

Is BlueStone a startup?

Founded in 2011 by Gaurav Singh Kushwaha and Vidya Nataraj, BlueStone is an omnichannel jeweler startup that claims to offer more than 8,000 designs across rings, pendants, earrings, and other products.

Investors Bluestone


Leading venture capital company Accel makes investments in individuals and their businesses from the very beginning through all stages of private company growth.

2. Kalaari in capital

An early-stage venture capital firm with a technology focus, Kalaari Capital has $650 million in assets under management.

3. Saama Capital

Saama is a financial institution that invests in the expansion of the Indian economy in a balanced and varied manner.

4. Ivycap Ventures

Mumbai-based IvyCap Ventures invests in early and growth-stage ventures started by entrepreneurs from premier educational institutions in the country.

5. Investments by RB

RB Investments is a venture capital company with offices in Singapore that finances individuals with innovative ideas. Building the board and executive management team, as well as crafting a strategic growth plan, are all things that RB Investments helps its portfolio firms with.

6. Iron Pillar

Iron Pillar is a venture growth investor focused on mid-stage technology investments in India. Headquartered in Mumbai, with a presence in Mauritius.

Why is bluestone so popular?

Why is bluestone so popular?

Bluestone’s availability makes it popular but so does its immense versatility. It is a go-to, paving material with many applications. It’s known for creating an unmistakable hue, enhancing any landscape. Bluestone can encompass a wide range of styles, including modern, rustic, natural, and traditional.

What justifies the high price of bluestone?

Because bluestone is a natural stone, its price tends to be more than other pavers due to availability and the cost of the quarrying process. Bluestone is very sought-after and only found in a few places, thus its cost is very exorbitant.

Who are the competitors of bluestone jewelry?

Top 7 BlueStone Jewellery and Lifestyle Competitors

  • Monica Vinader
  • Melorra
  • Singularu
  • Brilliant Earth
  • CaratLane
  • Astley Clarke.

Pros –

  1. Bluestone Is Dramatic

Bluestone paving stones inspire awe that can only be attained by appreciating the natural beauty of the mid-Atlantic region. The steely blues and grays that make up the stone’s hues are always striking whether it’s cloudy, raining, snowing, or a bright and sunny day. Bluestone will always complement the plants of this region, no matter if they’re dormant during the winter or vibrant during the summer.

The incredible variation between individual stones is what gives bluestone its charm. Even from the same quarry and same batch, no two stones will be alike. This ensures that your outdoor living space is completely one-of-a-kind.

  1. Bluestone Is Versatile

Whether your home is more on the traditional side or more contemporary, bluestone pavers make wonderful additions to your landscape. The interesting textures and patterns can complement your home for a subtle effect, or contrast your home with stunning effects.

  1. Bluestone Is Long-Lasting

Bluestone withstands the harshest of winter weather as long as you seal it regularly to prevent water infiltration and resulting damage from the freeze-thaw cycle. Bluestone has been used for more than two centuries, and it is a great choice for pedestrian areas.

Cons –

  1. Bluestone Absorbs Heat

Bluestone is naturally a dark stone that absorbs sunlight to a greater degree than lighter stones such as sandstone. This makes its surface especially hot during the summer if your outdoor living space receives hours of direct sunlight. Therefore it is not recommended to use bluestone for pool decks.

  1. Bluestone Tends To Flake

It is a variety of sandstone composed of several crushed sedimentary strata. The stone may flake as a result of natural weathering and erosion if water infiltrates it—again if the stone is left unsealed.

Bluestone is not the ideal material for pool decks or other moist places like hot tubs because to this and its dark hue. Additionally, it is not appropriate for driveways since the weight of cars and tire abrasion can wear these thin layers off.

  1. Bluestone Can Be Slippery

Although bluestone is a type of flagstone that naturally has a slight sandpaper-like texture, bluestone may get slippery when wet which means it’s best suited for patios and walkways without a slope.

The Takeaway

Bluestone is an incredibly beautiful and versatile paving stone that is a key feature of many American landscapes. If you want to enjoy the look of bluestone in areas where it’s not the best material (such as the driveway or pool deck) there are concrete paver options that mimic the color of bluestone without the drawbacks

For patios and walkways, bluestone could be a great option if you want to achieve a space with incredible character.