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What is Automaker Audi? – Explaining, Trademark, And More

Automaker Audi – Explaining

Automaker Audi AG is a world-renowned manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles and is one of the three luxury automakers. Besides Mercedes Benz and BMW which together constitute what is known as the ‘German Big 3’ – A group of those three car manufacturers from Germany that also happen to be the largest sellers of luxury cars in the whole world.

Today, from its magnificent headquarters situated in the city of Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Germany. The company carries out its operations in 100 countries, 110, to be precise, across the globe.

Following a difference of opinion with the company’s supervisory board. Horch had to move out of his maiden business venture and establish a new car factory by the name of Horch Automobile-Werke GmbH in 1909.

Automaker Audi Upcoming Models

The raging battle between the members of the German Big 3 – Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz, which gets fiercer with every passing day is no secret nor is the endless struggle that goes on between the three titans for grabbing the top spot in the luxury car market. While every one of the three manufacturers desperately tries to establish its claim over the highest pedestal.

The Indian luxury car buyers are the ones that reap the advantages of new and extraordinary models being launched by these auto-giants now and then. Audi India is a pretty aggressive player in the field. Plans to launch several fascinating cars over the coming days, which will give its rival camps a tough time keeping up a more-than-respectable sales record. Expected to feature amongst these soon-to-arrive Audi cars are Audi A3 2022 and Audi Q3 2022.

The Company Trademark of Automaker Audi

But the same fate followed Horcher in this new venture and soon he found himself, yet again, severing ties with a company he had established himself. Not one to be discouraged so easily, August Horcher in 1909 itself set up a second ‘Horcher’. A car factory in Zwickau, which he later renamed as ‘Audi’ due to some trademark infringement issues with his former business allies. Early in the year after that, the world witnessed the launch of the first Audi car. The Type B, after which the automaker never had to look back.

In India, Audi cars were first seen in 2004. However, it wasn’t until March 2007 that a full-fledged Indian wing of the German auto-giant. Audi India establishes in the country as a division of the Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt. Ltd. With its headquarters located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, the company has built itself a widespread dealership network in India.

Comprising of as many as 25 outlets spanning across more than 11 states and two union territories. As for manufacturing facilities, Audi owns seven production units in 6 different countries. However, India uses those established by Skoda Auto India Private Limited in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, for local assembly of its A4, A6, Q5 and Q7 models.

Audi Models in India

Audi cars in India, just like in the rest of the world admire for the cutting-edge. Technology that they offer their buyers. Wrapped in exceptional body designs that are too beautiful to resist. With its fleet of cars comprising spectacular models, including the likes of. The company has wonderfully succeeded in strengthening its foothold in the country’s car bazaar over recent years. The SUV range that Audi in India offers is trendy among the masses and is the primary. The focus of attention for the company amidst all body styles that it sells in the country.

Over the past few years, luxury cars have gained immense popularity amongst the Indian masses Resulting in a remarkable increase in their sales figures and in turn. Fuelling the inferno of competition in their segment. This notable boost has led luxury automakers to come up with new and improved models that are richer in features and more aggressive in pricing compared to their preceding generations.

And Audi India is one of those carmakers. who have adapted quickly to this changing market scenario and have also responded very skilfully to the alterations in customer demands. That’s why the fleet of Audi cars in India features some of the most exotic luxury cars of the date alongside some of the least expensive ones. At present, the most affordable Audi car on sale in India is, which comes tagged with a price of Rs.

Most Fuel-Efficient Audi Cars

Best for their regal comforts, dynamic ride quality. Exhilarating outfits and world-class equipment impressive fuel efficiency is not a characteristic that buyers usually have. Seek or pay for while shopping for an Audi. Despite that, the company strives to bring as much refinement in their engines as possible. Enabling them to promise decent fuel-economy returns to their customers. The most fuel-efficient model on the Audi India line-up prices at Rs.


Audi India currently uses Skoda Auto India Private Limited’s manufacturing facilities in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, to assemble its models in India. The German luxury manufacturer has been selling cars in India since 2004 but it wasn’t until 2007 that the brand set up its own sales company for the country. Audi cars assemble in Aurangabad with imported kits alongside premium Skoda models like Superb and Kodiak. However, the carmaker’s line-up also consists of a host of CBU (Complete Built-Up) models that are directly imported.

Audi India’s current portfolio comprises A4, A6 and A8 sedans, Q2, Q5 and Q8 SUVs, S5 Sportback, RS5. RS7 and RS Q8 performance-oriented cars, and e-Tron, e-Tron GT and RS e-Tron GT electric cars. The Q2 is currently the most affordable Audi car in India. Audi is seeking tax support from the government for a short period to help drive electrification in the country and gauge the market response of electric vehicles in India before the local assembly. The German luxury car manufacturer is also contemplating assembling EVs here in India.

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