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Among Us Character is in space-themed settings where. Players are colourful armless cartoon astronauts; Each player takes on one of two roles: most are Crewmates, but a small number of play Impostors, appear identical to Crewmates. The Among Us characters are, well, among the most iconic in all of gaming. These crewmates of a spaceship gone off the deep end are as enigmatic as they are oddly delightful, and their bottomless wardrobe of weird and wild make-up makes them all the more unforgettable.

You can currently choose from 12 different crewmates, each with their distinctive colour. There’s no actual gameplay benefit to picking one Among Us character over another, but let’s admit that your long-term goal in the best mobile multiplayer games is to look cool.

Thankfully, you can customize you’re Among Us character to your heart’s content with various Among Us skins, Among Us hats, and even Amongst Us pets. You can effortlessly make your crewmate unique to you by getting creative and matching your avatar’s colour to their sartorial. So, yes, Among Us style is indeed a thing, and by this guide, you’ll soon be an expert in every Among Us character.

Who are the Among us Characters?

The Among Us characters are crewmembers of a spacecraft invaded by a strange and unhealthy imposter. They’re human creatures with a portly appearance and wear full-body spacesuits and small backpacks. The backpack’s drive is unclear, though our best guess is that it’s an oxygen tank.

The crewmembers show no obvious hierarchy or specializations since they can perform any task on the ship without incident. Provided the Imposter doesn’t kill them, that is. The Among Us types have no solid backstory, but that could change over time as new maps and updates arrive.

What is the Among Us Characters Called?

You’re Among Us character’s name is absolute by you, the player. Changing your name is a simple procedure and can be done before the start of a new round. Navigate to the ‘Online’ menu, click on ‘Enter Name,’ then switch your existing title for something fresh and stimulating. Note that you cannot change your name while partway through a round, as this would allow for confusing shenanigans.

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What Are the Portions of Among Us Characters?

The Among Us characters are short humanoid-like existences stationed in different areas throughout space. While in control of them, you are made up to complete tasks to manage the site. You have to do all this while evading getting killed by Fraud.

Studio Inner sloth is the creative intelligence behind the page-turner space game. They said that Among U’s gameplay is busy as motivated by the charge game Mafia. At the same time, the environment and Imposter were a reference to the 1982 feature film The Thing.

You are blending those two components, resulting in the creation of Among Us. So, choose how you want to play. Also, hide in a corner or be selfless and complete every task. Maybe you’ll smooth end up as the notorious Fraud.

With a handful of unique gameplay basics available, you can spend countless hours with your friends.

Every Among Us Character: The Crewmates

At first, the hip party ready Among Us didn’t obtain much notice when it was released in 2018. But that all changed soon when many decorations and YouTubers started playing it. This led to a massive influx of players across iOS and Android. By the end of 2020, Among Us successfully ported to all major consoles, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

But what exactly are the famous Between Us types that bounce about on our screens? Well, that’s just one of the absorbing questions popping up. You’ll have all your queries answered below.

All in all, you can get 7 likely types of characters in Amongst Us. Some characters have a knack for technology, while others lean toward the dark side.

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These are all the Among Us character responsibilities you might end up with:


Abilities: Kill, Damage, Vent, Use, Report, Admin, Security, Door log, and Vitals. In each ready, a player may randomly select as the Imposter. This is the most exciting role you could end up with. Instead of cooperating with the crew, your only area is to stop them at all prices.

You’ll have to sneak up on the Crewmates and slay them! But remember that other players can report your evil deeds, and if the majority votes you out, it’s game over.


Though completing tasks as a Crewmate could sometimes get tedious, you’ll still be a vital squad member. While singing as a Crewmate, you’ll have to reason who the Imposter is. If you do find a sign, head to call a conference before the culprit catches you!


Unlike other, Among Us Crewmates, an Engineer’s existence gives you a peculiar ability. You can hop into vents, which lets you leak from certain conditions. Use that skill wisely to get out of certain intense situations, and also be careful not to overuse it as it does have a cooldown timer.

The Shapeshifter is an Imposter but enjoys the capability to change into any other coloured Crewmate. You might kill anybody on the panel while concealing yourself as someone else. This assists in mentally fatiguing all the other players. So, while you’re busy alternative them off, they’re busy blaming each other.

These roles embrace the Engineer, Scientist, Ghost, and Guardian Spirit.

These roles have similar Purposes to a Crewmate but have Extra Features:

Scientists – can use a portable Vitals monitor which accesses any place on the map, including areas with no stationary monitor. There is a limitation that this movable Vitals monitor has a limited charge, but it revitalizes by completing tasks.

Guardian Angel – a Crewmate killed or homeless can become one which can cast a protection shield on a living Crewmate target by the Impostor from being slain.

Ghost – a Crewmate killed or ejected develops a Ghost. A Ghost can move quicker and has unlimited and free vision, but it cannot practically interact with the living Crewmates. They can still communicate with other Ghosts.

Sheriff – this role currently not realize though it was broadcast during the Summer Game Fest Details about its skills are also unclear. However, it may be extra to Among Us in a future update.

Of course, there is the Impostor appeal in Amongst Us. The Impostor can be anyone (up to three) of the crewmembers in a game instance. There is no quick way to unique the Impostor from Crewmates. Effectively, the Deceiver looks just the same as any Among US character.

That is until it kills a Crewmate. The Impostor will display unique kill cartoons, depending on how it tries to dispose of an unwary Crewmate. As for the unlucky Crewmate character that gets it leaves a beheaded corpse at the location where they met their fate.

There is also the unique role of the Impostor called the Shapeshifter. If enabled in the Lobby selections, the Shapeshifter has all the abilities of an Impostor but also has Shift. This allows this Character to renovate into another player’s avatar’s look for a limited duration. This is the compelling conflict of Among Us characters. The Crewmates aim to survive the smooth, while the Impostors attempt to kill as many Crewmates as possible.

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Different Among Us Characters Based on Colours

Different roles are available for Among Us Characters which play a significant role in the gameplay of Among Us. Read the further dropped features of these new Among Us roles out loud and fulfil your part of Among Us character today.

It is unboxing one of the finest treasures in Among Us! There are 12 Among Us characters available in the gameplay, and every Among Us character has a pretty colour. Further is the slope of all the Among Us characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Amongst Us characters called?

Each player takes on one of two parts. Approximately of them are Crewmates, and the smallest amount calls themselves Impostors.

Are Among Us characters humans?

The Among Us characters are humanoid creatures with a portly arrival, wearing full-body spacesuits and small packs.

What is the name of the black Amongst Us character?

Black initially call “Gray” and typically use as The Deceiver.

Why do Among Us types have one bone?

If a Deceiver kills a Crewmate, they will leave behind an executed corpse, which seems as the bottom half of the body lying down with a single bone sticking out of it.


Summing up the last guide of Among Us types, all we can say is that Among Us characters play a major role in the gameplay. Obvious! Which player will ever stick around a dull game?

I hope all your questions about the Among Us characters re-join well. It is continually a pleasure to serve you better. Path of EX welcomes any suggestions and opinions with open arms. Feel free to write to us underneath!

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