Every car enthusiast wants to keep their vehicle looking shiny and clean all the time. Besides the satisfaction this gives you, it also ensures an attractive vehicle/ betters the car’s appearance. Keeping your car clean provides better road visibility, reducing the risk of accidents.

Maintaining your automobile’s brand-new look signifies that it’s been adequately maintained, meaning it’s less likely to suffer all kinds of damage, including rust. This helps protect your investment. While ensuring your vehicle retains its brand-new appearance isn’t easy, it’s doable. Discussed below are five ways to keep your car looking brand new.

1.   Use a professional car detailing service

Vehicle detailing is the art of enhancing your automobile’s exterior and interior appearance. The process involves:

  • The most thorough cleaning
  • Enhancements to correct minor defects like clear coat scratches
  • Protection to maintain the brand-new look/ condition

A professional car detailing service:

  • Safeguards paint job to ensure your vehicle maintains a shiny, luster appearance
  • Keeps the upholstery, including seats and the dashboard, from ripping/ wearing out/ aging
  • Since regular car detailing preserves and betters your vehicle’s look by slowing the clear coat and paint’s deterioration, its resale value rises

Professional car detailing is cost-effective and keeps your automobile smelling better for longer.

2.   Avoid parking under the scorching sun

Parking your car under the sun during summer can damage its interior and exterior. The interior damage may include the dashboard cracking, upholstery damage, and damage to the car’s electrical components. Exposing your vehicle’s exterior to heat and UV rays may result in oxidation and paint fading. Foreign matter, like dust and bird poop, can lead to corrosive damage for vehicles left in the sun for an extended period. To safeguard your car from sun damage and maintain its brand-new look, consider parking under the shade/ indoors and using windshield/ window screens.

3.   Leverage paint correction

As your vehicle ages, its paintwork starts deteriorating. Even with excellent maintenance and care, you may experience unavoidable car paint issues, like swirls and scratches. Sharp objects scraping against the paint’s finish, hail, bird droppings, harsh elements exposure, and other elements can contribute to your automobile’s wear and tear by causing permanent damage to the finish.

Oxidation and UV radiation lead to paint fading, making your vehicle’s appearance lifeless and dull. Luckily, paint correction, a procedure that corrects paint appearance imperfections, can ensure your car maintains its brand-new look. This process restores your automobile’s paint shine and gloss by removing swirl marks, scratches, and other imperfections. Paint correction enhances your car’s overall appearance by improving the exterior’s appearance.

4.   Wash your car regularly

Contaminants like grime and dirt can accumulate on a vehicle’s surface over time. If not cleaned, these contaminants may result in the paint fading/chipping, leaving an unappealing and dull look on your investment. Maintaining a regular car washing/ cleaning routine eliminates dirt, grime, and other hazardous particles, keeping the paintwork vibrant and fresh. When contaminants such as salt accumulate on your vehicle’s exterior, particularly in winter, rust/ corrosion may occur. However, regular cleaning removes contaminant buildup, keeping your car shiny and extending its lifespan.

5.   Consider clay bar treatments

Your car’s paint gets contaminated over time, creating a dull and faded appearance that may be hard to get rid of. Clay bar treatment can eliminate these pollutants and restore the paint’s luster. While clay bar treatments ensure improved polishing and waxing outcomes, they enhance your paint’s overall look, providing a shiny finish.


Maintaining a vehicle’s new look isn’t easy. However, leveraging these options can help keep your car looking brand new.