car's exterior appearance

A brand-new car’s exterior appearance exudes beauty and elegance. However, your vehicle may lose its luster and beauty over time due to harsh weather elements, normal wear and tear, collisions, and more. Additionally, most people usually don’t have the time to properly clean and maintain their vehicles, which often makes the exterior look less appealing.

Almost everyone loves and enjoys driving a clean, attractive-looking car. Fortunately, there are things you can do to improve the look of your car’s exterior and keep it looking great. And one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to enhance your car’s aesthetics is to get your windows tinted by a reputable window tinting service like Van Isle Glass.

Besides applying high-quality window tint, here are some other effective ways to improve your vehicle’s exterior appearance:

1. Polishing and Waxing

Apart from regularly washing your car, you may want to polish the exterior body to buff out minor scratches, swirl marks, and oxidation. Car polish comes in varying abrasiveness, which helps in removing the tiniest paint layer to conceal blemishes. This minimizes minor imperfections on your car’s exterior and makes the paintwork as shiny as possible.

But since polishes are abrasive, it’s best to polish your car once a year, even if it only removes a small amount of paint. You can polish your car’s bodywork using a machine or hand with a microfiber or foam pad. Polishing should be followed by waxing to protect the finish and give your car’s exterior a beautiful glossy appearance.

2. Paint Job and Paint Repair

If your car’s paintwork is extensive damage, you should consider repainting before polishing and waxing it. Paintless dent removal and repainting your car can help eliminate scratches and blemishes on the bodywork that often affect your car’s appearance. It also allows you to choose a color and finish of your liking.

You could paint your car in many ways to add some extra pizzazz. For instance, you could paint only a part of your car, like the roof. Because there are different types of paint and finishes, it’s always best to consult your auto body professional to ensure you choose the best color and give your car a new look.

3. Have Your Vehicle Professionally Detailed

Besides waxing and polishing, you can improve your car’s exterior look by having it professionally detailed. A professional detailing job entails thorough cleaning. The exterior removes dirt and other contaminants on your paintwork, trim, and chrome. It would help if you had a professional detail job done on your car at least once a year.

Most professionals use detergents, detailed clay, surfactants, and paint-friendly degreasers while cleaning the exterior. After cleaning, the professional detailer then polishes your car to eliminate it. Any tiny debris and scratches present and resurface the paintwork. Then, they enhance the paintwork using a glossy finish. Professional detailing will make your vehicle’s tires and trim look clean and make your car’s paintwork shine and look new again.


These are some of the best ways to improve your car’s exterior appearance and give it a brand-new look. If your vehicle looks unattractive, following the tips above will help eliminate minor swirls and scratches on the paintwork. Repair faded paint, and add gloss to the finish. While maintaining your vehicle’s exterior appearance takes time, these simple tips will help make the task more convenient and easier for you.